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  1. 57eric


    A free upgrade can be major (e.g. Inside to Outside) or minor (e.g. BB to BA). Some cruise lines allow you to specify that you will only accept a major upgrade. I am not clear whether Cunard permits this distinction. Does anyone know? Also, does Cunard maintain lists of those willing to pay for upgrades, or do you have to wait to be asked? Thanks.
  2. There is excellent insurance available for this, and it's generally not too expensive. It's called a hotel room. ;)
  3. They will absolutely serve you tap water in the bars, without charge.
  4. How do you get a receipt? Does the steward issue it? Thanks.
  5. You may wish to ask the steward to empty the minibar on future voyages. It might not solve the problem, but it couldn't hurt.
  6. 57eric

    QM2 in Antigua

    Thanks for the responses.
  7. I had always assumed that the reason QM2 was always scheduled to tender from English Harbour instead of docking in St. Johns was because it was too large to dock. Now I notice that both Anthem of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas dock there. I'm no naval architect, but I'm not seeing the size issue here. Does anyone know? For the record, QM2 did not successfully call on English Harbour the last three times it was scheduled to.
  8. I would not let the absence of a standard item from a menu deter me from asking if it is available. Cunard often comes through.
  9. That's excellent advice; thanks. To be clear - the restaurant will carry over bottles from one segment to the next?
  10. No worries; that response was basically just for you anyway. For the benefit of others, the text I was pointing to was Restrictions of Cunard Line’s Future Cruise Deposit: Not applicable for Grand World Voyages their segments
  11. I've seen a couple of places that say that future cruise deposits cannot be used for world cruise segments. Am I correct that this information is either obsolete or does not apply to US passengers? My FCD doesn't mention any restrictions regarding the type of voyage; only benefits that vary depending on the number of nights. Thanks.
  12. Unless someone is flying in on the day of departure (a practice best avoided), what is the benefit of taking the Princess transfer? As it will require two rides (hotel to airport, airport to pier), it involves more transit time, more luggage handling, more waiting and more things that might go wrong. In addition, you have to stay close to an airport, whereas staying in the city is considered by many people to be a desirable thing to do. I admit that I stay near EWR the night prior to departure, but with two key differences: I require parking, and my cruises have not left on a weekday. There are so many ways to get from the city to Red Hook. I recommend forgetting about the transfer. Whatever you do, I hope you have a great time with your relatives and during your cruise. Let us know how it works out.
  13. Well, there's your problem. If it was a weekend, I'd say: good plan. If you cruise leaves on a Monday, spend the night in the city. Problem solved. Well worth the extra hotel cost.
  14. Good info, thanks.
  15. I can't find that this has ever been discussed on the Cunard site. It looks like the benefits apply to all Carnival-owned lines. Postings on the Carnival site are generally favorable. What do you think of using this for Cunard (or Princess)?
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