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  1. 36 days for me...... now what?! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. I do have a cruise booked on Panorama in April. Along with a week of travel beforehand in California. So I’m watching very closely and am leaning towards rescheduling. With their debarkation delay today I’m hoping it’s nothing serious. I get that my view is lopsided and I just always tend to err on the side of caution. I also can’t help but think about the crew on all of these ships that are at a greater risk than all of us. Because of the thousands of passengers rotating in and out each week on these ships and then being stuck on the ship I’m sure they’re all terrified being so far from h
  3. But at what cost? They have to know that lives being lost is likely if they continue to sail. I think it’s just a matter of days before we are discussing multiple ships affected. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. What’s the atmosphere like among the passengers? This seems very chaotic and concerning. What might be the hold up with customs? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. This is probably a better way to ask my questions above. What can’t we use it for? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. I have a few OBC questions as I’ve never had this much before and am wondering how we are going to use it all. We always get Cheers and aren’t gamblers so we spend very little once we get on board. We’ve already booked excursions and specialty dining. Below are some options I’m thinking about Can we use it to purchase Cheers once we get on board? (I know the price goes up but if our OBC covers 80% of the cost then it doesn’t matter) OR Can it somehow be used to tip the crew? If I sign my receipt for any drink we get with a decent tip will it come out of OBC? I’d love to tip them a signific
  7. That was me! Thank you so much for the picture. Very helpful! Do you know if the San Benedetto is included in Cheers? Sparkling mineral water has extra minerals like magnesium and potassium. The Bubly stuff is good too but is just flavored water with bubbles. My understanding anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Thank you for taking so much time to share so much info with us! I just created a new thread to ask a question I probably should have posted here. I’ve read that whatever Pepsi’s sparkling mineral water is wont be included in the Cheers package on Panorama. Have you encountered that yet? I always got Perrier at just about any bar on Vista and Horizon but not sure since the switch to Pepsi. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. In the past Perrier sparkling mineral water was included in the Cheers package. We'd often order one with every alcoholic beverage to stay hydrated. Since the switch to Pepsi, I don't believe Perrier is offered anymore and I've also read in a few random places that whatever the Pepsi equivalent is will not be included in Cheers. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have a cruise coming up in the next few weeks on the Panorama and I'd love to know. I don't care what brand the sparkling mineral water is, just wondering if it is still included in Cheers. Also, is Carnival bottled water
  10. You are correct. I just went and checked that email and it does say 1/19/20 at the very bottom. When we upgraded over the phone our agent told confirmed the payment due date remained 2/3/20, which caused lots of confusion. But we were able to pay the balance in time and all is well. Thanks for the assistance here!
  11. Is the Havana area open to Havana guests 24/7? If not, what are the hours?
  12. This morning I got an email that I thought was fake telling me my cruise was about to be canceled due to non payment because we missed the final payment date of 1/19/20. I logged in to carnival to check as well and it was saying the same thing! The final payment date has always been 2/3/20 and we had it paid off until we decided to upgrade our cabin a few weeks ago so we had a balance again. Thankfully I saw the email in time and we were able to login and pay the remainder. This could have been very bad if I didn’t see that email! Has this happened to anyone else? Why would Carnival do that?
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