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  1. We had this happen also. Several hours later it was back to normal showing our cruise info
  2. What are the chances final payment for Explorer, Tokyo to Singapore leaving Nov 2nd will be pushed out. Final payment on June 5th is creeping up fast and the United States just made Japan level 4 travel advisory.
  3. Agree 100%. We are booked on Explorer Nov 2nd for 30 nights and as of right now final payment is due June 5th. Don’t really want to put out all that money until we know a little more so we’re hoping they push payment back to September
  4. DH and I are also new to Regent and hoping to be on Explorer in November. All our excursions are booked and we are excited. I just wanted to say thank you for your post. You have some really GREAT information
  5. We will be first time Regent cruisers. Hopefully this year. We are booked on Explorer for 30 nights in November. We booked it as one cruise, but it is actually bootable as two separate segments of 14 nights and 16 nights. Based on this I assume there will be 2 formal nights. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I love getting all dressed up and would love to wear my formal dress more than 2 nights. Would I most likely be the only one doing this or do other ladies also dress formal as they wish? I'll still do it, just curious 😊
  6. I believe unless they are running a special the deposit is 15%
  7. They may actually need more crew if they are going touched for all good and drink services. That would eliminate the buffets and other areas like coffee shops that have self service food and drink.
  8. Yes we are on explorer Tokyo to Singapore with the 3 day pre cruise Tokyo tour first. Unfortunately we have not been eligible to get the vaccine yet, but hoping to have it by late spring or early summer. We have never been on Regent and are really hoping it goes.
  9. Thanks. I am planning on getting the covid vaccine no matter what, but wasn't sure about things like yellow fever. Again, thanks
  10. My husband and I are hoping to go on cruise in November to Asia. We both got the hep A vaccine 5 years ago before going on a Mediterranean cruise. Can anyone tell me if there are any vaccines required of it just voluntary? Thanks in advance for any information. Carol and David
  11. Docmark. My husband and I are also doing this cruise. We have never cruiser with Regent, and have never been to Tokyo. We opted for the pre cruise land with the thought that it gives organized sightseeing and on own time. If you opt to do the pre cruise also perhaps we'll meet😊
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