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  1. This post made me laugh because I just said something similar to my teen tonight about her abusing the privilege I gave her to sometimes use my car. This is also how my parents spoke to me and if the debate gets heated enough, still do. That's when I like to ask them how old they think I am. The response is normally "It doesn't matter you're still my child" I like to respond with "How does it feel to have a child that's pushing half a century?"
  2. Don't consume more calories then you use.
  3. This is our first Christmas cruise. Santa already came, but I have 3 teens and between school, sports, jobs and appointments, in order for us all to be together, we had to do it this weekend. The only gift they will get on the ship is a small OBC.
  4. Perks are not earned. You earned money and then spent it on a cruise. You pay for your vacation and anything that's thrown in as an extra is at the discretion of the company and this is true for any vacation not just cruises. It's a loyalty program designed to keep customers coming back, but it's not a right and it's not owed to you unless it's specifically stated in the contract you signed. If you are not happy with the vacation you receive for the price you paid, you have the right to spend your money somewhere else. This is true for any transaction.
  5. Kids get their own cruise compass with kids club activities delivered to their stateroom.
  6. I refused to take my kids on a cruise when they were toddlers, but that's because my oldest is only 11 months older then my twins. There was no way I was bringing 3 or even 2 that were not fully toilet trained, meaning they didn't need my help at all in the bathroom, on a cruise. We did go on vacation, but they were shorter trips and much less expensive then a cruise. With 3 so close, I didn't feel like it would be relaxing at all. I have a BIL who took his wife and 2 kids on a cruise while the youngest was 3 still in diapers and regretted it. The 3 year old wouldn't remember anything a
  7. We are booked in 2 adjacent cabins on Anthem. Parents in one, 3 teens (all under 18) in the other. The cabins are adjacent, but not connecting. We were prepared to book 1 adult in each cabin, but when my husband called, the Royal agent suggested we book the teens together since it's allowed as long as the cabins are adjacent or directly across the hall. For your situation, you could book 2 adjacent cabins. Have 1 adult and 3 kids split between these 2 cabins. Book a 3rd cabin nearby with 1 adult and 1 kid. That would satisfy Royal's booking requirements. When you get on board, get
  8. No one is refusing to dress formal as a way to rebel against suggestions. People are not dressing formal because they don't want to and there is no requirement to do so. Society changes with time. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Better or worse is often just an opinion.
  9. I'm not. I haven't been on a ton of cruises. One had an adult area sun deck with a couple hot tubs, a bar and a salad bar. It was the most crowed area on the ship. The one time I stood in line for a salad, all I heard from fellow passengers was complaining. I took my salad and ate on another deck where it was quiet. Not that I would have been able to get a seat on the adult deck anyway. The hot tubs were packed to the gills during the day, but empty at night. My husband and I would go there at 11pm and watch all the men come up one by one and place their towel/book/flipflops on chairs
  10. I don't think anyone forgets. I know I haven't. My teens don't want to hang around an area built for "cranky old people" anyway. I just think that if the main pool is crowded and the solarium pool is empty, the solarium pool should be opened up for all ages. An adult only sundeck would be sufficient if it seems the adults would rather use the main pool over the solarium pool.
  11. All, I'm saying is that if the main pool is surrounded by adults and the solarium pool is empty then why should that empty pool not be opened up for all ages? I understand wanting an adult only area on vacation. Sometimes, I prefer that too. I don't understand why someone would choose a mass market cruise line with a flowrider, rock wall, bumper cars, video games, water slides, etc., geared towards kids, expect there be an adults only pool and then not use it. Adult only areas don't need to contain a pool is no one is going to use it.
  12. There was one cruise we were on where the indoor solarium pool was empty. We never saw anyone in it. I thought it was a waste of space to have an adult pool if no one was going to use it. A quiet adult area, yes, but in my experience, adult areas aren't always quiet anyway. It depends on the line and the ship. Why not open all the pools to all ages and have an adult only hour or adult swim for 10 min every hour like they do at some swim clubs? I'm all for an adult only hot tub though or at least old enough to sit still and not swim around in it like it's a pool.
  13. Having 2 that will turn 16 a few days into the cruise and 1 that will turn 17 in Jan, I can say from my own observation with my own kids and their friends that traveling in large packs is not as common in this age group as it was in the 12-14 year range. At this age, they have the handful of friends they prefer to hang out with who share the same interests and they are much more subdued when together in their small like minded groups as they were a few years ago. My boys will likely have no interest in the solarium. They will either be on the sports court or eating. My daughter will spend
  14. It's what you wear from ear to ear and not from head to toe that matters
  15. I would give the same freedoms and rules I give at home. Stay in public, populated areas. Set a curfew and enforce it. Ours is when the teen club closes or there are no more appropriate activities for the night, it's back to the cabin, unless they are with a parent. Never invite anyone into her cabin and don't go into anyone else's cabin. Have her go to the teen club on the first night. Choose a ship where there are many activities in public spaces outside the teen club she can attend with her new friends.
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