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  1. On 2/13/2021 at 1:34 PM, brisalta said:


    Last night it was at anchor...today it is docked in port.  Maybe the person responsible for the captions has been relieved of duty but no one else knows how to change the caption. 😉

    did you mean 'may be the person responsible for the caption has been  " relieved of his doodie"''

    thanks for the post that was funny!

  2. It is interesting to see the differing opinions, and the justifiction for the belief. It is a very personal decision for everyone. I say to each their own and where your (or my) rights end, mine ( or yours)  begin.  I appreciate the poster saying that they would not return to cruising until masks are remove ( not mandated) : "No because a cruise should be a relaxing vacation. Wearing a mask and keeping distance is somewhat stressful and not relaxing." 

    I would say the flip side of that would be the person willing to return to cruising with masking and not feeling comfortable because people are not wearing masks or socally distancting on board. That would be stessful and not relaxing for them.  IF the person who is not comfortable without a masks waits and the person who is comfortable returns to cruising then that eliminates conflict AND i think we all aggree that  not being stressed and being able to relax is what a vaction is all about.  I hope that whatever the future brings us we can all respect the rules and regualations that are imparted on us and more importently one another. 

  3. Maybe someone more cruise versed then I may ever be can answer this question : If cruising on a ship that is visiting Asian ports and embarking and disembarking in Asian lands , ie places it was common to wear masks before it was standard protocol worldwide; did the passengers onboard who were from these Asian countries wear masks on the cruise ship as standard practice. I have traveled to asia but never on a cuise and it was very common to see mask wearing WAY before covid. 


  4. There is NO rules or mandates  for wearing a mask on a boat that disembarks from a port in FL. I just saw the buc's boat parade not a mask in sight. This discussion is pointless. You don't want to mask up disembark from FL. Not sure of other locations and mask requirements. 

  5. I like the drink package for one BIG reason. I don't worry so much about where I put my Darn drink. "Where did I put that drink...Is that one mine? " NO MORE! " Where did i put that drink, oh well ... I gotta get another one , maybe something different this time!" Piece of mind and it is all taken care of now that's nice. 

  6. thanks for the reply, some good points. I am  just curious as to how long it takes, once these things you mention come online, for a ship and crew to come up to speed to allow taking on passengers  ( so many moving parts needed for the ships operation - dock staff to bridge staff, hospitality staff to security) . If, as we all are, are wondering when the cruise industry will be back then looking at something like staffing would be a good indicator of the direction and time line to cruising again. for example the entertains, even if familiar with the productions would take some time to learn the program. I am sure that some of the prior staff may not be back having to take other employment to make ends meet during this pandemic, which would mean training fresh staff.  Likely fresh staff along all service lines. thinking through this gives me an appreciation  for just how much goes on ( and i am sure i can't comprehend the full extent)  to make my vacation possible --   hope I ( we all ) get one this year!   

  7. very interesting information here. I am amazed by the pictures and information that people are able to get and post. Maybe someone can shed a some light on this question that I have? It is very interesting to see the movement of the ships and the meanander close to their home ports, that's a good sign and is a logical first step to return to getting back to accepting passengers. I would assume that those ships have minimal crews on board for essential operations only. so the question is: Is it possible to see he movement of personal onto the ships, as in contacts offered and actual movement of people. If we see the movement of crew than we would assume the return to cruising would be very near. Also , how long does it take to organize crew , move crew and then order and stock full provisions for a fleet of ships? Any insight 

  8. 4 hours ago, John99 said:

    Advance booking or the first half of 2022 are ahead of 2019 which is encouraging.

    I am sure if posting on this page is a mistake as I am sure there is a wealth of financial savvy here and  research that I would have no clue even existed. However, here is my question : Are the bookings the use of FFC and inidivduals using that $$ + or new $$. I am not sure if it matters if it is new $$ or old. But it may be reflective of the increase in andvanced bookings, lots of people playing with house money , not willing to chance 2021 and shooting for 2022.  thoughts?

