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  1. TCBinaFlash, Your post describes us to a "T" ! 🙂 We'll be going to Alaska for the first time for our 20th anniversary. We're super lucky to be going with friends that have done it once before and can lean on their experience. As introverts as well, this is our 4th cruise. We have enjoyed NCL as it tends to be a more mature group, even in the Caribbean. There are times where you are in a big crowd, there's just no avoiding it, but most the time you're doing your own thing while others are around doing there own thing. I encourage you to try the nightlife, while it's not our thing at home, it is fun on the ship. 😉 Technically, you don't need a passport for closed loop cruises out of American ports anymore, but as others have said you have to be ready for the unexpected. Canada isn't a port stop at the moment, but it could change (not likely, but could). REAL ID for flights has been postponed a bit, but that could change. A medical situation can happen and leave you needing to find your own way home. The list goes on, it seems if you're prepared for these things, they don't happen to you. 😉 I google & google maps each port location and look for things we'd like to do - landmarks, local natural features, etc. Try to plan an excursion from there. Local independent tours are fabulous and much more reasonably priced. Many ports have things to do/see close to the docks and in walking distance, but there are always taxi services waiting at the pier to help get you where you want to go too. Do have a plan for each port before going, if not you spend half the day sorting it out, then it's too late and you've missed out. Check here and on facebook for a "roll call" for your cruise. Frequently others are trying to fill a tour or have great ideas on what to do in each port. It's also a great medium to ask questions. And lastly, please ask questions, we're all here to help and you'll have much more fun leaving prepared. 🙂
  2. Can anyone recommend an easy (physically) tour in Costa Maya? Hoping for a local guide, sight seeing type day.
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