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  1. westcoastcruiser

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    Nuku Hiva, ironically, is the port I was referring to with HAL cautioning it may not be appropriate for those with mobility issues. We saw many disregard the warning which not only endangered themselves and those assisting but also significantly slowed the tender process.
  2. westcoastcruiser

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    And we have been at a tender port where passengers were advised on the ship if they have mobility issues it is recommended they stay on board because of difficulty with swells and required steps to exit. Yet have observed passengers ignoring that advice and relying on crew to almost lift them off the tender and up steps to reach the port.
  3. westcoastcruiser

    HAL Flight Site Question

    I am in the same situation so would appreciate your coming back and letting us know. I, too, am afraid to go to the flight ease site and check. Fortunately I am happy with our flights and price but would still be curious. I recall reading that same post about someone accidentally cancelling their flight when returning to the site.
  4. westcoastcruiser

    Bruges to Brussels

    We actually purposely traveled to Brugges. Loved it! Was a favorite. Walked around the town and had a belgian waffle, chocolate. Delightful city!
  5. westcoastcruiser

    hydrofoil to Petergof

    I guess it depends. Our ride was rather rough. No one got sick but it was not an especially smooth ride.
  6. westcoastcruiser

    Trip insurance what to buy?

    Highly recommend this....can learn a lot from people’s past experiences.
  7. westcoastcruiser

    Scandinavian cruises

    We did b2b Baltic and transAtlantic on HAL Eurodam. Enabled us to stop at Greenland and Iceland as well as some Canadian ports. Was a fabulous cruise. It is a long day if you try to include Berlin; because of that we chose not to do it. Tallin, st Petersburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Belgium, Helsinki all great!
  8. westcoastcruiser

    Europe flights are finally booked!

    SMH.....I think this post sums it up. I know if I was the TA I would be considering a career change. And whatever commission she got, it likely was no where near enough.
  9. westcoastcruiser

    Viking Final Payment Date Policy Change

    That plus the fee they charge if you cancel well before final payment would make me reconsider.
  10. westcoastcruiser

    San Diego hotels

    This is where we consistently stay. Short, free shuttle to the port. Very good parking on-site and convenient to restaurants. Free breakfast included and recently remodeled rooms.
  11. westcoastcruiser

    Buffet etiquette

    Totally and completely agree with you! 99% of the people in line likely know what they want but follow proper etiquette and wait their turn.
  12. westcoastcruiser

    Norway (Geirangerfjord)

    My thought exactly 👍
  13. westcoastcruiser

    I want to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, HOW???

    We did a Viking River cruise that was perfect! We walked the Great Wall, saw the warriors up close and personal, visited Shanghi and Hong Kong. Viking handled all of this seamlessly. We have traveled the world both on land and by cruising and I cannot recommend Viking’s River cruise highly enough. They have perfected China.
  14. westcoastcruiser

    Trip Mate insurance for canceled Viking cruise

    If you do a search you will see my comments detailing my experience with Trip Mate in the past. I explicitly avoid any company that uses them for claims processing.
  15. westcoastcruiser


    Hotel Jazz....great location...liked everything about it, especially the rooftop deck!