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  1. Hi Can anyone advise me about the oceanview cabins on the Rotterdam or the Veendam? Have the bathrooms been upgraded to the floor to ceiling showers, and has the TV system been upgraded to the interactive systems like on the Volendam? We’re considering a transatlantic voyage on the Rotterdam or Veendam, and the upgrades will be an important factor in our decision- thanks!
  2. Hi there We are long time HAL cruisers, and are considering an Azamara cruise. Can anybody that has sailed both lines give us a short comparison? Thanks!
  3. Thanks to those who have answered- we’re presently on the Volendam and all the rooms have remodeled bathrooms with showers, and all the rooms have interactive TVs... same class of ship, same size as the Zaandam and Amsterdam, so it’s a question of HAL priorities. We love the upgrades!
  4. We’re considering a 2021 sailing of the MS Zaandam, and are wondering if she has had the upgrades we’re enjoying on the MS Volendam? We’re really liking the interactive TVs and the showers are wonderful! Can any recent cruisers help us with this information? Thanks.
  5. We ordered one from ship's services for a cruise last Christmas on the Koningsdam. They'll help you out with this.
  6. First time Mariners can also attend the luncheon. Just bring your friends with you. We've never been asked our cabin number, and we've never had to show an invitation on 11 different cruises.
  7. chrismch- you don't get a choice, if you want to book a segment of the world cruise. you can only book a guarantee. and it doesn't look, right now, that HAL is booking segments of the 2021 World Cruise. We did a 28 day segment of the 2019 world cruise, and it was a wonderful experience!
  8. "nothing worthwhile until you get to 4*; I guess I got ripped off when I got a 25% reduction in the prices of my wine packages and meals in the Pinnacle and Tamarind, while I was a 3 star... if you don't use the benefits you've earned, they are worthless. Perhaps you don't get those benefits on a LRBC? Call me confused.
  9. My wife and I have seen both Step 1 shows, on the Koningsdam, with the huge background screens, and on the Eurodam with a more abbreviated screen. We enjoyed both venues, and the dancers were very talented. I look forward to seeing their other shows as well. We've got a big upcoming cruise on the Volendam, and we'll be excited to see the changes post dry dock!
  10. OK, I guess I need to give a little more information. The Mainstage on the Volendam, right now, is also called the BB King Blues Club, on the nights that they don't have traditional entertainment. The Mainstage is still going to be there after the dry dock, but it is being converted to a large LED screen theater, preparing for the arrival of the Step 1 dance company, which should be joining the ship some time after the dry dock. This is information gleaned from Ian, the current CD on the Volendam. Oh, and he'll be continuing on the ship at least through the Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage in January. The shows will be similar to those on the Koningsdam and New Statendam- and the Step 1 Dancers we've seen have been very good and entertaining.
  11. Just got off the Volendam, and they DID have a BB King Blues Club, in the space normally called the Mainstage. That is going away during the dry dock starting at the end of this week. Just an FYI.
  12. Got off the Volendam on October 1st, and Ian, the CD said they'd be remodeling the mainstage (also called the BB King Blues Club) to put in the large screens and Step 1 dancers are coming as well. The Piano Bar will be altered to allow for more guests to enjoy the show. Oh yeah, and the bathrooms, at least on the Dolphin deck, have been remodeled at some time in the recent past, with wonderful floor to ceiling showers. She was in fine shape, not certain they needed to make any updates.
  13. By all means, if you want an active pool, book a Christmas cruise on the Koningsdam. Loud music, and 'marco polo" for endless hours, over and over and over. We couldn't stay anywhere near that pool, the kids chased us away. No more Pinnacle Class ships, and no more Christmas cruises for us. There are plenty of other cruise lines that have active pools... use them.
  14. We recently cruised on the final segments of the Grand World Voyage; the contrast between that cruise and all the other HAL cruises we've done was significant to us. The additional lectures, the watercolor classes, the arts and crafts classes, the different stations in the Lido all were very special. But the SERVICE was incredible. All HAL staff are friendly, but the attention to detail, staff introducing themselves and remembering names- that made an outstanding difference in our experience. One gets "spoiled" on a Grand Voyage, and now I'm wondering how our recent experience will compare when we get on the Eurodam in a few weeks! We enjoyed the Grand World so much that we booked the Grand South America and Antarctica for next year while we were on the World Voyage! B2B trips are special- but not quite like a Grand Voyage. Whatever you choose to do, savor the journey!
  15. On most HAL ships, the Bridge sits under the front half of the fitness center, where the treadmills usually sit. Shouldn't be much trouble with noise in the nearby cabins.
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