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  1. Good evening, and as always, thanks for the Daily. The camaraderie and humor shared so freely here always leaves us with the warm and fuzzies and we are grateful. Batdog was hilarious! So happy to see so many finalizing their vaccinations. Lori had her second two weeks ago, I will get mine Tuesday. It might not be the final answer, but it is an answer, and like so many we are hopeful it means hugs from the grandkids soon. We visited Puerto Chiapas last year, and as we sailed in that morning, we stumbled across a fella who might identify as the Pelican Whisperer..
  2. Thanks for the exercise... running full tilt to escape that mental image...😂 George
  3. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! Our best wishes for a wonderful birthday, @cruzn single. Our thanks always to all doctors, especially after this year. I have heard of this control of which you speak. I Am in Control Day runs concurrent with I Am Fooling Myself Day around here. 😁 Today is to be cooler, but we are getting a break, as the winds have dropped to below 15 mph after gusting to over 60 all day yesterday. They caused some damage, trees and power lines down, and were pushing a couple of wildfires in the area. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and
  4. We do enjoy your art, the painting is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Thank you for sharing this. RIP Krazy Kruisers.
  6. Good evening, and thanks for the Daily! It has been a cool gray day here, with the rain (which is needed and appreciated) finally moving out late this morning. But the weather couldn't dampen our satisfaction in getting Lori's second and my first jab this afternoon! By the first of May it'll all be done and we can make plans to see the family. Maybe even go watch a ball game. Everyone please stay safe and healthy. We might just whip this yet. Have a great evening! Lori & George
  7. We are sorry for your loss. God's comfort to your friend's family and to you.
  8. At the company where I spent 20+ of my best years we had a nurse, Margaret, called Peg of course, who was mother hen and babysitter. And had been, as she put it, "since Roman times". 😃 She was the epitome of compassion for anyone with a work-related issue, and hell on wheels toward anything she thought you should have been smart enough to avoid, like sports injuries. You know how they say we only hurt the ones we love? There were several hundred at the plant where I worked, and we all felt loved by her at least once, and we all loved her for it. So much so that when she neared retire
  9. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! May all of the nurses be blessed the way they bless us when we need it most. Thanks once again for the pictures and memories that you all share of places that you've been. Many of which we'll likely not see, but can experience through your eyes. We do enjoy that so. Next Tues. Lori receives her second jab at the same time I get my first. By the time my second takes effect and we can work out the travel plans it will have been a year and a half since the last hugs from DD and the grandkids. Seems like a lifetime... we need to fix that!
  10. Thanks Copper John. It's always fun to see what was, 5 (has it really been that many?) looong years ago, our first cruise ship. She's looking good and is a sight for eyes that are sick and tired of looking at bad news and ready to focus on blue hulls, teak decks, and far horizons. George
  11. Good morning. Thank you for a year's worth of Dailies, Rich. You and all who share have together morphed this thread into something truly special. It has been fascinating to watch it happen. Thank you to everyone for sharing your warmth and helping to make each day brighter. Everyone please stay safe and healthy and have a great day! Lori & George
  12. After some reading today about what is happening in Iceland, I think I'll retract anything I might have said that sounded like a complaint... "Grindavik lies in the southern part of the Reykjanes Peninsula, a volcanic and seismic hot spot, where more than 40,000 earthquakes have occurred since Feb. 24, exceeding the total number of earthquakes registered there last year." Quaking in their beds, sleepless Icelanders await volcanic eruption | Reuters Color me content, if not entirely stable.... George
  13. Good morning and thanks to Rich for the birth of an idea and to all who have nurtured it into a warm, caring gathering spot. Welcome home to @erewhon and our sympathies to @dfish on the tooth. Lori received her first jab of Pfizer vaccine on the 25th of last month. She has had a bout with Bells Palsy in the past, and so far has had no issues. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed when she goes for the second jab next week. @mamaofami hope you get a favorable answer. It is good to know that this is the day when everything I think is wrong. Guess I was wrong all the other days...
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