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  1. No unfortunately. Transfers have to be booked additionally, and the cost varies depending on the distances from port to airport. Our Rome airport to Civitavecchia transfer is more than double the transfer cost from Barcelona port to the airport next July.
  2. We are doing the 14 day cruise starting 9 July so are relieved, but feel for those who got bumped off!
  3. I flew to Madrid two weeks ago and completed the Spanish Health form prior to leaving the UK. It was easy to complete on line, and inspected together with my vaccination record when I landed.
  4. After two Baltic cruises we're done with that region but Stockholm and the archipelago will be missed. Cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean is our favourite and never tire of it.
  5. Our first Princess cruise was on Grand in 2006, Absolutely fantastic compared to P&O. Make sure you visit the International Cafe and sample their daily desserts. The Tiramisu in a glass is amazing!
  6. My favourite is Princess but we cruised last month on Celebrity Silhouette and had a fantastic time and the Edge class ships are fabulous. However, Celebrity is more expensive and their cruise durations don't match our desire for 14 night cruises. We also love to dance Ballroom/Latin and Princess give us far more opportunities than Celebrity.
  7. I have actually had two people comment on my Celebrity logo'd mask whilst in checkout queues.
  8. Got the wine from the deck bar on the opposite side to the Burger/hotdog Bar. I'm never one for waiting for a server to come around. Much prefer to go to any bar myself
  9. We spent most of the afternoon at Invergordon in the Sky lounge seated looking over the bow last month. It is so much better than Reflection with its full width and wide angle views. Had the weather been better I wouldn't have bothered but glad I did now. Four glasses of red wine later it would be rude not to have a power nap too!
  10. We danced ballroom and Latin on Royal Princess in the atrium and intend to do the same on Regal next summer. If the music is right then we'll be on the floor, particularly if it's a good swing number to Foxtrot to. Not always a pretty sight after a few drinks though, but I don't give a monkeys! Shame they stopped the Ballroom Blitz competitions a few years back.
  11. The complimentary Celebrity masks given to us were a silky cloth with a lining. Very comfortable to wear too.
  12. If Princess has the same policy as Celebrity then wearing a mask is no big deal. We sailed around the UK last month and it was as near normal to pre Covid cruising. People congregated around the main atrium bar drinking and chatting with no masks. No enforcement either. You put the mask back on to go to the restroom and off when you returned. Everyone adhered walking inside the ship and in the theatre. Out on deck some kept masks on until they sat down somewhere. In the MDR we were sat socially distanced and all the crew keep their masks on everywhere. You get so used to chatting with the crew whilst speaking through masks you stop noticing they are there. If masking wearing continues to be a requirement for the foreseeable future then it’s fine by me
  13. We had Nicolas Feuillatte champagne on Silhouette last month. Make sure you ask for champagne by name other they will sneak you a glass of Chateau De Gangway. The nickname given by the crew for this flavoured fizzy water excuse for champagne!
  14. I was reliably informed that Dan was let go following an incident on board. Crew have to adhere to strict protocols regardless of their position. As Lewis lives in the USA he couldn't board Silhouette straightaway following Dan's dismissal.
  15. On our recent Celebrity Silhouette UK cruise we were given a really nice cloth mask for free. Navy blue with Celebrity Cruises and X logo printed to one side. I hope Princess do the same!
  16. Personally I prefer Lewis. We first met him on Reflection in 2018 and he was very visible and energetic, Unlike Maarten on our Edge inaugural who was Mr Invisible. He delegated a lot of his work to the Activities Manager, Valentina (my DD). Needless to say he didn't last long as CD after! Lewis worked tirelessly on our August Silhouette cruise. He was on the gangway and said goodbye to everyone that debarked the ship too
  17. Capacity on our August Silhouette sailing wasn't just limited for Covid safety. Crew numbers were down so it was not possible to have a full ship even if the demand was there.
  18. We never got a bill in Murano's on the two occasions we dined there the other week on Silhouette.
  19. On our Celebrity Silhouette cruise around the UK it felt almost normal. All crew wore masks 24/7 which you got so used to seeing I stopped noticing. The bars were busy for pre dinner drinks with no noticeable social distancing. We just chatted with anyone nearby. It was easy to forget to put your mask back on though when you went off to the bathroom. No group tables in the MDR unless you were in the same bubble. People were spaced away from each other too. As the ship did not have a full complement of crew, passenger numbers were limited to 1,000. Loads of spare seats around the ship but it never felt deserted. The last night extravaganza in the Grand Foyer was pretty amazing. The entertainers lead by the CD did a fantastic job and a great end to our 6 night cruise.
  20. I’d forgotten the trio of butter choices you get in the MDR. So nice to see and taste them again on the freshly baked bread served to us on Silhouette two weeks ago.
  21. Our Enchanted Princess cruise was cancelled three times. This has ultimately lead to us getting $600 in OBC for our Regal cruise next summer. The best thing though was the price. We have paid almost £2,000 less compared with the price asked at the time of the transfer. Happy days!
  22. We ate twice in Murano’s during our Silhouette cruise two weeks ago. Absolutely fantastic service and food. Never gave it a thought to tip extra and on the second visit we were treated like royalty with the same table assigned to us as requested. Obviously I gave them a 10 and mentioned the servers names in our cruise questionnaire.
  23. It’s beyond me why some people will bother to count who is wearing a tuxedo on a chic night! Then there are others who want to give a percentage on the low uptake of those wishing to dress up on chic nights. Could it be jealously or an inferiority complex? I dress up, not just on chic nights, because my wife loves to. Pure and simple. I don’t give a monkeys what others choose to wear. On our Edge inaugural cruise I took two Tuxedos regardless of the aircraft hold luggage allowance. Another subject that produces pathetic excuses IMHO.
  24. On our 31 July cruise the Chic night was on the second night. Including myself I saw many men in dinner suits, but I wasn’t bothered about percentages. I dress up to compliment my wife’s attire. It would be rude to ignore the fact that she loves dressing up, and not just on chic nights.
  25. Celebrity have chic nights. On our Silhouette cruise the other week around the UK people dressed up so it was no less formal compared with Princess. Regardless of what people may claim on CC about percentages wearing Tux's it will never stop me. It's not that difficult surely to dress smartly for a change to compliment your wife/partner's attire!
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