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  1. There is a part of the Holland America website stating the Covid 19 health measures. https://hollandamerica.com/travelwell There is a question and answer section for US cruises which states that "A complementary antigen or PCR Covid 19 test will be administered to all guests on board on day 5 or 6 of the voyage. This test fulfills the requirement for onward travel home in most instances where guests board a flight immediately after their cruise."
  2. When will segments of the world cruise be announced?
  3. Check the pictures of partially obstructed balconies on halfacts.com, Pinnacle class, deck 4. You may be happier with a balcony in the middle of a lifeboat. Between lifeboats is more obstructed than middle of lifeboat. The forward lifeboats have a better view than the aft tenders, which are taller.
  4. In 2019 HAL announced plans for a pier at Half Moon Cay. Did they ever complete it?
  5. We used to order them as a second appetizer and have them put in a glass as a smoothee
  6. I just cancelled and rebooked my January cruise because the price dropped significantly after final payment. I had used two $100 future cruise certificates and $400 as the original deposit, $600 total deposit on a 22 day cruise on January 31, 2020 on Zaandam. When my Travel Agent cancelled the original booking Holland America told her that the cancellation fee was $600 each. This was 80 days prior to the cruise. The price drop was about $1500 each so I went ahead and cancelled and rebooked and got an $1800 refund. My research shows that HAL's policy for cancelling after final payment and 80 days prior to the cruise should be losing the deposit of $300 each, not $600 each. Am I miss reading the policy? I plan on asking HAL about this in a letter but thought others on this board might like to know and comment. Thanks, Deanl
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