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  1. westcoastcruiser

    Pickleball on the Eurodam?

    https://www.places2play.org/city/henderson-nevada this link lists places to play in Henderson (which is where you will be close to) and gives details on indoor/outdoor options. yes, it is a fun and addicting sport!
  2. westcoastcruiser

    Pickleball on the Eurodam?

    Rob-Bob...it was set up on the sport deck and I do not recall the wind being an issue. But I live in Las Vegas where the winter wind is something we contend with regularly as I play outdoors. Paddles and balls are provided but they were "very used" so we were glad we had our own. Pickleball play was scheduled for a certain time in the daily cruise news which enabled us to meet other players and then arrange play on our own. There were some good players on our cruise! The court is permanently set up. I don't recall any tournaments being played...and we definitely played while cruising. There is a net of sorts that tends to block the wind but, again, like I said I do not recall it impacting our play. Hope this answers some of your questions.
  3. westcoastcruiser

    Pickleball on the Eurodam?

    I know it was on the Oosterdam when we cruised last year. Took my paddle and played a few games.
  4. westcoastcruiser

    Hotel rec in San Diego & where to store car during cruise

    Was going to recommend Best Western Yacht Harbor and then I saw Karen beat me to it. It is always our place to stay. Cannot beat the location, price and convenience of their parking garage. Like Karen, we use their shuttle to the port and then take a taxi back to the hotel. We have used them for long and medium length cruises and have been consistently pleased. They do provide a breakfast but we usually go elsewhere as the breakfast room is small and cramped. That is the only negative thing I can say about the place.
  5. westcoastcruiser

    Pacific Ocean weather in February (San Diego to Hawaii)

    No, I don't think so. We left from different ports (San Diego vs LA) in different months (beginning of January, end of February). Not sure where the other person resides but I live in the desert so my thermometer may register differently.
  6. westcoastcruiser

    Pacific Ocean weather in February (San Diego to Hawaii)

    We cruised last January San Diego to Hawaii. San Diego was cold and rainy and we had very cool weather for 2-3 days leaving and returning to San Diego.
  7. westcoastcruiser

    Which HAL Ship and Itinerary would you pick?

    We did the SE Asia on Azamara from Singapore to Hong Kong. Really enjoyed it. Also did Australia and NZ on land. Very different but equally enjoyable. Agree with suggestion of which one to do first...both itineraries are worth doing.
  8. Same for me. Excruciatingly slow.
  9. westcoastcruiser

    Alaska/Yukon 2020

    Thank you! Will keep an eye out for them the beginning of next year.
  10. westcoastcruiser

    Alaska/Yukon 2020

    Does anyone know when the Alaska/Denali/Yukon land/cruise packages will be released for 2020? Some shorter cruises are out but not the land/cruise?
  11. westcoastcruiser

    Koningsdam Aft Facing Balcony Cat VS

    I think it depends on where you are sailing. They are protected from the wind so if the sun is beating down in the direction of your balcony and there is no overhang, it can be warm. We try to get one that is partially covered.
  12. westcoastcruiser

    Any 2020 Alaska cruises 21 days in length

    Thank you utahtea...I was afraid of that. It looks perfect and a SF start/end is a dream come true. Fingers crossed that they decide to schedule it for 2020. I keep checking their website. Seems like other HAL Alaska itineraries are missing too so one can only hope there will be another release.
  13. I see some Alaska cruises are out for 2020 I do not see any that are 21 days long. Most are 7 days in length with a few 14 days long. There are 21 day cruises for 2019 but that won’t work for us. Anyone know if there will be 21 day cruises but that they have not been released yet?
  14. westcoastcruiser

    Tendering in Flam

    Thank you Capt BJ and Ine. Appreciate the information and photos. I feel better and more confident we will be on time for our train reservation.
  15. westcoastcruiser

    Tendering in Flam

    We are scheduled to tender in Flam arriving at 8 a.m. We have tickets for the rail at 9:45 a.m. I am not sure how long the tender ride is. Can anyone tell me what their past experience was at this port? How far is it to the train from where the tenders dock? Thank you.