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  1. You got as close as you could at accusing him......just didn't have the guts to say it straight out! The young man is 6ft 8 I am pretty sure he gets attention no matter what he wears......
  2. First, do not put a lot of weight in negative comments about the sunshine....we have sailed her several times, is the buffet crowded at peak hours yes, is the comedy club poorly designed yep....but we have never thought it to be any worse crowded than any other ships we have cruised.... Second...I think the week prior to Thanksgiving break will be fine....
  3. That sounds reasonable and completely normal to me....
  4. https://www.portbermudawebcam.com
  5. Fun shop purchases do show up on your booking summary.....I just checked mine.
  6. Last night of cruise go to casino transfer funds to player bank..play as little or as much as you want on the slots, then cash out at casino....
  7. Some of you have no idea about current labor laws....not to mention the Union contract! They are in fact longshoreman and they are on the clock.....if ANYTHING is moved in or out of port a longshoreman handles it....I still tip a buck or 2 per bag...also anytime tipping comes up in a topic nearly everyone are big tippers...
  8. How does a user go about contacting the forum admin? Most forums make it easy for members to contact either the admins or mods....maybe I'm having a senior moment and don't see how..... Thanks
  9. As you can see from jamman54 pics, Ecstasy smoking area allows us lowly smokers to still be part of the party...and the drink servers work the area same as if you were on the lido....
  10. You will find that very few have a sense of humor here when smoking is the subject😲
  11. Here is what we do...I purchase 100 bucks of cruise cash from my CCL account, then when I catch gs with no line I add gift card , then last night of cruise I transfer all of my SS to players bank in casino, play a little then cash out.....
  12. I had a older very wise Dr. tell me years ago Nearly anything in moderation is not a problem.....But most things in excess will become an issue...... That holds true when it comes to many more things than drugs/alcohol
  13. In reality any studies done on the possible benefits is meaningless as I am sure you know The Feds have marijuana listed as a class one drug....That listing forbids any meaningful federal acknowledged testing. But really there is no sense trying to discuss something with someone who obviously has an agenda... your long winded diatribe pretty much proves that..... The fact is back in the day the only option was to smoke it....Now there are a hundred different ways to use it without anyone being the wiser...You can make your own gel caps for crying out loud.
  14. I am pretty sure as long as he has his documents and boards with an adult it's ok....
  15. Complicated mechanical systems seem to be more problematic...be it a ship or 18 seer heat pump for your house..technology comes at a price and it's usually dependability..
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