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  1. Your answer is ... many people don't have a pool in Florida.
  2. You can normally only book ~330 days in advance.
  3. The one with a working "ice cream" machine. 🙂
  4. Check your reservation on the airlines website. Sometimes you can pick your seats there. If not, call Air2Sea and see if they can get seat assignments for you.
  5. I also have the May 2022 TA booked. Hopefully I'm 2 for 2, not 0 for 2.
  6. Go to choiceair.com for Air2Sea bookings.
  7. Call back until you are successful.
  8. We walked around the city, boardwalk, etc. then rented a car downtown. Drove to Montmorency Falls and around Ile d'Orleans. Then on departure day (it was a one way cruise Cape Liberty to Quebec) we took the car to Quebec airport and exchanged it for a car to drive back to Southeast PA.
  9. We might have seen you in Quebec City when we were there Sept 15/16, 2019 on Adventure. We saw Summit docked around the corner.
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