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  1. On 3/23/2018 at 8:18 AM, Kelsey D said:

    My family did all 27 waterfalls last week, and I estimate that we were onsite about 4 hours from drop off to pick up by taxi. The hike itself was 45 minutes and well worth it. We paid $100 USD round trip for a taxi and about $14 USD per person for the tour. We did not purchase the lunch.


    I’m so glad that we did all 27. We had the first 15 to ourselves, and when we hit the wall of people at 12 (there had to be over 100 people waiting in line for their turn to jump), our guides led us to the front of the line. Here are some pictures.









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    Question for you Kelsey D...we are considering going the route of just getting a taxi and heading to the falls on our own. When you got to the lower falls that were crowded with the other tours how did your guides manage getting you to the front of the line? Is this something they are accustomed to doing for the much smaller groups who get a guide directly from the park? I’m 99% sure this is the route we want to go especially if it means getting to pass the masses of people in the lower falls is guaranteed because the guides from the park do this automatically when you’re not with a larger tour. 


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