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  1. We just got off the Crown a week ago. Our cabin was E723 and I don't remember hearing any noise at all from the deck below. Or anywhere else. I love deck 8 for it's convenience. That last time we were on the Crown we had a mid-ship obstructed ocean view somewhere in the 400s I think. We heard every party they gave in the atrium/piazza area. Well, at least we heard the thump thump thump of the bass drums, LOL. But nothing at all in the aft mini-suites.
  2. I agree that the lack of pockets in some cases is to smooth out the silhouette. Especially when the pants are super stretchy. I have actually sewed pockets up for this reason. The pants fit closely and the pockets stuck out.
  3. "If someone is into entree-sized salads, not a salad-course salad, the buffets are a good place." We eat at the buffet a lot. I'm not very picky and have no problem with most of the food, even the eggs or egg-products, whatever they actually are. I do tend to stay away from a lot of the meats. Just a personal preference, really. It's the texture and the fat I think. On our latest cruise they served some pretty good (IMO) mac and cheese. Some nights it had broccoli and chicken. Yum. But, I love a good salad bar. I could eat it as a main course every night. With the mac and cheese on the side.
  4. We were on the Crown 6/30-7/12. They gave us both a Medallion and a card. They originally said the card was for the dining room only. But, they also checked it going on and off the ship. However, I lost mine somewhere while in port and when I got back on the ship they just scanned the Medallion and told me to go to the front desk to get a new card, so really don't know what the point of it was except as a test.
  5. The little screen next to the door has a picture of a lock. Lock open = door open, lock closed = door locked. When you walk up to your door you can hear it open, and see the little lock change to open. If you wait too long it will reclose and then you have to touch your Medallion to the screen to open it. When you leave you can hear it click closed and the little lock will show closed.
  6. Eye drops, cold sore medicine, benadryl, Imodium, bandaids, antibiotic cream, cortisone cream, decongestant, pain reliever, antacid, pain cream, sea-sick meds. Toenail clippers, a pair of tweezers, a very small eyeglass screwdriver. It all fits in a pouch not much larger than my extended hand. Separately, and even smaller, I carry a sewing kit: needles, thread and some safety pins. I have carried this stuff around for awhile and have never used most of it. I think it makes just as much sense to buy it when you need it. Even at elevated prices it can't be more expensive in the long run to get it as needed than to have to throw it out unopened and buy new. Unless you need it in the middle of the night and the stores are closed. I DO like to be prepared so maybe I'll just keep carrying it around.
  7. Sailed once to Mexico where it was too hot on the sunny side of the Promenade deck and too cold on the shady side. On the very top deck it was quite windy in some locations (both on the ship and the location of the ship in the ocean). For instance, it was super windy when the ship crossed the point at the end of Cabo San Lucas, less once we were on the open ocean. And none at all while anchored in the bay. But always warm in the sun.
  8. The drop off zone is shaped like a big horseshoe. Your driver drives in and stops at the appropriate place. Unloads luggage and people, says good-bye and drives off. You'll give your properly tagged luggage to a porter and then walk in the door. Find the right line. Go through security. Go to the check-in counter. Get on board. Yay! It is quite chaotic. But, there are signs and cruise ship folks everywhere to guide you through each step. They are usually very friendly and helpful. And just remember, on the other side of what seems like an endless line (which goes pretty quickly) is your home for the next however many days. One more thing; Pier 91 is kind of under a bridge and across an industrial-looking area. When you first come down the off-ramp it's easy to miss the entrance and end up in long-term parking. Well, at least it was for me. Just follow the signs and again, there are people everywhere who are there to help. Have a great time.
  9. My next trip is 11 days away: 6 days in London and a 12 day British Isles cruise. So, I'm sitting here going over lists. Clothing and whatever else needs to be packed (hmmm wonder what the weather is going to be?) The yard and garden while we're gone (let's see - does the watering system hit all the right spots?) The dog (better pack her bed for her visit with Auntie, you know she likes her own bed.) Called the banks regarding travelling with my credit cards, paid the mortgage, secured transportation from the airport. Booked excursions. Blah, blah, blah. I am so ready to go. Right now, dang it! Getting antsy and bored with planning. Can't we go? Right now? I really want to go! Anyway, a big thanks to all who participated in the above thread. Best laugh I've had in awhile. Took my mind off the pre-cruise blues. Trouble is, now all I can think about is rubber duckies.
