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  1. OP here. I left for dinner & come back to all these posts. Thank you to everybody who provided answers/comments to my question. If I'm reading your posts correctly, I believe more than one of you mentioned that I can reserve Chop's on the Cruise Planner but will have to pay for 6 adults when I reserve it but when we arrive for dinner, the total price will be adjusted due to 2 people in the party of 6 will be 4 years old or under. I mentioned in my original post that my wife & I were going to use our BOGO's to drop the price in half for the adults. Do any of you know if tha
  2. Wife & I have been on a good amount of Royal Caribbean cruises. If Royal starts cruising again by February, we are going to doing a Harmony cruise with our daughter & her family that by the time we sail, their daughter will be 4 & their son will be 8 months old. We'll be boarding on our daughter's birthday & we want to take them to Chop's for dinner to celebrate. We've cruised with our daughter & her family before but have never gone to a specialty restaurant with their daughter. A couple of questions... Are kids that young even allowed in the specialty re
  3. Hi Carol. What is wrong with the Chrome browser? Clicked on the link you provided & got the following response... 400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large nginx/1.17.0 So tried the Chrome Incognito browser & clicked on the link again & got exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. Tim
  4. Long time cruiser but this is a 1st for us. Wife & I are booked on the Harmony this coming Feb. Daughter & family are cruising with us. We have adjoining cabins. We will be boarding the ship on our daughter's birthday. Wondering if anyone on this board knows what the procedure is or if there is someone I can contact with Royal to have a Happy Birthday sign waiting on her cabin door when we go to our cabins. Going to try to do Chop's that evening for dinner & I know I can get with our server to arrange for a group to sing Happy Birthday but not sure who to contact concer
  5. We've stayed at the Albergo del Senato twice. The phrase location, location, location truly applies at that hotel. It is literally right across the street from the Pantheon. This is a place that you can walk just almost anywhere from... Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, lots of other places... not sure about the Vatican; we ended up taking a cab there. We've booked a cruise for next August out of Civitavecchia on the Odyssey with our daughter & her family. It's been about 7 or 8 years since we've been there and we plan on booking there again for a few days pre-cruise.
  6. Well, that's embarrassing. Just noticed that even though I have the cabin number in the title of this thread, I didn't include it in the original post. Though the post above this one actually did include the cabin number, thought I would add it as well. JS 11724. Sorry about that.
  7. Recently upgraded to a JS on the Oct 28 2021 crossing on the Odyssey (last JS left). Looking at the layout, based on its location on the ship, the cabin looks like it's laid out a bit differently than other J4 cabins on that ship. Was wondering if anyone here has stayed in/have any information on that cabin on the Spectrum since Odyssey isn't out yet & they both appear to be the "newer" version of the Quantum class. Thanks. Tim
  8. Interesting discussion. I must be about the only person on this thread that didn't even know Allure was going to be changed (Amped, I guess) when I booked it. I like the Allure just fine the way it is. My biggest disappointment was that Sabor would be replaced by Playmakers if the changes take place. Whichever way things go, we're going and will either enjoy the changes Royal made or breath a sigh of relief that Sabor is still around. Tim
  9. Just booked a JS yesterday on the 11/28/2020 Odyssey. Price was relatively comparable for JS on other cruises I've priced other than the fact this cruise is a 6 night cruise & was comparing to 7 night cruisers. Haven't gone thru & read all the posts so don't know if this was mentioned but the ship layout I was able to find online apparently doesn't have a Coastal Kitchen by the Windjammer on deck 14. Something called Gold Dining & Lounge on deck 16. Wondering if Pinnacles will be allowed in there. Again, apologies if this has already been discussed. Tim
  10. Can only speak for Izumi. We were just on the Harmony with the unlimited dining package. You still only get a max of $35 pp to spend for sushi at Izumi with the unlimited dining package. My wife always gets a champagne lobster roll to go after we've had our meal. For the $70 total that we can spend, we've never gone over that total even with the food to go. Tim
  11. I'm going to be doing the May 8, 2021 Royal Caribbean Ovation from Tokyo to Seattle cruise... probably one of the few that will not be doing the B2B starting in Singapore. I'm starting some preliminary research & just thought I would come over & see if I could get any useful information. First off, I've read on another thread on this board that Delta will soon be flying into Haneda (HND) instead of Narita (NRT). I went to a Delta news hub website & confirmed that that is true. From what I've read, that's a good thing. I live in Atlanta & Delta currently has a nonsto
  12. Thanks for clearing that up. Guess in the future, I'll read the entire thread. Tim
  13. I read the 1st two pages of this thread & didn't feel like reading all 7 pages so forgive me if this was already discussed. If you are talking about smoking what us older folks called a joint, where on the ship would you do that? No smoking in your cabin. If I remember correctly from my younger days, there is a strong unique scent around where it is being smoked. If not in your cabin, where? Royal's designated smoking areas? Or has the scent disappeared with the new stuff? Again, if this has already been discussed or it's been already discussed that the OP is talking about cand
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