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  1. We are leaving this Sunday to go on Harmony. We picked Deck 6 as we wanted to be sort of in the middle of the "action" so to speak. Why were you disappointed in Sabor? That was one of the places I was looking forward to, being so close to it. Thanks!
  2. It has disappeared for ours as well. It makes me wonder if it wasn't something they are not offering anymore. If anyone else is on a sailing in June and has it I would love to know. Maybe they abandoned the idea and we will get full day access? I am sure we will have a better idea once it actually opens.
  3. Ours leaves June 2nd and the full day pass is at $70.99. That is a crazy price difference. Hopefully ours gets updated today. I got the half day access when it was available for around $40 so I would be interested in upgrading if it drops. Thanks for the heads up!
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