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  1. We did the back stage tour of Cats the last time we were on Oasis. While looking at the sets someone asked if they were built on the ship and I recall they said that the sets were loaded onto the ship via an access opened up in the hull of the ship while in dry dock. With Oasis sized dry docks in short supply after the accident at the Bahamas dry dock perhaps CATS will be around even longer.
  2. I suspected as much but I thought I'd share. BTW I didn't make it through Cats on my first attempt but I'll have a 2rd try if our Oasis cruise in October goes.
  3. My wife was just browsing the Royal C online digital brochure for 2021-22. Page 6 lists the entertainment lineup - Hairspray, Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You,, no Cats listed. Might be a deal breaker for me.
  4. It says BOGO 60 which is a nice surprise. Thanks for the info. James
  5. Is there a way to get it verified as a refundable fare is it's priced the same for both? Should we call?
  6. Thanks for this. We booked a 4B balcony but I don't see where the Refundable option for the deposit is. Is it based on specific cabins within the category?
  7. Yes - per cabin and our balcony discount is $100 US for Platinum.
  8. Hi, This cruise comes up at a good price and the you pick option is much less than the they pick. Got an aft balcony for $1298 Cd. Could have had an ocean view for under $1000.
  9. Thanks mosherrskl - How is Syracuse these days? Really missed our annual visit to The Fair last year. I'm in Kingston.
  10. I work at KGH as well. Weather looks OK for travelling. Good luck with your appointment.
  11. Do you drive straight through? I have to take 2 days. Daytona Beach is 20 hrs for us.
  12. I'm in Kingston which is 30 minutes from the Thousand Islands so it's pretty easy for us to hit the duty free and cross.
  13. Hi, I've drove to Florida many times but I teach at a college and cruise during the reading week in February thus the need to fly if we book a Florida cruise. We have a cruise booked in May of 2022 on Explorer out of Miami which we'll be driving to.
  14. Thanks for the replies. The FCC makes sense. I'd be happy to do that. We are still going back and forth on this one. We had the ocean view room on Empress with the little extra room that everyone wants when they book Empress. Because of that on Allure they let us book the Ocean View room at the front with the slanted window. Love those rooms. The price we paid is $1600C for 8 nights which is a great price so I hate to give it up but I also hate all the extra charges and the issues with flying - parking in TO, baggage fees, transport to and from the hotel to the cruise port etc. All those movin
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