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  1. Is anyone aware if any of the following can occur: A free upgrade for only a portion of a multi-segment booking, awarded prior to departure A free upgrade for only a portion of a multi-segment booking, awarded after departure A paid upgrade for only a portion of a multi-segment booking, purchased after departure? Thanks.
  2. Will the bus drop passengers off en route? Thanks.
  3. Several posters have observed that the Queen's Room is generally not crowded with dancers in the evening. This certainly has not been my experience, at least not when the band is playing. Sure, maybe it's a bit sparse at 8:00, or after midnight, but I have always found it well patronized, if not absolutely packed, during the prime hours of the evening on QM2.
  4. I knew the procedure and just wanted to verify that our other party had followed through. If you've got a "Voyage Personalizer", this is exactly the sort of thing it ought to be used for, IMHO.
  5. Thanks. Why do they make it hard on themselves, I wonder?
  6. We have obtained a Travel With ID from Cunard in order to have our dining reservation linked with friends. I am trying to locate the related information in my Voyage Personalizer to verify that the loop has been closed but I can't find it. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  7. Quincy Market, Dock Square and Faneuil Hall are all essentially the same place.
  8. You purchase FCDs. FCCs are awarded by the cruise line as compensation. Not the same thing.
  9. I recall some past threads where it seemed that the Island Princess was the consensus least favorite Princess ship. Is this still the case? It certainly has some quality itineraries. Thanks.
  10. 57eric

    Final Payment

    I was doing some mock bookings on the Cunard US site and began noticing weird things about the final payment date. For example, M102A departs January 3, 2021 and final payment is stated as being due August 6 (presumably 2020), five months prior to departure. My TA lists the policy as 90 days, and that has always been my experience. Did I miss something? Thanks.
  11. I have fit three full size cases under a twin bed in a standard cabin. If you have nesting bags and can unpack the large ones, you could have 12 cases per cabin, no problem.
  12. Thanks for the excellent responses.
  13. I believe you can order bar drinks in King's Court, but I realize I'm not sure how. Most of the staff seem to be bussing tables. Are there certain staff to look for? I don't recall having seen bar waiters there specifically, but I'm not sure. Thanks.
  14. Thank you. So, no clown. No black tie event. And no competent reporting.
  15. Three things I thought I knew about black tie events on cruises: They don't take place at 2AM They don't take place in the buffet They don't take place on the last night of a cruise Am I wrong on all counts? Thanks.
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