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  1. rubrrick

    Current Captains Con't

    Captain Tor is now the Fleet Captain. He will return to the sea from time to time to keep his hand in. Rick
  2. rubrrick

    Hotel in Barcelona precruise

    We were there this month, and the taxi from the port to the hotel was 17 Euro and from the Hilton Diagonal Mar to the airport was exactly 35 Eros. Rick
  3. rubrrick

    Hotel in Barcelona precruise

    We were there this month, and the taxi from the port to the hotel was 17 Euro and from the Hilton Diagonal Mar to the airport was exactly 35 Euros. Rick
  4. Thanks, that worked for me. Two weeks ago, the IT guy corrected my points, and yet tonight, they were incorrect. I tried your method, and it works perfectly! Thanks again, Rick
  5. Even Michael Bayley wrote a note of apology, but stated that with patience, the new site will be a great improvement over the old one. Try calling C&A and let them know of your problem, and see if they can give you a "back door" till they get it fixed. It appears that every day they add something to make the site a bit better, but it's going to be awhile before it totally fixed. I don't understand why they didn't totally test and have everything ready before rolling out this disaster. Rick
  6. rubrrick

    Current Captains Con't

    Does anyone know who the master will be on the Serenade of the Seas come March 30? Or in April? Rick
  7. rubrrick

    Current Captains Con't

    Karen, sending prayers your way for all that you have had to deal with in 2017. Here is hoping that 2018 will bring more joy your way. We need to cruise together again. Rick
  8. rubrrick

    100th Cruise coming up!!!!!!!

    Looks like soon you will be joining the Pinnacle Club at Royal Caribbean. Congrats on your milestone of 100 cruises! Rick
  9. rubrrick

    Prepaying Gratuities on-line?

    I believe that if one wants to add gratuities at the old rate, they can still do it tomorrow, January 2nd. After tomorrow it will be to late at the old rate, if what Royal Caribbean sent to me is true. Rick
  10. Love your previous reports and pictures. Your wife and you have a wonderful eye for composition, I marvel at your photos. Looking forward to following you on another one of your journeys! Rick
  11. rubrrick

    I do flaunt my C&A Status

    And to all.........a good night..........till we meet again in 2018!:D Rick
  12. rubrrick

    I do flaunt my C&A Status

    I sold so many of my crystal blocks on ebay, just so I could afford another cruise. I also wanted to thank mbayley for his gift of a Melchizedek of champagne to help celebrate this New Years eve. That is a lot of champagne for a party of 2, but knowing that midnight is not far away, the bottle is already opened and sitting in a 55 gallon drum of ice, with a fabricated pour spout, and we only need to down about another 400 glasses before midnight.;p If I were aboard, it would be shared with all of the other DS and D++S, but none for the golds as they cannot drink while rowing. Happy New Year all! Rick
  13. rubrrick

    I do flaunt my C&A Status

    As she is a DS, she has every right to say "Hi" back to me, as I'm a P 2.0 sailing in a sweet, suite! Thank goodness I gained status before one had to provide their own oars. My gold oar now proudly hangs next to my stratums. I guess Royal no longer gives out gold oars, they have cut back on sooooooooo much!:o Rick
  14. rubrrick

    Owner's Suite vs. Crown Loft Suite

    I have found in most instances that the cost of and OS to be more than a CL. It's an individual decision, but I would stay in the OS if given the choice, and we have been in both. Rick
  15. rubrrick

    How does Princess compare?

    We just returned from a Mexican Riviera cruise on the Ruby Princess. We are Elite on Princess with 28 cruises with them. We are also Pinnacle Club members on Royal Caribbean, and would prefer to sail on Royal more often, but they left the West Coast and claim to never return. The activities on Royal are far superior to Princess. However, the food on Princess, in the buffet surpasses that of the Windjammer. The cabins on Royal Caribbean are better laid out than Princess, both the Royal Jr Suite compared to the mini suite on Princess, and the full suites on Royal are much better than Princess. Rick