  9. with regard to the health issues that the tread seems to have taken. Instead of complaining about the 'chronic conditions that the CDC has defined'. Take your passion and desire to do something you love like going on a cruise and let it motivate you to do something healthy for yourself! Use this a your motivator to change that chronic condition, Obesity , heart disease , diabetes, etc. You just have to be good enough to get that bill of Good health from the Doctor, not super man or wonder girl! A good attitude and commitment to achieving healthy goals goes a long way with your doctor and your reward at the end of your hard work may be that golden ticket to get on that cruise and a have well deserved vacation you worked so hard to achieve and in the end your are a little better you, too. 

  10. Have to say with this round of cancelled cruises Princess seems a lot less sure of themselves. With much less generous incentives to "stick with us" benefits. It looks like we can expect a 25% increase in price in the coming season. Maybe not immediately,  the wounds will still be too fresh but the following season and the seasons after that I expect a spike in price that exceeds "normal" inflation and now compare those 'sales' closely to see if they are really a sale.  Basically, I believe FCC + 25% or 100% refund is a wash. It comes does down to who you trust with YOUR money. 

  11. Why would you book a cruise 3 days from LA to Vancouver at this time? ( 30 days out ) 

    Can you actually book this cruise from start (selecting cabins) and end by  submitting  payment for this cruise OR are you looking at it on a web page that lists the sailing. I would imagine that cruises in this time frame may still have a listing, however,  the cruise line may not be taking/ completing reservations.  If one is able to book this cruise from start to finish today 30 days out I would be very surprised. ( and I am right there with you second city)

    I am not sure why you are looking for discounts on September / October sailing at this point? for that I would follow the cruise costs and re fare if a better deal becomes available. 

    I was also told on the phone this morning that I should expect an announcement tues. with respect to future sailings. which made me remember that I was told that before when calling to inquire about port closures affecting future sailings I am still waiting for the announcement.  

  12. 5% , what would be reasonable if you cancelled? 

    you paid 1280$ for some tour (s) if you are cancelling . they will give you back 1, 216 $. It costs you 64 bucks to cancel.

    you paid 1280 for a tour and the cruise cancels. they will refund your 1280$ ( 100 % of your tour) 

    that sounds reasonable. what about travel insurance. They would probably cover your 64$. would it be worth the hassle? 

    I"ve paid that much for a pair of skis I keep a day too long!



  13. welcome home. good luck to all you on the coral as you get to you homes. Continued  thoughts and prayers as you continue on your journeys.  If you are reading this after you are safely home, know that a community of people were sending you good vibes as you were on board. 

  14. thank you.  Noted and Edited ( NOT put down on a table....) we have all seen that person put a used tissue up a sleeve , down on table or in a pocket that is what i was trying to say. 

    stay healthy Nor Cal. 

    38 minutes ago, Tedferg said:

    Well said, however why would you say 'put down on a table' ?


  15. this from the state that had a beach full of spring breakers, overflowed night clubs and over run streets that would NOT close down,  when the rest of the country was closing businesses, keeping social distance and following the recommendations of the WHO and CDC. FLORIDA wrong time to take a stand. Time to stand up and accept the humanitarian responsibility, in a situation that needs compassion. We are all suffering, resources are stretched and doing the best we can. What you are dealing with is not new, I am sure that experts have learned from their past mistakes and can lead an organized process that will minimize disruptions. 

  16. 51 minutes ago, OfcSupport said:

    That's what I was thinking. I also heard today that there are reports now that it can be spread by talking or just breathing near someone. This is so highly contagious it's difficult to figure out how one can be infected.

    I am not an expert but here is what I understand:

    -covid 19 is a droplet based illness as it is understood currently. (humidy from breathing , cough or sneeze are examples of droplets) .  

    - it is also called by covid 19 virus or novel corona virus ( "new" "crown" virus  /  corona viruses look like crowns)

    - covid 19 is a respirator illness , much like a flu and as such is spread like a flu

    -it is a LOWER respiratory illness not an upper respiratory illness. 

    -so when we breath be exhale not only air ( gases)  but also tiny vapor droplets. If we cough or sneeze a lot of droplets come out and go far. ( maybe 6 feet or more) 

    - that is why social distancing is 6 feet or more is set as a standard to help reduce transmission from person to person. 

