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  1. You've cruised Alaska many times, you are going because it's a family cruise, book the inside and save the money, maybe you will luck out with the upgrade Fairy
  2. Same here!! I also wore things more then once, Febreeze fabric refresh works great unless you have been in casino lol
  3. Exactly!!! Febreeze fabric refresh for gently worn clothes works wonders
  4. I had used two cruise next certificates for deposit and they carried over when they rebooked me with the promo
  5. THANK YOU!!! I'm booker for 04/20 so have not been on, with what I just saved bumped my son up to a balcony and now he gets the free air as well, he was in an inside that was reduced air
  6. I’m on a ta in April 2020 my mini suite has gone up $500 pp, so $1000 since I booked it back in May. On popular sailings the drastic price drop is usually after final payment and Cabin selection is slim pickings, that’s not to say I don’t periodically check pricing before final payment, but my experience is the price goes up
  7. Agree did it August 2018 on Breakaway, amazing for sure
  8. April 2020 TA on Star from Brooklyn, Halifax, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Liverpool, Le Harve, Tilbury ending in Southhampton
  9. If you were still in port you are paying taxes on the drinks.
  10. I am using it for next May. My daughter and I because we are in a mini received free air from London to Newark, my son and his friend who are in an inside it was $429PP, which if you've ever priced one way air from Europe it's insane, I could have hunted forever and would not have found that. We are on a TA hence the one way air.
  11. You may be right!! I'm sitting here rolling my eyes as that statement, "I'm Platinum" is constantly heard on cruises and here on CC!! LMAO as who the hell cares, like it's some kind of badge of honor
  12. Nor I. Got the free air for my daughter and me in a mini suite, but no free air for son and his friend in an inside. For me I still paid the air for the inside as our cruise is a TA and one way air from Europe will make your head spin!! Their air was $399 PP one way from London to Newark NJ, there is NO way I would have found that price on my own
  13. Very generous of NCL to do this, but my bet is you are still going to get people complaining over a situation that NCL has no control over!! Take it up with the White House lol. Myself I would sail with the 50% credit and then a voucher for another 50% credit on future cruise
  14. I was able to get the free air promo for my daughter and I My son and his friend being as they are in an inside cabin no free air, but air price quoted by NCL was $399 PP Doubt I could do better on one way from London so took it
  15. Hmmm I called yesterday as I wanted to add a cabin for my son & his friend. They told me about the air promo, which in my case being as we are on a TA and need only one way fare back from London thought it would be beneficial, being as they are in an inside cabin the air promo didn't apply but I asked about my mini suite cabin I had booked two weeks ago, she added the free air on for my daughter and myself and I didn't lose anything I had. I also took the one way fare from London at $399pp for son and his friend. Maybe it was because I wasn't cancelling and rebooking, of which I would not do as my mini is now $400 PP more then when I booked.
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