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  1. I have seen much less appealing pictures in frames with large price tags... Beautiful images and story, thanks for sharing them. George
  2. Thanks for keeping us up on these visits, we appreciate it. Lori & George
  3. So very sorry to hear this. Our prayers for a swift and complete recovery. Lori & George
  4. We'll wish you a Happy Birthday all the way through! Have a great one! Lori & George
  5. Looks like a fine dinner. Hope you've had a wonderful day, and wishing you many more. Lori & George
  6. Even though I can't like your comment I sadly am being forced to agree with it.
  7. This is not something to "like", but thanks for posting the info. Please stay safe and healthy. Lori & George
  8. We will pray for the passenger's health and safety.
  9. Good afternoon, and thanks for the Daily. Roy, our best wishes on your scan today. Thanks to all for sharing your memories of today's port. From our visit to Halifax in 2017. Sailing in past McNabs Island lighthouse We strolled along the Harbourwalk and found an interesting view of the Zuiderdam A highlight of the visit for Lori was meeting Merlin at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. We had checked his webcam for months before the trip. He can be very entertaining. The museum has a very nice Titanic exhibit, but I found the memorial display to the Halifax explosion to be most poignant. The Hope and Survival quilt and panels with the names of the 1946 victims in both English and Braille. After returning to the ship we relaxed and watched as Zuiderdam led the way out. As always, our prayers to those with a need, and congratulations to those with a cause. Please stay safe and healthy and have a great afternoon! Lori & George
  10. Love the sound of the foghorn, it is relaxing. Thank you for sharing your experiences onboard. Hope you've had an enjoyable cruise, and have a safe trip home. Lori & George
  11. We'd like to add our voices to the chorus of those thanking you for this Live from thread, Copper John. We've enjoyed your pictures and the chance to see the cruise through your eyes. It is always interesting to see your behind the scenes viewpoint of cruising. We appreciate your knowledge, your attention to detail, and your sense of humor. And your willingness to share all these with others to enhance their experiences. Wishing you and your lovely wife safe and healthy travels home. Lori & George
  12. Happy Anniversary! We hope you've had a wonderful day of celebration and that there will be many, many more to come. Lori & George
  13. Happy Birthday Rich! 🎶And many mooore... 🎶😄 @smitty34877 So glad to hear the good news about Tana! Thanks to everyone for the Daily. So many of you nurture it with little bits of yourselves and something delightful has grown. And once again, thank you all for all of the wonderful pictures of somewhere that we've never been. Lori & George
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