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  1. Can anyone recommend an easy (physically) tour in Costa Maya? Hoping for a local guide, sight seeing type day.
  2. First, thanks everyone for the excellent feedback & advice! I feel like this gives me a direction to look towards. Seriously, thank you for being constructive and understanding, others have been quite ugly. To address questions: We're in our 40s, no children, and choose "off season" to avoid the children. (Total fail this go, as it was spring break for the high school crowd. Though it seemed the teens came with their grandparents, not parents.) & our jobs make it unfeasible to vacation in the summer; due to children not being in school. Embarking out Miami - mostly chose that for the closeness/quickness to ports. Definitely open to try others. Yes, we were on the Jade - bad experience. (The much smaller Sun was the wonderful one!) TomK3212 - How does Celebrity compare? I've been looking at their site a bit. AllenO - Can't imagine families on the "booze cruise". That's a place for children? Yikes! Other than that, it sounds like an idea for us. 😊 & your excursion advice is spot on! We did independent excursions, very busy active ones and had a blast; that was the only thing that kept us on the boat, we were seriously considering a flight home prior to the first port.
  3. We're recently home from a disappointing cruise. (Jade, 10 day, Southern Caribbean) Hubby is still in the "never again" stage, I'm getting past it - our first cruise was fabulous, would love to have that experience again. Would more experienced cruisers be willing to give some constructive advice on choosing a cruise that is more suitable for us? First cruise, (Sun, 7 day, West Caribbean) tons of activities & music that were clearly aimed at different generations (of adults), times throughout the day and night - it kept us moving about the ship & busy, we had to schedule in lounging/pool time. We came home exhausted, our feet never stopped moving, we had the best time! Last cruise, activities & music were clearly aimed towards retirees, leaving those younger generations with nothing to do.... this lead to an overcrowded pool deck, game room, deck games, sports area, sundecks, bars and casino. There were a few shows and performers that did a set that was "younger", again, overcrowded, really overcrowded. Several venues sat empty, frequently. Odd times for some activities; ice sculpture demo starts 30 mins after the big show in theater, movie in theater on port days, but not on sea days. The demographic was about 1/3 to 1/4 younger generations, all looking for entertainment options. (Yes, the larger portion of guests were retirees & we very much enjoyed seeing them so happy!) We did several excursions with couples our age, this was main conversation every time. I truly felt sorry for a couple we met on our first port day, in their 20s, on their first cruise, the second question (first being was it our first cruise) they asked us: "Is this cruise line just for grandparents?" Ouch, but yeah, I see where they were coming from. As the conversation continued, they were bored, over it, with still 7 days to go. Hmmm, NCL is cutting off their nose, our generations will be those retirees eventually, not too far off even, and we're souring to this experience. So how to choose something a bit more diverse? What to look for in the ship? The itinerary? Dates? Departure port? P.S. No, I'm not "that complain over one little thing person"; this issue wasn't this cruise's only one, there were other HUGE ones. This issue seemed to be the root of things falling a bit more apart day by day; keeping guests busy doing fun things keeps them happy, keeps very young ones out of trouble, lessens stresses on the staff, and wears those teenie boppers out so they sleep at night. >wink< A good multi-generational, multi-activity schedule keeps everyone from hitting the pool, buffet, bars, shows, MDR, etc at the same time. (aka overcrowding)
  4. Definitely! Read what people are saying in all the reviews, what bothers them may be exactly what bothers you or may be the exact opposite. There's quite a bit of negative in good reviews as well. i.e. While looking for our next cruise I find an itinerary I like & then look into the ship; the good reviews are 90% about what a great boat it was for kids. Oh h e double hockey sticks no, I won't be going on a ship full of kids... my vacation is about getting away from them. ;) Yes, unhappy people are louder - just look at what they are saying, see if it applies to you, if it does, go a little further and look at the other reviews they left, see if they seem reasonable and their mindset/goals seem similar to yours. I recently had a "bad cruise" it definitely happens, it's not "what you make it", there are things you simply can't ignore or enjoy. (In our case a wild gang of teenagers running the halls, beating on doors & walls at 2-3am every night. No sleep will make anyone unhappy - quick! & their reviews will reflect it.)
  5. The Holiday Inn (not Express) was a complete nightmare. Shuttle driver stopped at not one stop sign, most he did 35mph thru. Bum sleeping on the pool deck in a lounge chair at 11pm & still there at 6:30am. Empty beer bottle & cigarette butts on pool deck. Room smelled heavily of mouse droppings, are surfaces were slimy, carpet damp. And when we returned home we found they charged us twice for the room, it took a month to be refunded for the second charge.
  6. "The piano player and duet, although talented, seemed to play to an older crowd" We were very recently on the Jade & this was the same. Every entertainment venue, every night, catered to a 20-30 year older crowd. (We're in our 40s, and I'd say roughly 1/4 of the demographic on the ship was in our age group.) While we enjoyed watching the "older crowd" enjoy themselves, we were BORED night after night. Very stark contrast to our experience on the Sun, where there were several activities going on at the same time all night, each night, and each catering to a different age group. A much more experienced cruiser advised me this was due to the 10 day itinerary catering more towards retirees. That seems feasible. We also experienced strong smoke several nights from the Cigar Bar & Casino. While unpleasant it was infrequent.
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