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  1. An hour on hold on the main number and I got through, cruise cancelled. What a relief 😅. Port fees and taxes back to credit card the rest future cruise credit! 🤗
  2. I started this thread only because I was in disbelief that an almost full cruise suddenly has lots and lots of empty cabins. You can find accessible staterooms less than 90 days out, they have balcony cabins open. It wasn't like that a couple months ago. So I was curious if they were purging guests (those on the do not sail advisory) from the cruise this far out. But what is more likely is that right before the 90 day period people bailed out. The second reason I posted it is to draw attention to those that might buy the RCCL gift certificate/voucher things from AARP rewards for good. I just wanted to share the non-refundable status of them . I wasn't seeking reassurance about traveling so I probably shouldn't haven't of said anything. But I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels the way I do.
  3. So let me repeat I paid with the Royal Carrib. voucher type thing you can buy from AARP rewards for good. On the back (which I didn't read till long after I paid. It says (not sure of wording since I don't have them in front of me) once put toward a cruise they are non-refundable, I can't cancel and have that money come back to me, it's gone. So I didn't get insurance, what was the point, my payment method is not refundable. Anyway I am nervous about the coronavirus. I have it feeling we are only told a small amount of what is really going on out there. Mainly worried that my daughter's health isn't strong enough to get her through the whole ordeal. She is severely disabled and has underlying health issues. Of course I could stay home from the cruise, take the loss of money and a great cruise, and still have her get the virus. I'm sure outside of New Haven right next to Yale University and Yale hospital is probably a good spot to run into many international travelers. If the decision was taken out of my hands by Royal Carrib. then I wouldn't have the anxiety I have now. 😬
  4. No Serenade, out of San Diego. I should have been more specific, sorry.
  5. Been booked on this cruise forever (it seems) 1 1/2 yrs. I was lucky to get an accessible ocean view for my daughter in her wheelchair, and myself. Since that time the cruise has been almost full. I would check from time to time, all the accessible staterooms were booked. Scarcely a cabin to be found, because Royal doesn't do this cruise often (from what I hear). Flash forward to today....lots of cabins available in every category. Accessible or suites, balcony's, the cabins are there for the taking. Would Royal have gone ahead and purged all the passengers who fall under their travel alert? Or is it just passengers cancelling? At this point I hope they cancel so I can get my money back. I realized too late, by using the Royal certificates that you can get through AARP, those are non refundable. I'm not looking forward to the flight from the east coast to the west coast to go up the coast.
  6. This has turned out to be my biggest hurdle when traveling with my adult disabled daughter, we both can't fit into the bathroom together. United wide body has accessible bathrooms that are huge! Check the seat map just to verify before you book or call them . I know on one flight we got my daughter to the back of the plane and the flight attendants pulled the curtain so I could stand outside the WC and help her. Getting to the back of the plane wasn't easy, the attendants had to make an announcement for everyone to stay in their seats so we could get the chair to the back of the plane. Good luck!
  7. I took the Bus everywhere when I was there in Oct. even from the airport (I packed superlight for the cruise and only had a big gym bag therefore I was able to board the Bus without anyone complaining about my luggage size ). I stayed in the heart of Waikiki and took I think 19-20 to the ship and I think 2 on the way back to Waikiki. As you exit the cruise terminal both of the bus stops I used were to the right, very close, maybe a block.
  8. I was confused recently on whether to tip an Amtrak porter or not, so I didn't. Amtrak employees make good money, more than I've ever gotten paid at a job. He was assisting us to an area that he said we couldn't access on our own. I said we didn't need assistance but he said we were required to have assistance, I don't know. He only took us to an elevator and we went down to the track. He did help get the lift and help get the wheelchair on the train, something I COULDN'T have done on my own though.
  9. I sailed two months ago and there is more lava flowing so we did not sail by it.
  10. Hi My daughter (who uses a wheelchair) and I did a Princess cruise to Alaska last summer. Ketchikan was a tender port and Princess has a strict tendering process regarding wheelchairs so we didn't even try to disembark at that port. Look into it and see if they can tender you.
  11. I feel your pain. It is frustrating to see such obvious abuse of the courtesies extended to those with special needs. Recently while traveling without my special needs daughter I was dumbfounded over all those people who needed to pre board the airplane . However when the flight was over all their "aches" were gone and they were off the plane in a flash! With my daughter we get to board early, although I prefer not too (gives me extra time to change her diaper/toilet her one last time). However at the end of the flight we are the LAST ones off the plane. The flight attendant says "Wait till they bring her wheelchair up from under the aircraft". The last time we flew, by the time I got down to pick up my luggage, the workers had already taken my suitcase off the belt and stashed in on a dolly. I was frantically looking everywhere for it, and I spotted it on the bottom of a stack of suitcases! Anyway, try Princess they have lots of 3 even 4 person cabins, you can even cruise last minute as I did recently to Alaska with my daughter.
  12. You could hop on any POA cruise this month and get a sailaway inside stateroom for one for about $1077 not including gratuities. Pretty good price I think. Unless you really want the studio cabin. Me I just wanna be on the ship, doesn't matter what stateroom.
  13. I haven't cruised as much as others on here but have a couple things worth noting. If you need an accessible cabin you will most likely need to book really far ahead of time with Carnival, NCL and RCI especially. Lucky me found a last minute accessible Alaska cruise balcony cabin on Princess (good price too!) . We leave in 3 weeks! This makes Princess my new go-to favorite! Also if you are trying to be frugal don't pay for stuff you don't need. On RCI and NCL they are new and shiny but also have attractions that my daughter and I can't do ie. waterslide, spa, ropes course, anything that puts her in the water, plank, bungee jumping, rock climbing wall, Rip cord, race track and zipline. Princess doesn't have any of that stuff but does have a promenade perfect for us to stroll on, without paying for a new /shiny ship with things we can't do. So evaluate if the ship meets your needs, check out the cruise deck plans, make sure they have plenty of elevators. Good luck and have fun!
  14. The accessible balcony cabin my daughter and I were in on the 11th floor had a door wide enough to wheel the wheelchair through. It is a manual wheelchair if that makes a difference.
  15. Are the Princess's escape rooms wheelchair accessible? Sailing on the Coral soon and wondering if it's an activity my daughter and I can do together. Thanks.
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