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  1. I agree with your statement about Publix, however when the price for the first person is the same as the second person is not really the case. First person price should be 60% higher than the second, not averaged so they are the same.
  2. If that promotion is similar to the BOGO60% offer here in the states it will not really be transparent. Look at it carefully.
  3. The BOGO60% off second person really boarders on fraud since the cost for the first person is not disclosed until after you have worked through the booking process. I have never seen this happen on other cruise lines. There have been many BOGO offers where the first person’s fare is higher with the second person’s fare considerably less. The current promotion is not really transparent or a bargain.
  4. I just canceled a December cruise with Customer Relations so that the FCC sale by date could be extended. It was due to expire if I didn’t sale by February 2021. It is now extended until May 1, 2022.
  5. You should request to speak to Customer Relations and ask for a later expiration date.
  6. We don't know whether or not they have insurance. Obviously they are refunding effected passengers quickly any insurance claim would take longer.
  7. Carnival Corp. has so far estimated that the disease outbreak will cost it $290 million to $342 million if Asia cruises are canceled through April. RCCL said on Feb. 13 that the 18 canceled sailings in Asia as of that date had already cost it $136 million, and it anticipates another $115 million hit to earnings if cruises are canceled through the end of April.
  8. I am not sure who you spoke to from Princess but as a travel agent I have talked to Customer Relations several times for information on two different bookings on the March 1st sailing of the Sapphire canceled by Princess on February 14th. One couple canceled their cruise on February 11th and will be given the same compensation as the couple that had not canceled but was waiting to see what Princess was going to do. A total refund of all money paid to Princess including insurance, plus a 50% future cruise credit has been issued to the couple that had not canceled. The refunds for those who canceled after January 20th will take a few more weeks, future cruise credit of 50% will probably appear in accounts sooner as was the case for those where Princess canceled first. Full refunds will be issued to the credit card(s) used to pay for the cruise.
  9. What is truly disconcerting is that the Princess Website has not been updated today with the most current information. The last update was yesterday.
  10. customerrelations@princesscruises.com?
  11. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  12. Our breakfast service the last morning was painfully slow. The hostess was doing triple duty clearing and setting tables as well as seating guests. There were at least 10 servers but obviously the kitchen was slower than normal. We did have breakfast in the dining room one other morning and the pace was relaxing not nearly as slow.
  13. Not sure why but breakfast was very slow in the dining room yesterday morning. Hopefully the dining room service will improve.
  14. I also agree that steaks in the main dining room were very good. There are too many other options in the TK Grill to have a huge steak that I can't finish. Dover Sole as well as a unique preparation of lobster thermidor are not to be missed, in my opinion.
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