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  1. Looks like you'll be getting off as we're getting on. Keep 'er warmed up for us 😀 On a serious note, thanks all for the heads up on the scrumptious sounding rolls. Another anticipation..... Lori & George
  2. If I'm honest, I can't claim that I have done this....but it's entirely possible that others in my family have. 🤐 George
  3. Safe and happy travels, and a very Happy Birthday! Lori & George
  4. We find it on HAL's site in Gifts and Indulgences/Packages under the Cruise Activities tab on the page for our booking. It prices out based on the length of your cruise. Lori & George
  5. We were in a VA cabin on the Oosterdam in June, and it had the updated info/entertainment system. Lori & George
  6. It's about what we had last month. Gives a topic to the conversation when the excursion bus is late. 😊
  7. We have enjoyed your narration. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your wit. Hope you are soon recovered and planning the next reading for us. 😊 Lori & George
  8. Congratulations! May you enjoy safe and happy travels. Lori & George
  9. We were on June 9 -16, and there was a container there. I only noticed one at the time, but I've been known to miss things 🤪. They had a large crane waiting in Victoria and hauled quite a load of produce up. George
  10. If you go into the trip with a "can't impress me because I've already seen better" attitude you'll likely create reason for disappointment. If you go with an anticipation to enjoy beauty that you have yet to see, it's there to be enjoyed. George
  11. I've had it on our last two cruises and I am now doubtful about going on any cruise where it is not available. George
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