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  1. I believe so, but not for a physical card. The credit would go on your medallion if you are on a medallion class ship or your cruise card; working like a debit card.
  2. Each elite does not get a set up. But in a suite you will get your suite set up and one elite set up.
  3. Alfredos as it exists on the newer Princess ships was not on the Caribbean. It was an area that simply made and served pizza. We often remarked that it would have been nice if it had all of the Alfredo options, but it did not.
  4. Correct that you have to call for the second mini-bar set up. No longer will both setups be in your suite initially.
  5. Thanks Janice. We have "scenic" tours for both Saguenay and Charlottestown. I have contacted Blue Thistle none the less. Given the fact that we are due to arrive at 7AM and knowing that we will not be rushing off the ship (unless on tour) but probably meandering off around 10AM with a 3:30 all aboard, still deciding.
  6. I followed along your "live" thread and learned a lot. We have plans for Saguenay, Charlestown, Bar Harbor and will be meeting friends in Boston. We are planning on Halifax on our own as well as Sydney unless anyone has a "must do" suggestion to Sydney (we have ruled out going to the fort). Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Looking at the current deck plan the area I was referring to is now a shop.
  8. Thank you. Our itinerary (Quebec to NY) does not stop in Charleston. I did learn about the Red Hook ferry reading the posts from your cruise. We will be staying in Manhattan for a few days after the cruise and plan to take the ferry to Wall Street and then Uber to our hotel. Do we need to be concerned about the wait time to tender to Bar Harbor? We are catching a 10am trolley tour. There’s a great deal of discussion as to how early we need to meet to guarantee being on shore at 9:30. Thanks for the HOHO tip in Quebec City. We will be there pre-cruise and will definitely use that to get oriented to the city. Still deciding what if anything to do in Sydney. Is there enough to do if you don’t take a tour? Trying to balance our activities.
  9. Actually that was the cruise we were on not March. We actually commented that it would have been nice to have it converted to Alfredo’s. It was an area tucked away.
  10. We were on the ship right after the dry dock . Sounds like they replaced it sometime afterwards.
  11. There was a Pizza 🍕 oven and tables near Vines on that side of the ship. People brought salads from the IC to have while they were waiting.
  12. When were were on the Caribbean Princess in March there was an area on the opposite side of the ship from the IC that made and saved pizza. Does that still exist?
  13. You might want to factor in the exchange rate. Paying the hotel and transportation costs will be charged in Canadian dollars. The Princess charge is in US dollars.
  14. If you do the math you will find that through Princess you are paying a per person rate for the hotel (standard room), transportation from the airport to the hotel and transportation from the hotel to the ship are included in that rate. Compare that to paying for your own transportation to the hotel, room category of your choice (not at a per person rate but rather a rate for the room), transportation from the hotel to the port when you want to go. I think you will find that you will pay less booking independently.
  15. Ditto. The only worthwhile option is chocolate covered strawberries if they are available.
  16. On two recent cruises there were tables with officers in Club Class dining.
  17. Do you think there is any chance that Princess will extend the expiration date?
  18. If you are boarding in San Francisco , the Ferry Building is close by and you will find some great wine choices.
  19. Have had poutine at a restaurant in north Palm Beach with PEI mussels. We are looking forward to last lobster, mussels and oysters.
  20. We will be on the September 14th cruise and currently are sweltering in south Florida. You had a taste of what we are experiencing when you started your cruise. Daily downpours do not cool it down.
  21. Looks like you are enjoying good weather!
  22. It docked in Brooklyn according to the posts from those on that sailing.
  23. Loyalty point bookings for hotels in New York City and Quebec City are the best way to go. We used our Marriott points for two nights in Quebec City and for three nights in NYC.
  24. Get both! Norman Love was on the Caribbean Princess in March making sure his recipes were made correctly.
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