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    Disney from Port Canaveral

    I think we will book one of the All-Star hotels and use Disney's shuttles to get around. Thank you everyone for the feedback, I do appreciate it. Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Forums mobile app
  2. moosegirl

    Disney from Port Canaveral

    Thank you Steerage Joe...that's exactly my point, Disney is not a main destination for me...I literally just want to go through the gate, watch the parade, take pics of Cinderella's Castle, watch the fireworks and leave. If I was staying for a week you bet I would read books. I do like to research and plan ahead which is exactly why I came to this very forum 6 months before our trip! When I asked about not-to-miss things for young at heart people, I wanted to know if you could only be there for a day only, what should we try to seek out. My budget would be $200/night ( I am Canadian so that's close to $250 for me! [emoji23]) I have now researched enough to know that there are budget properties at Disney and they provide transportation to get to Magic Kingdom. I thank everyone for their help. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. moosegirl

    Disney from Port Canaveral

    I feel like I have to defend myself for asking what I felt was not an outrageous question. I admitted above that I started my research HERE, on this forum, thinking that people would help as They have experience in a place I have not travelled...is that not what this site is for? The hotels at Magic Kingdom are very expensive so that's why we wanted to stay off-site. We are not comfortable driving in cities we aren't familiar with, thus the taxi and shuttle issue. I will do more research as suggested. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. moosegirl

    Disney from Port Canaveral

    Thank you for your responses, I chose to start my research here, hoping that maybe somebody else has done this and could steer me in the right direction. We don't really want to spent over $500/night to stay right at The Magic Kingdom. Disney for me is a day trip, not a destination, I literally want to see Cinderella's Castle, the parade and fireworks. That's it. Maybe my question was too vague, but a forum is for exactly this purpose, asking for input from those in the know. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. moosegirl

    Disney from Port Canaveral

    My Mother (68) and I (49) will be sailing out of Port Canaveral on April 6 and are planning to stay for 2 nights prior to sailing. We would love to spend a day at Magic Kingdom but do not want to stay at a hotel right at Disney. Where is the best place to stay? Orlando, Winter Garden or somewhere else? We will be depending on shuttles or cabs. Do any hotels have shuttles to and from Orlando Airport as well as to and from Disney? Is there a special price at Disney if you have no intention of riding the rides, just walking around? Also, what are the must-do things at MK for 2 mature, but young-at - heart adults? We have Never been there. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Thank you. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. I am looking at taking a cruise on the Carnival Sunshine out of Port Canaveral in April 2019. ( flying in from Canada) Is there a shuttle bus from the airport? What are some good hotels to stay at for a few days prior to departure? Should we stay in Orlando, or would Port Canaveral be best? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. moosegirl

    Resort Day Pass in St. Lucia?

    I stayed at St. James club for a week last year and yes, the beach is not large but there are lots of loungers. Also 4 pools, one is adults only with a rum bar and a gorgeous view. We just drank rum punch and pins coladas as well as local beer (Piton). The beach and 2 of the pools are at ground level. The others are on a hill, so if mobility is an issue... ALL beaches in St. Lucia are public. We enjoyed our stay here very much but we are pretty laid back and unfussy. This resort is very close to Castries and the cruise port. If you REALLY want an unforgettable excursion, contact St. Lucia helicopters and book a sight seeing tour! Spectacular and an island best seen from the sky or sea (roads are narrow and very winding, can be an issue for those prone to car sickness. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. moosegirl

    hotel and transportation nyc

    I will be on this cruise as well and flying into La Guardia the day before. How much should I be expecting to pay for a taxi? How does Uber work? I am hoping to get a hotel within 5 blocks of the cruise terminal ( haven't booked one yet, but there are several options). I have been on a one-day bus tour of NYC prior to 9/11, but this trip won't have much time for sight-seeing so what do people suggest if I can only do/see one thing? Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  10. moosegirl

    Favorite desserts on NCL?

    Had red velvet cake from the buffet on the Star that was to die for [emoji7] Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  11. moosegirl

    Dolphin Swim

    I agree with mitsugirly! The Dolphinarium in Cozumel is amazing, be aware that you cannot take pictures during your own encounter ( you can take photos from above, in the outdoor restaurant). They have their own photographers taking pictures of your time with the Dolphins, but be prepared for the hefty price tag on those photos...it was @$50 for 1 photo! In Costa Maya, we went to Chacchoben ruins and then had a Mexican buffet including all-you-can drink refreshments on the beach...loved it and the ruins were fascinating! Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  12. moosegirl

    NYC in March/2017

    I just came back from my first cruise (Western Carribean on the Star), and loved it so much that I have quickly found our next destination. I am A little concerned about rough seas ( I am Canadian and know that spring weather can be unpredictable) and would love to hear from anyone who has sailed out of New York around that time. The cruise will be 10 days and I would like to know how much "cold weather" clothes to bring. Also I have a height phobia but put on my big girl panties and booked a balcony this time. We will be on the 9th deck of the Gem...any other acrophobia out there? ( does the Gem have the high plexiglass walls on the upper pool decks like the Star...this really helped !) Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app