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  1. Thanks. I loved the design on the Conquest personally. Beautiful artwork. Dream was pretty to but not like Conquest.
  2. I’m going on the Magic in September 2020 (booked it back in June a few days after coming off the Conquest..the wait feels like FOREVER lol). I know they are in the same class. I’ve been on the Dream back in 2016 but never the Magic. How similar are they?
  3. Pretty fascinating to watch actually. I see they already finished the inside boards.
  4. Well the search for my item ends July 21st. That will be 30 days (the email said they give it 30 days). I doubt at this point I’m getting it back.
  5. I’m gonna be cruising on the Magic next September, can’t wait! Did the Serenity deck have adults only hot tubs? If so how late were they open? does this ship have a Mongolian Wok like the Dream? I really missed that when I sailed on the Conquest. How crowded would the wraparound outside deck be? (I read one deck made a whole half mile loop around the ship). I’d love to take advantage of this if I’m not constantly running into people. Thanks!
  6. We go eat, then we go and do the spa tour. By then staterooms are usually ready and we just unpack till it’s time for the muster drill. I actually don’t go to the sailaway party I prefer to stand out on the open deck at the front and watch us move away. It’s quiet and peaceful there.
  7. I just did the dolphin swim and lunch in Cozumel . It was by far one of the best excursions I’ve ever done. It’s only like 5 minutes from port, you get plenty of time with the dolphins, a free buffet lunch with unlimited drinks, free lockers for your stuff, and access to the rest of the park after the dolphin swim. The rest of the park had replica Mayan ruins you can explore, a beach with hammocks, a swimming pool, and a sea lion show, as well as more I didn’t get to. I’d do it again.
  8. I’d fly later. We didn’t get off the Conquest till almost 10am a few weeks ago..got to the airport around 10:30-10:45ish. Any traffic delay and you could have problems.
  9. 433! So close right? 😂. Sailing on the Magic next September.
  10. Hope you have a fun time! My current favorite between the two I’ve been on is the Conquest so I’m excited to try out this ship!
  11. Just booked a cruise on the Magic for September 6-12 of next year going to Amber Cove, Grand Turk, and Half moon cay Bahamas. Anyone done this particular cruise (I’ve never been to any of these ports) and how do y’all like the Magic? I’ve previously been on the Dream (same class) in 2016, and the Conquest just a few weeks ago. we are on deck 2 ocean view. Curious about that as well cause I’ve never been below deck 6, I like being able to feel the ship rock, can you feel it that low? I’m so excited!!
  12. Got an update today via text that my item has still not been found but they give it 30 days. I’m not sure how it hasn’t been found when I 100% know I never took it from the room. I’ll keep hoping!
  13. My room actually got cold on the Conquest. So much so I was wrapping a blanket around me during the day to!
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