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    Transportation questions

    Hi, my wife and 2 daughters ( 12 & 11) will be traveling to Bermuda on the Escape on June 10 and docking at the Royal Naval Dockyard. We will be arriving Wed. morning and departing Friday at 2pm. This is what we have planned to do so far. Could you let me know what the best way of transportation would be from getting from place to place and any other advice you may have for someone who has not been there. Wed: We wanted to go to Gibbs Lighthouse then Horseshoe Beach then back to the ship and that night to harbor nights. Thur: We are planning to tour St. George then go to Tobacco Beach Fri: No real plans any advice here would be helpful. We wanted to stay close to the ship so we were thinking snorkel park but I'm sure so is everyone else Things we don't have on here that may like to do would be to see one of the islands forts or go to Crystal Caves or tour Tom Moore's Jungle but do not want to be running all over the island from place to place during our time there.
  2. My wife and two kids will be sailing on the Escape in June and this will be the first time on NCL and a ship were reservations are available. I have learned a lot from reading this board and appreciate the info shared. I still have a few reservation questions and when answering know that we are not interested in anything that has a extra fee. 1. We will only be eating dinner in the main dining rooms and probably early do we need to make reservations to avoid a wait? 2. I understand you can make reservations for After Midnight and the Brat Pack 90 days in advance but is there anything else I would need to make reservations for that early. 3. What can I make a reservation for when on the ship and is this something done right away for the entire week or done the day of. If it is done as soon as you get on board for the entire week how do you know what entertainment is offered later on in the week. On previous cruises we never knew what was going on the next day until we received the daily.
  3. My family ( wife and 2 girls 12 & 11) are trying to find a cruise for next summer and the Escape looks like fun. We have been on 3 previous cruises (none with NCL) with the largest ship being Royal Caribbean Freedom of the seas. I keep reading reviews about how crowded the Escape is but I also read that about the Freedom and we never felt like it was over crowded. Yes we couldn't find chairs by the pool and lines at the elevator could be long but we tend not to make big deals about things like that. So I am wondering just how crowded the Escape is on seas days in respect to the following; 1. How long are the lines for the water slides, rope course and how crowded is the kids pool area.? I know there will be a lot of kids but so crowded the kids can't really even move around in the pool? 2. For dinning we will be eating in the complementary venues. Are there long waits for a table (we are early eaters and would dine by 6:30 at the latest) or long lines for any counter service places? 3. In general walking around I understand at certain times you may hit some bottle necks but is it so crowded that you are constantly fighting a crowd to get from one place to another or so crowded that you can't sit and enjoy a show or performance without some personal space? 4. Would there be much of a difference with the crowd if you departed the last weekend in May compared to the 2nd weekend in June? Thanks for any input you can give.
  4. My wife and our two daughters (11 & 10) are considering the Breakaway for May 28, 2017. We are attracted to the Breakaway because of the many activities for the girls such as the ropes course, water slides, golf etc. However I keep reading the it has a terrible pool deck and the adults area is always packed. But what about the kids pool? Is the pool shoulder to shoulder with kids or will they have some room to play around. And will the time of year make a difference since most schools around are still in session?
  5. VikingD

    Breakaway question

    I have cruised 3 times before with my wife and two daughters 11 and 10. The first on Disney and the last two on RC and have really enjoyed each cruise. The most important thing for my wife and I is a family friendly cruise with many things for our kids to do. We are looking at the Breakaway for our next cruise as it looks like there is a lot for our kids to do. But not knowing much about NCL I was wondering if I could get some answers to a couple of questions. 1. Are their nighttime shows and entertainment that are family friendly? 2. I like the idea of my time dining and being able to eat dinner at what ever time you want but is it common that you have to wait for a table when you get to the restaurant?