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  1. westcoastcruiser

    Koningsdam Aft Facing Balcony Cat VS

    I think it depends on where you are sailing. They are protected from the wind so if the sun is beating down in the direction of your balcony and there is no overhang, it can be warm. We try to get one that is partially covered.
  2. westcoastcruiser

    Any 2020 Alaska cruises 21 days in length

    Thank you utahtea...I was afraid of that. It looks perfect and a SF start/end is a dream come true. Fingers crossed that they decide to schedule it for 2020. I keep checking their website. Seems like other HAL Alaska itineraries are missing too so one can only hope there will be another release.
  3. I see some Alaska cruises are out for 2020 I do not see any that are 21 days long. Most are 7 days in length with a few 14 days long. There are 21 day cruises for 2019 but that won’t work for us. Anyone know if there will be 21 day cruises but that they have not been released yet?
  4. westcoastcruiser

    Tendering in Flam

    Thank you Capt BJ and Ine. Appreciate the information and photos. I feel better and more confident we will be on time for our train reservation.
  5. westcoastcruiser

    Tendering in Flam

    We are scheduled to tender in Flam arriving at 8 a.m. We have tickets for the rail at 9:45 a.m. I am not sure how long the tender ride is. Can anyone tell me what their past experience was at this port? How far is it to the train from where the tenders dock? Thank you.
  6. westcoastcruiser

    Pet Peeves

    Don’t forget “boat” instead of “ship” 😣
  7. westcoastcruiser

    Use Avalon trip insurance or arrange our own?

    Yes, that is a good point. However, in my case, the claim was complicated and to be able to explain certain facts over the phone would have facilitated the process. Instead the examiner kept asking for things already submitted or that did not exist. Glad to hear that my situations may not represent the norm and that you were successful working with them. Just the same, after two frustrating, exhausting and lengthy claims, I will chose an insurance company that does not employ Trip Mate.
  8. westcoastcruiser

    Use Avalon trip insurance or arrange our own?

    My only addition to the existing comments is Avalon’s use of Trip Mate as their claims administrator. I purchased two different policies not knowing, at the time, that Trip Mate did the claims processing. In my opinion, they are extremely challenging to work with. In the trip insurance section on CC you may want to do a search and read past comments..a couple of which may be mine. i had to file two significant claims with them and it was gruelling with the process lasting longer than 3 months. There is no way to contact them by phone; it is done only by email and that is never with the person handling your claim. Multiple repeat requests for information previously submitted were made. I could go on and on. maybe others have had better experiences with them but I vowed to never purchase a policy that includes them.
  9. westcoastcruiser

    Cyber Monday Sale - What will it be?

    It was a long phone call - about an hour - but called our big box TA...who had to call HAL.. but got the prepaid gratuities and beverage card added to our two cruises for next year . Ours was a case where there was a tiny rise in price which we had to incur. But the math was in our favor so well worth the time.
  10. westcoastcruiser

    Nynashamn, Sweden

    Definitely travel to Stockholm. We also docked at Nynashamn and were disappointmented to have to be bussed into Stockholm but it is truly worth it. Vasa museum alone is worth the trek.
  11. westcoastcruiser

    Alaska 2020 now posted to HAL website

    Yes, that is what my post said....Maasdam is scheduled for 2019 and I was hoping to schedule for 2020 but do not see any 21 day cruises listed.
  12. westcoastcruiser

    Alaska 2020 now posted to HAL website

    Don’t see any 21 day Alaska cruises currently been done by the Maasdam during 2019. We were hoping to do a 21 day in 2020. I hope they are yet to be released.
  13. westcoastcruiser

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    Nuku Hiva, ironically, is the port I was referring to with HAL cautioning it may not be appropriate for those with mobility issues. We saw many disregard the warning which not only endangered themselves and those assisting but also significantly slowed the tender process.
  14. westcoastcruiser

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    And we have been at a tender port where passengers were advised on the ship if they have mobility issues it is recommended they stay on board because of difficulty with swells and required steps to exit. Yet have observed passengers ignoring that advice and relying on crew to almost lift them off the tender and up steps to reach the port.
  15. westcoastcruiser

    HAL Flight Site Question

    I am in the same situation so would appreciate your coming back and letting us know. I, too, am afraid to go to the flight ease site and check. Fortunately I am happy with our flights and price but would still be curious. I recall reading that same post about someone accidentally cancelling their flight when returning to the site.