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  1. On Ventura last week the semi-final was screened in Havana on big screen/all the tv screens and also in Exchange. Very busy and a great atmosphere ebven though the ship was alongside in Cherbourg. There was coffee/tea supplied and also breakfast barms, plus the bars were open too.
  2. We were also on the 28/7 sailing from Southampton. We sailed with Celebrity in the Med last year on a fly- cruise and had a great time We have also sailed with P&O when there have been almost 1000 U18's on board The one point that seems to have escaped most people is that there was always spaces at the bars/shows etc In my opinion, some of the behaviour of the adults was as bad as the comments regarding that of children/teens; especially in regard to the reserving of sunbeds for hours on end whilst going ashore in the meantime. This was one of the main reasons that the lawned areas were used for sunbathing etc. With 3000 pax there is nowhere near enough sunbeds to cope. My son was also questioned/commented to on several occasions as to whether he was old enough to drink alcohol when ordering at the bar! Who do these people think they are? I don't think that the comments regarding "feral" children are in any way justified The cruise had a great vibe on board, and we really enjoyed it
  3. We booked an FV on S Class for the three of us( inc 18yo) First time in that type of cabin but it seems to give us seperate cabins within a cabin plus a large lounge area. Square footage the same as a Royal Suite. As an earlier poster said there are only 4 FV on S class and deck 8 have slightly larger balconies. Regarding booking dates we booked ours almost a year in advance for the three of us (5 berth cabin) for a Summer cruise which is now completely sold out
  4. Help appreciated please to find out drinks prices on board; eg standard bottle beers, spirit measures etc We have a soft drinks package and are looking at the maths as to whether to upgrade to an alcohol package for our 18yo I can't remember the prices from last year and I think UK sailings normally include the gratuity on the menu price, so anyone who has info from this recently would be helpful
  5. The "duty-free" store is usually sealed by Customs. Happened to us on 10 day Constellation Venice-Venice last year. We didn't leave the EU but as we had package for drinks we were not charged any extra vat.
  6. Drinks packages are discounted on my CP, such that it's actually cheaper at the moment to purchase a Classic alcohol package than it is to upgrade from a non-alcoholic one (£36.34 pd vs £37.88 pd) Anyone know the onboard prices please?
  7. We have sailed from Southampton with P&O and they always try to include Gibraltar as a stop. Apart from the bonus of cheap duty-free for the passengers, it also means that the ship can sell its own "duty-free" stock as it has left the EU at some point during the cruise. We are on Silhouette this year and our cruise conveniently includes a stop in Gib. Also, something to be aware of. We did a Venice- Venice cruise on Constellation last year. Italian Customs sealed the onboard "duty-free" shop for the duration of the cruise because the ship only did EU ports.
  8. The Sauna that we used was in the Gent's changing rooms- not part of any paid for part of the vessel
  9. Yes, it is in the changing rooms and is free to use. Huge round window too with a sea-view!
  10. When we sailed with Celebrity last summer they had regular 18-23ish meet-ups planned in the daily listings. P&O should follow suit.
  11. We're going on Silhouette to the Med in July from Southampton; school hols due to my wife's job We have previously sailed twice on Ventura from Southampton, and once on Constellation from Venice, all in the Summer holidays. For this Summer we actually compared similar cruises, Britannia 14 days to the Med and Silhouette, a day later to the Med for 14 days. We booked with Celebrity as the prices were very similar, especially when you factor in the drinks package that you can normally get with Celebrity. eg on Constellation 11 day cruise last year we had a $150 on board spend which we struggled to spend. Our two previous cruises with P&O racked up into 4 figures for the two weeks ( 3 of us). I think that the overall experience with Celebrity is better, last cruise approx 1100 UK out of 2000 pax, which gives a more cosmopolitan feel. However, I do enjoy the "Britishness" of P&O and we have now booked an autumn cruise back on Ventura. Food/Dining- we always go "freedom" and found Celebrity geared up better to smaller table sizes; very little wait for your own table and if there was they operate the similar pager system to P&O. With Celebrity we were able to go the front desk and ask for table in 30 mins or so to enable us to go and get a drink. We always had our own table. Food is certainly more "descriptive" with Celebrity, they also have "everyday staples" on the dinner menu. My main criticism of Celebrity was the Breakfast buffet in that hot food service finished around 1000-1030, whereas with P&O it does go later. Drinks etc- a lot more expensive with Celebrity, and without a package I would dread to think of the final bill. Entertainment is a lot more geared for the UK on P&O whereas Celebrity has a more International flavour. Better equipped theatres etc on Celebrity and they seemed to have a lot more intimate type gigs in the bars etc.
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