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  1. Agree, not even looking for this year just concentrating on my April 2021 Trans Atlantic, final is not until December and hopefully by then we will have a clearer picture of what may be happening as far as cruises. My vacation will be short and land based this year when everything opens up
  2. Exactly!! People should be able to dream without getting chastised for it
  3. I'm confident NCL will pull through, but if they didn't I guess either Royal or Virgin depending on itinerary and price
  4. The Star had been scheduled for dry dock to address the ongoing engine issues, she was supposed to dry dock after her April TA which didn't happen so I'm assuming she is heading over to go into dry dock now that some of the ship yards in Europe have reopened. Where or what the crew will do if she dry docks is unknown, don't know if they can stay on board or not
  5. If airline cancelled they have to refund if you request. Get on the phone with them or look on their website for link to request refunds
  6. Yes and so very happy I booked my April 2021 Trans Atlantic back in January after the Star fiasco this year, of which she didn't sail anyways. The TA I booked for next year is now $894 more pp in balcony cabin then what I paid. I look for price drops but it has steadily gone up.
  7. Exactly as those dates are not past final payment. My Panama cruise for 10/18 was cancelled. Booked the Sun for 11/01 going to So Caribbean, not something I would book if there were many to choose from. It's 11 days so get my sea days, the ABC islands are some of the nicer ones, plus live in Savannah a 4 hour drive to port so no air to book or worry about. Would have loved Alaska but I booked Panama as I don't have much hope for a cruising season to Alaska in 2020. Wouldn't even dream of Europe in 2020
  8. Alaska sounds tempting but I don't think it will happen. Sadly my Sun Panama has been cancelled
  9. Agree unless they plan on offering more perks, doubtful, they should drop the word suite and call them deluxe balconies
  10. Agree use of the word suite when describing a mini has caused much confusion, especially to those new to cruising
  11. This has changed if airline cancels they will push for a voucher but if you push for refund they have to refund
  12. They, NCL have not announced it yet, but I would bet my last dime April cruises are going no where. Even if the curve was flattened in two weeks, they still have to move crew around, sanitize any ship where a crew member may have come down with the virus.
  13. I feel your pain, not a cruise but I had paid for 3 first class tickets from NJ to FL for Easter break for my son, DIL, and grandson. When I cancelled the flights with UA, no refund only travel vouchers in their name which they will never use by the time it expires. I sure could use to apply to airfare on cruises I've been looking at. Credits or refunds imo should be issued to the credit card holder that paid.
  14. Once all this goes away I would cruise NCL again provided they get their pricing back to normal. Some cruises listed now are insanely expensive, if they are still up there I would look at other lines as far as pricing, if they all are like that I guess I will look at land based options for a vacation
  15. Exactly, once the grace period to cancel 48 hours prior disappears it will get back to normal
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