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  1. Victory was our first cruise 3 years ago. Great ship, really enjoyed the atmosphere. The pools are great, the service was wonderful and it was a fun trip.
  2. I'll probably bring one on board with me and try that out.
  3. My MIL has one reserved and it will be in her room when we board. Side note: I can't help but think of how funny it would be to see a Carnival sanctioned scooter race on the ship. I know it would never happen, but I also know some of y'all reading this can picture it in your head 😁 Anyhow, your room is the most likely place to find it.
  4. 9 and the Gulf is about to get its 2nd storm of the season. Hoping it flies by Mobile without incident. I certainly don't want the folks currently on the Fantasy or the ones just prior to my cruise date (18th) to be affected.
  5. I didn't have any info, hence the question. I personally don't see how plastic is any worse than aluminum cans. Both can and should be recycled. I would love to drink a 24 pack of water on my cruise, but I can't bring any with me, and I really don't want to pay 9 bucks for a 24 pack of water.
  6. Thank you for the review. It was very thorough and I'm going to pull this up and show it to my wife and MIL when I get home today. Cruising from Mobile in 13 days, so hopefully this will set a bar for us on our journey.
  7. I have my 12 packs in place and ready to go. I want to drink water on board, but it's going to be sodas for me because of the no water bottle policy. Not a huge deal, just kinda disappointing.
  8. Does this include drink box water bottles? Asking for a Canadian friend haha. Seriously, I don't understand how cans of soda are ok but completely sealed 12 packs of water bottles aren't allowed. Is it an environmental thing? Does Carnival not encourage recycling? Very puzzling.
  9. We checked in around 11:30 last time, I think. It was way too early and we don't have FTTF so we had to scrounge with 2000 others to find a seat in the dining area (with a party of 6, mind you). Got some food and waited for the rooms to be ready. This time, we check in around 1 and will hopefully be able to go to the rooms and unload a few things, get acquainted with our surroundings, catch a look out the window to see if we're looking at the port or the USS Alabama. Then, exploring the buffet and getting a lay of the land. Muster drill and then probably more exploring. I know one thing... I don't want to be hauling a whole lotta carry on crap around for 2 hours this time.
  10. 13 to the Fantasy now. So much to get done between now and then! Can't wait!
  11. Kinda sounds like the combination of their confusion on her identity (for whatever reason) plus waiting until the last minute was a bad combination. I do hope you were able to get it straightened out before sailing.
  12. I woke up on Dec. 31 (just under 6 months ago) and decided to log into Carnival's website and pay $150 towards my cruise. Well, I had to go back a screen (I was using my phone, which was a horrible idea, having literally been awake for 5 minutes) and I put in my CC number and ended up paying the entire amount due on the cruise, rather than the installment that I had intended. I called Carnival in a panic, explained the situation and went on hold and got hung up on. I called back and talked to a nice lady, who immediately corrected my mistake, and then offered me the option to move up 2 decks, for an additional $50 (which I took). Got my money back that week. Long story short, it's not the same as a date mix-up but I'm very pleased that Carnival could work out the issues for both of us.
  13. Reading the comments and suggestions on this thread has been particularly helpful. I'm going on the Fantasy to Cozumel in 5 weeks, and I have some questions as well: 1) do the cabs there take $USD? 2) Is Cozumel on Central time? If so, that should be easy to manage, since Mobile, AL is as well. 3) If there aren't "traditional" beaches, and I do take my crew to the "Beach Bar", is it family friendly? My kids are too young to drink and my wife and MIL don't drink at all. I may partake of a singular beer but that would be the extent of it. Again, thanks for all of the comments and ideas/suggestions on Cozumel. This site really is top notch!
  14. 34D 21H 22M 837 hours, 22 minutes... but who's counting?
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