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  1. I am so happy that the vaccinated have to wear mask too. They always said they wear their mask for you. The unvaccinated will feel a whole lot safer this way
  2. I don’t see that anywhere but have read it here before. Not sure how true it is.
  3. At the specialty restaurants, Do you add your extra tip to the receipt or give cash to your server?
  4. If you feel it’s too risky, simple just cancel. The cruise ships are no fun with people who are negative nellies
  5. A great business decision. All those other lines who have people that can’t get vaccinated will now run to RCL!
  6. Well what do you know. They’re charging the vaccinated extra too. Exactly the way it should be since they are not immune either!l as they believe they are! Where are those laughing and speculating that the unvaccinated will pay thousands extra for testing for a 7day cruise😏
  7. At this point, there is zero chance of a severe outbreak. MSC has been cruising since August with no vaccines. No problems
  8. Take your disgust then to another line. The same amount of people who are dissatisfied equals to the same amount of being happy! You have choices.
  9. Stop the virtue signaling. You have no idea how many people in each port are vaccinated. Same thing when you fly to your embarkation port, hotels, restaurants. You can catch the virus and bring it on the ship, vaccinated or not! You are clearly unhappy and afraid with this latest decision so don’t cruise until you feel safe.
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