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  1. One of the least satisfactory cruise dining experiences I've had was on MSC YC, where my wife and I were assigned to a table for two. (English speakers were a small minority.) With difficulty, we were able to make some adjustments, but it wasn't fun. For me, making new friends at dinner is one of the greatest joys of cruising. Regarding my original post, I agree that arriving mid-meal is not so awkward. I struggle more with the concept of leaving while others are eating (although probably preferable to sitting around an extra 45 minutes while they finish). But if coming and go
  2. How do shared tables work when there is no assigned seating time? Obviously you could make an agreement with your tablemates, but that sort of undercuts the concept of no assigned time. Conversely, isn't it a bit awkward if one couple is seated as another is having their entrees cleared?
  3. HAL, Princess, MSC, Seabourn, Oceania, Crystal and Regent have all announced. Anyone I missed?
  4. Blue Marble, I should have known I couldn't beat you to the punch. I didn't scroll back far enough before deciding this should be a new thread. Sorry, no FCC (was able to get actual refunds). One way this site could have some value is not having to log in multiple times to check multiple bookings. Can anyone verify?
  5. At last. So I created my account, logged in, and...nothing. No World Club status, no past voyage info, nothing. Other impressions?
  6. Totally agree. I have always heard the same in the US. If there's a problem (and I'm not totally convinced there is one), this has got to be a prime contributor.
  7. Always something new to learn. I'll have to take a closer look next time I'm aboard. Not too long, I hope.
  8. I'm confused by the separate dining room remark. On QM2, Club Class is the aft section of Britannia. There is virtually no separation from the main dining room.
  9. I hadn't thought about airport luggage carts, which are allowed on the Sky Train. We should be able to get around just fine, regardless of where we are dropped off or the size of the luggage pile. Case 😉 closed.
  10. OK, so now the responses stand at 2 for departures and 1 for arrivals. I am hoping it's the latter as we will not be flying, just trying to get back to our car.
  11. Ah, I'm not quite accurate. That would be level two for Terminals A and B, but for Terminal C, you are correct.
  12. Thanks, but to be clear, that is level two. https://www.airport-ewr.com/newark-airport-terminal-a.php (Same layout at B and C.)
  13. Can someone tell me whether the Cunard Transfer bus to EWR drops off at Level 1 (buses) or Level 3 (departures)? Thanks.
  14. I once read a description of a Cunarder as someone who spends half of the time complaining about the voyage and the rest of the time planning their next one. This certainly hasn't been my experience, but I thought I'd pass it along.
  15. I requested my refund August 8 and it came through yesterday.
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