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  1. Some of you must be very, very proud about the fact that you know more than the CDC, or any reputable health agency around the world (or should I say 'on' the world), when it comes to the effectiveness of proper mask wearing.
  2. Getting pinged by contact tracing results in quarantine. It takes a while for the viral load to grow to the point where it is detectable, right? Again, Iceland is a great example of why restrictions shouldn't be reduced. Cases didn't go up by a bit, they had their worst time of the whole pandemic.
  3. I guess your friend didn't tell you that this has been their biggest wave by far, and that they have gone back to mask wearing, distancing, and serious contact tracing. If you get pinged by the tracing, you're off to a designated hotel. No going outside for a quick walk, no visitors, nothing.
  4. Never change a winning game. Always change a losing game. For the short term, anyway.
  5. Sure. Just take a look at what happened to Iceland, French Polynesia, and Hawaii when they relaxed their restrictions.
  6. I'm surprised so few tried to go to the active volcano.
  7. My agent consistently gives me 10-15% discounts, extra onboard credit, free meals at specialty restaurants, and occasional upgrades to business class.
  8. The lady with the smart phone (at 0:44) looks far too young to be a retiree. But, I guess many young people can be considered to be on a fixed income.
  9. We were under the impression that the crew was vaxed in its home port, Galveston.
  10. Folks supposedly wouldn't test positive for a few days. That's why Iceland requires the longer quarantine period. Every country that does contact tracing does the same, as far as I know, for the same reason.
  11. Then the Viking policies for quarantined passengers is much softer than Iceland's quarantine policy for locals and other travelers. The Viking quarantine policies would seem to endanger others in Iceland, and I wouldn't want to be on a flight with someone who was cleared that easily.
  12. I was surprised too. But folks have been saying the Viking ones don't do gps.
  13. Yes. Viking is ahead of the curve on testing, and behind the curve on the length of quarantine. Weird combination. But I can see the extra testing vs. land tour. IN GENERAL, the land tour people won't be around near as many other people. The land based people will interact with some unvaxed folks, but the same is probably true for cruisers (fake cards).
  14. This is exactly what people have been looking for. Where did you get this info? OK. It has been determined that the devices don't have gps data. This means that the person reviewing the data has no idea whether the folks were masked or unmasked, and whether the folks were outdoors or indoors. These things make a HUGE difference in determining whether there was close contact or not. Interviews would normally be performed to determine these. In fact, we did have a single poster who described their interview process. Do these rules mention an interview process?
  15. Viking has just been blatantly breaking the rules all along.
  16. The data in the graph shows that, by the time you are ready to travel, covid numbers in Iceland will be either higher, lower, or about the same.
  17. Yeah, that's been the tough thing about traveling during this pandemic. In general, the risk takers are the ones who are willing to travel. The cautious people stay home. By default, when we travel during a pandemic, it's going to be with those who aren't on the careful side.
  18. Downturn doesn't mean return to near zero. See here: https://graphics.reuters.com/world-coronavirus-tracker-and-maps/countries-and-territories/iceland/
  19. No doubt that we'd rather see the 7 day average going down than up, but that doesn't mean that it will continue in that direction. Look at the 7 day averages over the last year for the US, or any state, as examples.
  20. If that's really the way you think it is, you're good to go. But first, you have to go outside your current bubble, take the parking shuttle to the airport, sit in crowded indoor terminals for hours, sit on crowded planes for hours, etc., etc. Then, just declaring that you're in a safe new bubble doesn't really work. All of the people in your new "bubble" have had totally different exposures to you, and the virus will take several days to develop. Maybe after about 10 days with no positives, congratulations, you got yourselves a bubble. Some will be comfortable with this situation, some won't. Ignorance is bliss. On the other hand, statistics are in our favor.
  21. You have to be realistic about the comparison between traveling to Iceland vs. staying home. Reactions to this big surge in the US are all over the place. Some fully vaxed people have gone back to wearing masks everywhere and cutting out any unnecessary potential exposures. If you're one of those, you shouldn't be going. Other vaxed folks in the US have completely gone back to their pre-pandemic lifestyles, even during this big surge. If you fail into that category, travel to Iceland shouldn't be a problem for you.
  22. I get the feeling that no one is even getting close to answering his original question.
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