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  1. Agree 100% every canceled cruise I had it refunded back to my CC, that 25% did not entice me to tie up my money for an indefinite period of time.
  2. It's a shell game!! On every cancelled cruise I opted for refund that 25% was not enough for me to bite
  3. I totally understand if this becomes NCL policy. I've been to Caribbean too many times, so a very short cruise where I stay on ship I could deal. Now Europe, absolute deal breaker for me. I'll be watching closely to see if I should cancel my trans Atlantic next April
  4. Please just stop!! There are many many totally organized tour operators that come with rave reviews, just check out trip advisor.
  5. same for me, looks like I'll be cancelling my April 2021 Trans Atlantic as I'm not paying that kind of money to be led around by my nose. I don't do ship tours are they are over priced and usually lousy, my TA in April we were going to Normandy, no way on a ship tour. Hopefully my trans Atlantic and Alaska cruises in 2022 we will be back to normal
  6. all cruises until March 31st are at a final of 60 days instead of 120 days, that alone should tell you those cruises are very iffy
  7. My thoughts exactly! No way I'd be shelling out $700 just to be able to book a few days early
  8. Clear out your cookies, that's what I do when I hit paywalls
  9. I believe Florida had a voluntary 14 day one, if it wasn't voluntary no checking was done, certainly no 10k fine that Cuomo threatens with. GA did not have a quarantine, it was just loosely suggested
  10. But when NY and NJ had high numbers there was a conga line of NY and NJ plates on I95 heading south to Florida when Florida's numbers were low and I doubt most of them quarantined. Same thing in Savannah where I live and Hilton Head when our numbers were low plenty of NY and NJ plates all over. It works both ways
  11. Oh yes when I spoke with my PCC back in July he assured me my cruise in Oct was going to sail, truth is the call center reps and the PCC don't have a clue, like us they find out when NCL makes an announcement so I wouldn't put too much stock in it. We can't go to Europe, Florida needs to get a handle on the virus before the ports will open and NY is anyone's guess when that port will open. Canada border still closed, some Caribbean Islands not taking cruise ships, it's already late August, at this point until an announcement just a guessing game
  12. I had the same outcome. It would almost cost for one the price I paid for 2. I'll pass
  13. For the most part it's like their Black Friday 30% off sale last year, they raised the prices. Some make out but most do not
  14. LOL, I booked back in Jan a 15 day trans Atlantic for April, total price including pre paid DSC, insurance was $5190. Mock booking on same cruise not even including DSC or insurance is $8751. This cruise does not have the 20% off promo
  15. We are going into the heart of hurricane season. Have no clue if that's a factor but would make sense
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