    -that is also why when we cough it is into our elbow and not across the room. ( and hopefully away from others) or sneeze into a tissue that is thrown away immediately ( put down on table, up a sleeve or held for later)   and then right away wash our hands. (soap and water or hand sanitizer). 

    -and just like other flu like illness washing our hands frequently and not touching eyes , nose, or mouth are important to keep us from picking up the virus from somewhere and infecting ourselves after touching something that is infected.

    you are right about it being highly contagious so we have to protect ourselves. so keep distance , wash hands and frequently touches surfaces often (door knobs, work surfaces, shopping cart handles) , stay away from a person that is sneezing and has a fever and stay away from others if you have those symptoms ( notify you MD right away so you can be tested and treated ) 

    hope this helps . I am sure you knew this stuff already, but maybe someone else will find it useful.  

  17. I realize your frustration but wouldn't a simpler, more productive and more helpful resolve in your situation be to call princess directly. Explain your receipt of the email asking from same pay payment of monies to your account. Have customer service explain why you were receiving the email. Then,  rectify the situation by either finding out it was a mistake on their end or an oversight on your end. At which time, you could make an informed decision with regard to you next action. One, pay 98 pounds or  two, cancel the cruise and request a refund of your 2 pounds. Then finally, come onto the CC board , explain YOUR situation , explain your actions to resolve and your experience. So that,  one reading the post would have some guidance based on your lead if they were to receive the same notice. Instead you sound the alarm over what appears to be a 2 pound deposit and 98 pound payment on a cruise that I am sure is much more than 100 pounds. Your concerns sound reasonable and the ability to satisfy the email sound unreasonable.  So it seems that any reasonable person in customer service would see your point , check the system, see if your reservation appears on their end and work with you to resolve any issues with full explanation.  If this was cancelled one day ago , I am sure your stateroom is still available. This is a wonder cruise! I would hope that you would not let it slip away over 100 pounds and I pray that you will be able to go on this cruise given the uncertainty of cruising in general these days. 

  18. Yeah , you and every other DAD in the world is hoping for the house to get TP'ed. I am teaching my kids to taunt their friends one at a time , while reminding the friends  to keep social distancing, and not to congregate in groups. This way we may get TP'ed several consecutive Friday and Saturday nights with the occasional week night since the kids are out of school. Hoping for no weekend rain, light winds, and kids with weak throws.  Waiting for Halloween maybe ( hopefully) too late. I am going for the Easter TP , father's day TP and fourth of July TP. I like the light hearted  posts on this heavy days . thanks

  19. kind of makes sense. in terms of work flow. At least you know your request is being processed . I am sure a lot of things are happening simultaneously but some faster than others. I have never been on one of the medallion cruises, but would image that since everything is connected to that FOB it would need to be deactivated asap. I am sure you must get those at some point preceding the cruise ( weeks?, never been on one of those ships)  and they are not something that the "medallion department " just whips up a few days before a cruise for 2500  +/-passengers. I doubt that this is done to save $$ on anyone's end, the decommissioning of that medallions likely costs the company $ and someone's time . However , I know want you mean and it would be nice to see the credit first. 

  20. is an upgrade something that randomly happens or something that one signs up to be able to get? princess does this or your TA does this?  And when and where does one sign up if they need too register? thanks  

  21. 5 hours ago, TracieABD said:

    Actually, I am. This is to be our honeymoon cruise. It was rather spendy. And CoViD-19 is concerning for us all... especially in light of several Princess ships being affected or near-affected.


    Even so, I recognize that Princess is doing the best it can. My guess is that they are scrambling to meet the needs of its clientele. In speaking with our rep, they are working long, hard hours.


    A little patience, understanding, and empathy would be most appreciated. It is certainly in order.

    you all are the safest on the ship! it's a honeymoon cruise! Unless the other one in the room is sick. there is room service and that's about all you need. congrats on your wedding and trip. 

  22. just looked at this thread. a bit frustrated with princess and answers I received on the phone yesterday . We have an up coming cruise planned and i specifically asked if crew members move from ship to ship and was told "NO they sign a contract for one ship and are assigned to that ship " . Now I read the beginning of this tread and find out that what i was told is likely not correct. 

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