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  1. They are a cooler. Basically it keeps things cool, not cold. And it may take a long time to cool from room temperature.
  2. They changed their mind. 🙂 Entered garage on Oct 17 at ~11:15 am ... posted price for 7 days = $210 Paid for parking today at 11:07 am ... charge for 7 days = $175.
  3. I uploaded mine for Oasis but it disappeared. Regardless, they took a picture of the card at check in.
  4. The website is still showing $25 and that increase notice is no longer there (I had seen it back when the increase was announced). I hope they changed their mind on the increase, since I'll be parking tomorrow.
  5. The Copenhagen to Boston Arctic Crossing is currently scheduled for September 2022 (9/4 to 9/18).
  6. The reference was to the cruises on Vision of the Seas that were suppose to home port in Bermuda this past summer. RCI ended up cancelling those sailings.
  7. Well, the free stuff is complimentary. 😄 Water park, Coco beach club, cabanas, beds, etc. are not complimentary.
  8. Yes, correct. Any bar, except Bionic. No room service. No Starbucks kiosks. No, JR milkshakes. No clue if smoothies are included, but probably not.
  9. They are suppose to swipe your card, so any "No" responses should be taken with a grain of salt (on the rim of a Margarita 😉 ).
  10. I want to move from D to D+ on the day it's earned, so I can get the extra drink voucher for the remainder of the cruise. 😁
  11. To clarify, in my post TA meant Transatlantic, not Travel Agent. And RCI made the mistake, not the travel agent. The Transatlantic was cancelled (by RCI) but RCI did not cancel my booking, and it just lingered out there until we inquired about the FCC and taxes refund being overdue.
  12. Google "coco cay port schedule" and mapper the cruise. 🙂 Jan 3 = Odyssey and Oasis Jan 10 = Oasis
  13. You mean traveling without you. 😉 Did you ask the other couples if they cancelled you? 😄 Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood. P.S. I was kind of in the opposite situation. My cruise was supposed to be cancelled by RCI (10 night TA was changed to two 5 night British Isles cruises). But instead of cancelling my booking, they moved it to the first 5 night British Isles cruises. The result was delays in issuing FCC and taxes refund.
  14. I have 3 cruises scheduled to stop at Coco Cay. Oct = Oasis only 🙂 Dec = Anthem only 🙂 Mar = Enchantment only 🙂
  15. I'm seeing excursions for my cruise that's sailing next week. And also the one sailing early December. But none for my late March cruise.
  16. Scan the SetSail Pass barcode using a barcode app. If assigned, the cabin number is at the end of the number returned (after the dash).
  17. Hmm, I just checked my March 25th cruise and it now has final payment due Feb 23rd. My May 2nd cruise is still due on Feb 1st ... 90 days out. So, it looks like they've pushed final payment to 30 days at least thru March. YMMV.
  18. I apologize if I offended you. Like I said, your question was legitimate. Your reaction / rejection of the responses was not what I (we) expected. We are here to help those that are willing to "work with us". Did you get confirmation of the announcement date?
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