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  1. There have been some from every cruise, but on our Feb. trip on Oosterdam we ate most meals at the Lido and got to know a few of the young ladies who worked so hard for our enjoyment. Noelle at the pasta station, Suzette who always served desserts with a pleasant greeting, and Miss Rita, who took care of us in her section and who never seemed to work the smile off of her face. And our stewards, Ronald, whom we've emailed a couple of times in the last month and who says they are safe, healthy and still adjusting to the quiet on board, and Idi who was looking forward to going home and meeting his first son who was born after he left to begin his contract. We remember them fondly and wish the best for them all. Lori & George
  2. "and allow us to come in so our guests can go straight to the airport for flights home." It seems that more interest in helping might be found if Orlando and HAL would change this way of thinking. Would it not be more prudent that anyone leaving either ship be tested and sent into quarantine? Or for medical assistance, as needed? Definitely not directly to an airport. George
  3. Thank you for the fleet report. And let's all keep all the doctors close to our heart today. Lori & George
  4. Interesting, if somewhat depressing, sign of the times: masks being worn on the bridge of the Edge.
  5. Beautiful sight. Hope to someday soon see it from a much nearer distance. 🙂 George
  6. The Oosterdam in Sitka A Sitka local... The Oosterdam & Eurodam, Half Moon Cay Gatun Locks, Panama Canal Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  7. I would very much like to thank Copper and all those who have posted links, images, and commentary. This has been utterly fascinating! George
  8. No matter what price was paid for these two ships to make this transit tonight, they got their money's worth.
  9. We just did our first transit in Feb. Glad we didn't go this fast...by the time I finished my Panama roll(s) I might've missed it!
  10. So very sorry to hear this news. Our prayers to the deceased and all those affected. Fingers crossed that the ship will be given no further hinderance in reaching port and getting those aboard the help they need. Lori & George
  11. So very grateful for the happy outcome! Lori & George
  12. Thank you, Copper John. It is too easy these days to get lost in news we'd rather not hear. A story about one with a good heart doing something truly nice reaches far into these dark times to shine a light on how things should be and can be, if we are only willing. Lori & George
  13. The sound and the feel of the ship moving through the water. And the calming, so very relaxing ambiance of the ship. For us, that IS HAL specific. Lori & George
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