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  1. Every cruise of mine where final was moved to 60 days out was cancelled. Hoping this is not the case again
  2. Well I'm going to give her a whirl, booked the transatlantic Southampton to NYC Sept 2022. NCL also offered the buy one get one air which is something I've never seen them do on a trans Atlantic
  3. I don't see cruises departing from NYC until next spring at the earliest
  4. Self entitled people never get the big picture, it is all about them and only them period
  5. Yes it is and since the cruises supposedly starting up in July all passengers must be vaccinated don't think NCL had any other option than to start to refund as many can't/won't vaccinate, children currently can not. I'm glad I never opted for FCC and took refund back to my cc for each cancelled cruise
  6. Agree, the ONLY thing coming through loud and clear is his huge self entitlement attitude for him and his kids.
  7. Well I booked Greece on Jade for 10/03. Originally had a 10 day Northern Europe on Star for 10/03, my travel agent thinks there is more of a chance of the Jade Greece sailing then the Star, especially with multiple countries who may not be on same page.
  8. IMO it's a totally over blown knee jerk reaction. It's only temporary to hopefully get cruises restarted. NCL isn't going to lose any sleep over you not cruising with them again.
  9. Yep picture on phone and a photo copy
  10. Kind of think it's an unwritten rule in Maritime law you rescue people stranded in waters you just don't sail on by
  11. I've no desire to mask up on board and no desire to take an expensive NCL excursion with 50 other people on their bus, so excursions and masks would be a deal breaker. Already had my vaccine so that would not be an issue
  12. I always opted for refund. 25% was not enough to entice me lol.
  13. Do you remember back in the day where cruise lines did not have beverage packages to buy or take as a perc? What was your highest bar tab on the last day?
  14. I sailed on her many many years ago, my first NCL cruise. I'm booked for her May Hawaii to Tahiti and have an Oct Hawaii to Tahiti in the wings as well, all though I may flip that to Tahiti to Hawaii, can't wait. I'm happy to hear that after her refurb she is geared more to adults.
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