  10. This. I pack whatever I want, but it has to fit in the suitcase. If the trip you are taking is a 38 day cruise with no pre or post where you will be lugging around that bag, then why not 1 checked bag, one carry-on (that can be stacked on top of the suitcase for getting to the airport) and your personal item (large purse). No extra fees and you have all the room you need to pack for 10 days to 2 weeks. And the time spent lugging the extra bag is minimal. Or get a larger suitcase (mine is 25 inch, so maybe a 28 inch?) skip the carry-on sized bag AND large purse. Carry a tote or small duffel on the plane instead. I would do a 38 day cruise like this: 38 divided by 2 is 19. That's 9 outfits, more or less, worn twice then laundered and then worn twice again. Tops take up less room than bottoms so squeeze in an extra top or two. Separates for your formal nights as stated above: palazzo pants with sparkly tops. I always wear a completely different outfit for the 2 travel days that is not included in my count. That outfit can fill in any gaps if planned accordingly. Think stretchy and comfy like leggings with a long shirt that will also work for lounging on sea days or if you want to go to the gym. In the past my biggest sin is thinking I needed "special" clothes to cruise. Truth is every thing I need is already in my closet. It just takes a little thought. Make a list of every day and your projected plans. Check online the projected weather to help determine if you need warmer or cooler clothes. An roll, roll, roll your clothes. Really does help you get more in your bag. But pick up a luggage scale so you don't go over the weight limit for your airlines. I hate when that happens.
  11. So many of the complaints that I have read are related to all the same things one will find on any vacation anywhere in any hotel: food, condition of accommodations, etc. Makes me wonder where these folks think they can go where the food will always be amazing, the service always top-notch, the elevators will always work (and you never have to wait) and the weather will never impact their travels. Maybe they bought into the ads on TV about "coming back new". Right....and driving the right car will make you sexy. The two questions I always ask when thinking about a trip: where do I want to go and what is the best way to get there. Sometimes the answer to that question is a road trip, sometimes a flight followed by several days or more in the same location. But, I never would have been able to see all the places I saw in the United Kingdom or the other cruises I've taken on an overland trip. Not without a whole lot more money and a whole lot more time. Maybe in another life when time and money are no object. And then there is the ocean. I could stare at the sea for days. So, for me, right now, cruising is still the best way to go. And if things don't go as planned, well...........heck when have they ever?
  12. I did take this cruise, but Dublin was cancelled due to high winds. But, there always seems to be a taxi queue outside of every port I've been to, even the smaller ones. And Princess also usually has, or contracts for, a shuttle to and from the center of town.
  13. The only place I ever saw such amenities was Southhampton in the UK. And they were pretty minimal (think snacks and drinks). At the time they didn't have long lines inside the terminal, instead gave everyone a number and let you sit and wait to be called. The line outside the terminal was another story. It was really loooooong. Could have used a cold drink then.
  14. I do a mixture, some regular size, some travel size, some little bottles I fill myself. Just depends on the product and how much I think I'll use.
  15. The Island gets 4 out of 5 in the review section of Cruise Critic. That doesn't seem bad to me. And most of the complaints sound pretty much like the complaints the other ships get, good and bad. I've never been on the Island, but I have been on 8 or 9 different Princess ships and my dirty little secret is I mostly cannot tell them apart. Yes, they move things around from one ship to the next. But, I don't pay too much attention to how the last one was configured compared to the one I'm on at the time. I really only need to know where my cabin is. The rest I usually figure out just in time for the cruise to be over. Itinerary is my first consideration. Always. But, an 111 day cruise is a huge commitment. I would recommend sailing a Princess ship, maybe even the Island, just to be sure it's a good fit all around.
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