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  1. I would normally agree, but we have a 10 year old going with us.
  2. Thanks! I'll see how the travel agency handles it and go from there.
  3. I would be out $750 since there are 3 of us. My extended family booked through a travel agent, so I don't know if they will owe the same, more, or less.
  4. I would be happy if they gave me back the deposit as credit towards a future cruise. I just feel really screwed as I wouldn't have taken a shoulder season cruise if it wasn't for Glacier Bay. I also would have went with a different cruise line. Alaska may be a once in a lifetime trip for us and now we aren't going to see what we wanted to see most. I understand storms and stuff can cause diversions, but we are more than 6 months away, they have plenty of time to resell the rooms of anyone else affected by this change.
  5. If this is true then RCI will never get to go there. They could wait until RCI had set its dates and then reroute their ships accordingly. I wanted to give HAL a go, but my wife and son looked around on Youtube and determined the entertainment on-board their ships was about as fun as a funeral.
  6. I convinced my extended family to sign up for this cruise because of Glacier Bay and I am not sure how I am going to tell them. Here is the email from my May 22 Ovation cruise if anyone wants to read it: Dear Guest, Before we set sail on our May 22, 2020 Ovation of the Seas cruise, we have a change to share with you. Earlier this year, we were excited to add Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska to our itinerary. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and we’ve changed back to the original itinerary. So, we’ll visit Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier as ori
  7. We had good luck getting decent pours at the Trellis Bar and the Schooner bar. Our biggest complaint was that most bars didn't have a blender that worked, so getting a mudslide or anything frozen was a chore. According to my mother, the robots at the Bionic Bar were the only ones who could make a proper Long Island Iced Tea.
  8. We enjoyed the one on Harmony. I felt most of the puzzles, aside from the last one, were pretty easy. People who had only ever done one or 2 escape rooms thought it was hard. My wife and I were paired with 5 or 6 other couples, so I would say there were 12 people total. The room is always the same, so if you split up, someone from your first group could spoil it for your second group. The room itself, held a dozen people rather well. We never felt cramped. There are archways and the really tall guy in the group had to avoid hitting his head. You can see what
  9. I am kind of bummed about this. I love that ship. We always had a blast on her. The Baltimore market puts Royal in a rather interesting conundrum. The port is worth it as both Pride and Grandeur usually have no trouble sailing full. They are eventually going to run out of smaller ships that can make it here though. I am not sure if Majesty, Empress, or the Radiance ships meet the requirements to be in the Chesapeake Bay. So after Enchantment, then what? If there is one, that may be tempting. Would there be one for Grandeur as s
  10. My 10 year old broke his the first day he had it. They replaced it for him, but the next one fell apart too. I don't know why he had such a hard time with it as he has no problem wearing a watch. My wife liked hers. We got used to going up to the bar for them to swipe it as opposed to taking it off all of the time.
  11. The only specialty restaurant we tried on Harmony was Sabor. The service was great, but the choices were not that exciting at all. We actually preferred the windjammer options on Mexican night! We shared a table in the MDR with some platinum Carnival folks. Harmony was their first RCCL trip. They said the biggest difference for them (aside from the massive ship) was how the cruise directors operate. On Carnival, the cruise director comes over the loudspeaker every hour or so to let you know what is going on. I can't recall the cruise director on Harmony talking over the lo
  12. So I was looking around on another site and saw KSF on my cruise. I went back to Royal's website, did the pretend booking, and saw my cruise was $391 cheaper today (no KSF though). I lost $300 OBC, but a net gain of $91 seemed worth it to me. Anyway, my dinner was set to 5:30pm when I KNOW I asked for My Time. Even without the $91 it was worth the call to fix that. So my parents-in-law are joining me on this cruise. They decided to go through AlaskaCruises.com. I am not sure if they can change their price or not. I also need to find out how to sync us up for dinner.
  13. This is one of those things that makes me question everything. Yes it looks cool. I always thought the big selling point of the similar places in Fiji were that you could sleep and wake up on the ocean. You can't really do that here, so basically it is like renting a covered pier. If I had unlimited money, sure, but if I had unlimited money, would I be going to Coco Cay? I don't think we paid $1400 for all of the excursions and drink packages combined on our last trip. I would rather have a drink package than spend a few hours at one of these.
  14. The WJ isn't exactly a food desert. I meant to say desserts. 😣
  15. My Alaskan cruise becomes $306 cheaper, which is good, but I don't see the $300 OBC. So do I bother jumping through hoops or not? We are probably going to have over a $300 alcohol bill.
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