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  1. Very good point. My guess is reduced capacity will address this somewhat; I would also imagine that they would need to figure out a way to more efficiently and precisely stagger dining/entertainment to prevent any kind of 'rushes.' Even then, it's hard to imagine limiting elevator capacity considering how essential they are. Overall, I really don't see the appeal in cruising until after a vaccine is distributed, but there could be some incredibly innovative solutions we haven't thought of that are being worked on. I really doubt it, though. Hard to justify dropping thousands of dol
  2. Very interesting! About what I would expect; seems to me that RCCL will have the buffet open in some capacity, however. It'll be interesting to see how Europe handles it first. Should be a good indicator of what works here in the US and elsewhere as cruising returns. Surprised they aren't requiring face coverings outside, but I suppose they figure people will know not to congregate near one another.
  3. My guess is on the outdoor lido deck, you won't likely need to assuming social distancing, but in the atrium, you may if you're not inside the pool/hot tub considering it's enclosed. Probably will also be enforced capacity inside of the hot tubs and pool.
  4. With NCL/RCCL combining forces by putting together a very impressive panel of experts to help craft policy for the potential resumption of cruising during (more likely after) COVID, I am curious to know what innovative changes people may believe are in store for Celebrity/cruising. If I had to guess, I'd say ships will be sailing at reduced capacity initially, along with some kind of face covering requirement. I also wouldn't be surprised if cruise lines take a Hawaii approach, and require proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hrs of sailing, though I think this would be hard to
  5. Cruising will have to resume before then, no company can survive with 0 cash flow for 2 years. Expect cruising to resume by next summer, in some capacity, at the latest. My money is on early 2021 once vaccines are rolled out.
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