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  1. There’s a lot of free WiFi in London, it’s always worth checking out your phone to see if there’s a free network nearby.
  2. We really wanted to do the Addo Elephant Park trip, but that was sold out as well. They really need to increase their capacity.
  3. I’ve just paid the final invoice and it suddenly feels a lot closer 🙂
  4. I’ve been to NZ a few times and have always found their airport staff to be professional. I travel with a few meds, and always carry a doctors letter saying what they are and why I need them. I’ve never needed the letter.
  5. Bookings for shore excursions and dining reservations open xx days before sailing, but what happens when your cruise is also a segment of a world cruise? Obviously the world cruisers xx days beforehand will be much earlier than the xx days for people just doing a segment. Do the people on the world cruise get all the best, or are some held back for each segment?
  6. We really enjoyed afternoon tea on Oceania (Marina). Served in the horizons lounge, with music, I think it was a string quartet, nice gentle unobtrusive but very enjoyable music. Not sure that it could really be called buffet style. A tea waiter with the choice of tea, food trolleys (cakes) doing the rounds and a table set in front of thendance floor where more food was served if you wanted to wander over. On a sea day it’s something to look forward to, reading this thread I’m hoping getting a seat for Viking’s tea isn’t going to be a hassle.
  7. Thanks, @lackcreativity, that’s reassuring.
  8. Who has control of the serving utensils? When I sailed with Oceania staff served all the food, however on another line everyone served themselves. Which system does Viking use? Thanks
  9. Hi I’m interested in finding out what sort of evening shows Viking tend to offer? Thanks
  10. Hi Do guests serve themselves in the buffets on Norwegian ships or do staff do the serving? Thanks
  11. Sorry CCFC, I hadn't looked at breakfast, you can still have free items there. wowzz, I think you've missed my point. That was the case when I booked, however I've check checked out their new menus (from the middle of June) https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/example_menu and that's changed. Other than breakfast there's no free items.
  12. Ive just looked at the new room service menu for my upcoming cruise and have discovered that they now charge for EVERYTHING. We booked our room with the thought of eating there a few times so that we didnt miss the scenery, and now feel well and truely ripped off.
  13. I've found the information on Internet packages, and that there's PC internet stations in the library. I can't find anywhere that says if it's free to use the internet on the library PCs or if they charge? I might want to check email occasionally, Is it easy to get on a PC? Thanks
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