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  1. Yes. There is a form you fill out and submit. We scanned and emailed ours. Piece of cake!
  2. I agree with all the points you made. It's probably unreasonable for O to announce in the middle of a Tokyo to Singapore cruise that they won't be going to Singapore or on to Sydney; but, rather, they're diverting to Hawaii. Planning ahead I'd like to see them cancel the entire :Circle the Pacific" series of cruises with Regatta and instead divert to a series of California Coastal/West Coast to Hawaii cruises or something similar. Announcing that in September or so and offering all of us displaced a "move over" might minimize the pain for both O and their clientele. Greg
  3. I agree, many of us have had to execute Plan B (or C, D, or E) due to post embarkation itinerary changes/delays. However, I was thinking more down the line of either Oceania or Oz pulling the plug on several weeks worth of sailings. First, there are cruises to cancel and then maybe cruises to quickly add. If Japan, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand are still closed to cruise ships in, say, October, does Oceania cnx those cruises and quickly market 28 day South Pacific cruises out of LA/SD/Ensenada? Or 15 day R/Ts to Hawaii? Bottom line is I have a Plan B (I don't like it, bu
  4. The R/T to South Pacific from west coast would be attractive to us; but, too long for our kids who are still working. I was sort of hoping that Regatta made it to Singapore and then if Oz is still shut down, go VFR Direct to Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa, and FP. Amending schedules earlier could allow for a LA/SD/Ensenada to FP cruise preceding the current set of FP cruises in February and March. I'm wondering if most of the Med itineraries can be "easily" adapted to safety concerns at that time. In the Pacific, the distances and logistical issues just seem so much g
  5. Looking at Regatta as an example: she's supposed to go from Singapore to Australia in November 2021, spend a couple of months in and around Australia-New Zealand, and then off to French Polynesia in February. If Australia/New Zealand remains closed to cruise ships this winter, what will/can Oceania do? I admit that I know absolutely NOTHING about the logistical or administrative challenges if rerouting a cruise ship "on the fly." My interest is tied to a FP cruise scheduled for March. I assume similar issues may arise with other Oceania ships and itineraries.
  6. So,TBK, have you got a sense of the on time performance of the 3 West Coast -PPT (UA: SFO-PPT, ATN: LAX-PPT, & AF: LAX-PPT) flight options? I've heard the AF is sometimes 10-12 hours late.
  7. OK, thanks. Our cruise departs at 2300 for Raiatea. So, the ATN scheduled flights that arrive at 2230, cut it a bit close and I would rather not come in a whole day early. That's why I was considering the Delta/AF flight. That said, 18 hours late is a bit too much risk.
  8. Can you tell us the gist of some of the Air France horror stories please? Service? plane delays? condition of aircraft? Seating? etc. Not a Delta or AF standard bearer; but, I do like thst the AF flights is scheduled for a early morning arrival and we (tentatively) have a 1300, embarkation time.
  9. If you drill down under "on board experience" eventually you'll get to beverage packages. The only wine package I see there is choosing 7 bottles from a pretty nice selection for $47.50/bottle, all in. I don't know if that equates to a 15% discount, but, might be attractive if you're a wine drinker. Hope that was some help. Greg
  10. USNA 72


    My BIL always asked for 2 Surf 'n' Turf sandwiches; "hold the bread and hold the turf!"
  11. Interesting action UPDATE: A joint statement by Alaska's Congressional Delegation: Alaska Congressional Delegation: Canada Decision to Ban Cruise Ships in Canadian Waters is Unacceptable Washington, DC— The Canadian Minister of Transport, the Honorable Omar Alghabra, announced two new Interim Orders which ban pleasure craft in Canadian Arctic waters and cruise vessels in all Canadian waters until February 28, 2022. The effect of these combined bans will prevent Alaska sailings out of Seattle via Canada. Following the announcement, U.S. Senators
  12. Noodle bar? CC article appears to contradict itself regarding rainbow water show. I assume some things will be or have been changed after being redeployed from Asia to West Coast. Mostly looking forward to friends and family cruise to Alaska. Particular ship is nearly irrelevant. We do have a mini suite with the angled balcony and friends are traveling with 2 adult daughters in wheelchairs so any insights here would be appreciated.
  13. Found this description of Royal Class ships on CC; but, its a bit dated. We're scheduled to sail on Majestic for first time in 2022 and would greatly appreciate any updates/corrections/additions anyoe may have. Thanks, Greg https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=4077
  14. I have the same question. We have FCC from a March 2020 cruise that was cancelled. We'll used those credits to book a 2021 cruise to Alaska that was cancelled and now rolling some of them forward to a February 2022 Cruise. We'll have credits left over that I'd like to use in June of 2022.
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