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  1. Just booked a JS yesterday on the 11/28/2020 Odyssey. Price was relatively comparable for JS on other cruises I've priced other than the fact this cruise is a 6 night cruise & was comparing to 7 night cruisers. Haven't gone thru & read all the posts so don't know if this was mentioned but the ship layout I was able to find online apparently doesn't have a Coastal Kitchen by the Windjammer on deck 14. Something called Gold Dining & Lounge on deck 16. Wondering if Pinnacles will be allowed in there. Again, apologies if this has already been discussed. Tim
  2. Can only speak for Izumi. We were just on the Harmony with the unlimited dining package. You still only get a max of $35 pp to spend for sushi at Izumi with the unlimited dining package. My wife always gets a champagne lobster roll to go after we've had our meal. For the $70 total that we can spend, we've never gone over that total even with the food to go. Tim
  3. I'm going to be doing the May 8, 2021 Royal Caribbean Ovation from Tokyo to Seattle cruise... probably one of the few that will not be doing the B2B starting in Singapore. I'm starting some preliminary research & just thought I would come over & see if I could get any useful information. First off, I've read on another thread on this board that Delta will soon be flying into Haneda (HND) instead of Narita (NRT). I went to a Delta news hub website & confirmed that that is true. From what I've read, that's a good thing. I live in Atlanta & Delta currently has a nonstop to NRT & looks like it will have a nonstop to HND by the time I leave for the cruise. Does anyone know what cruise terminal Royal Caribbean cruises out of when docked in Tokyo? Is there more than one cruise terminal? If so, does anyone know a website that would have a schedule as to what ships are in what cruise terminals? Any suggestions on hotels either near HND or the cruise terminal? Looking at prices, looks like around $300 (31,702.50 yen) per night is kind of a ball park figure. Is that about right or do I need to make a deeper search? Like I mentioned earlier, just starting the research. If anyone could provide transportation information, that would also be very helpful. Don't think I'll be staying in Tokyo more than 2 nights so don't think I need any tour information at this time. Any information anyone can provide for me to start my research would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance. Tim
  4. Thanks for clearing that up. Guess in the future, I'll read the entire thread. Tim
  5. I read the 1st two pages of this thread & didn't feel like reading all 7 pages so forgive me if this was already discussed. If you are talking about smoking what us older folks called a joint, where on the ship would you do that? No smoking in your cabin. If I remember correctly from my younger days, there is a strong unique scent around where it is being smoked. If not in your cabin, where? Royal's designated smoking areas? Or has the scent disappeared with the new stuff? Again, if this has already been discussed or it's been already discussed that the OP is talking about candy, then my bad. Tim
  6. I should know this but too many senior moments recently. Wife & I are Pinnacle. We are cruising on the Harmony next week with our daughter & 3 year old granddaughter who are both Diamond. I know my wife & I just need to show our seapass card to get in to see the Aqua show but I can't seem to remember how everyone else gets in. I looked on Cruise Planner for my daughter to make a reservation for the show and couldn't find anything specific about the Aqua show. Do any of you know what the procedure is for that?Thanks. Tim
  7. Thank you so much for the quick response. Wish I would have known to ask this as part of the original question but was just asked to ask about it now. Since the Allure will have all those sea days, by any chance is Johnny Rocket's also available on the unlimited package? Tim
  8. We're planning to do the Allure Barcelona to Miami TA Nov 1, 2020. We are planning to purchase the unlimited dining package & would like to go to the Izumi Hibachi restaurant 2 or 3 times while onboard. Below is information I've found on Cruise Planner for both the 5 night & unlimited dining packages for this cruise. Overview from the 5 night package mentions the following… Not valid for premium experiences including: Chef's Table, Wine Pairings Dinners, Izumi Hibachi Experience and Mystery Dinner Theater Small print for the unlimited dining package mentions the following… Not available on holiday sailings. Not valid for Chef's Table, or Culinary Experiences/Activities Based on the above, I know the 5 night package does NOT include Izumi Hibachi and assuming the unlimited dining package does. Can anyone on this board confirm that or am I missing something? Thanks. Tim
  9. We are Pinnacle and have cruised on ships with Coastal Kitchen numerous times. The only time we ever got an email from the concierge was when we were in a grand suite. Suite guests have priority reserving meals in the Coastal Kitchen but we've never had a problem booking a meal in the Coastal Kitchen except when we did the Harmony TA a few years ago and there were 5,000 Pinnacles on board (well, it seemed like that many). Tim
  10. Thanks for the quick replies. Remembered that the 1st two Radiance class ships had the curtain & the last two had the sliding glass. Couldn't remember if Brilliance was the 2nd or 3rd one built. Apparently the 2nd one. Tim
  11. Simple question. I forgot. Brilliance shower stall... shower curtain or "beam me up Scotty" curved glass? Tim
  12. Not a fan of non-refundable deposits but it is what it is. Hoping someone can answer soon. Recently booked a cruise with a $200 non-refundable deposit. No problem. $200 won't kill me if we cancel. Looking at booking another cruise on Royal that has a $900 deposit. Is the whole $900 non-refundable or just $200? I can't seem to find anywhere on the website I'm using that explains what if anything is refundable and what is not. Thanks. Tim
  13. Just checked our 2019 cruises. Can't speak for all the ships in Royal's fleet but every cruise we are booked on has Izumi back as a la carte again. This includes the following ships... Oasis Vision Jewel Ovation Adventure Don't know when it changed and don't know how long it will stay this way but as of right this minute, the Cruise Planner for our cruises on the above ships is showing Izumi as a la carte. Tim
  14. This is nuts. I'm wondering if Royal made a mistake on their website (wouldn't be the 1st time) and will make a correction when it's brought to their attention. One can only hope. We're going on the Oasis Jan 6 and I just checked the specialty restaurant prices... Chop's: $39.99 Giovanni's: $39.99 Izumi Hibachi: $45.00 Izumi: &49.99 How in the world is Izumi more expensive than Chop's? Not 100% sure but based on the above, I think the Chop's price dropped around $10 as well on Oasis class ships. One last thing, my wife's favorite sushi roll (Champagne Lobster Roll) isn't even on the Izumi menu anymore. What's up with that? Tim
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