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  1. We are booked on this ship and would like to add two family members in a new cabin. Unfortunately the ship is sold out. Carnival said there are usually last minute cancellations and if we know who is canceling, we can get that room before it goes back in the line. If anyone has to cancel, we would appreciate the heads up so family can join. Thanks!
  2. I am four nights away from being Platinum and have an upcoming seven night cruise. Carnival said that I would be Platinum for this cruise (since I'll achieve it halfway through the sailing). I know I'll get priority boarding, but will my luggage be delivered to the room early like Faster To The Fun? The last time I had FTTF, my luggage tags had the logo on it, but since I won't start with Platinum, my luggage tags won't be marked with any indication. I asked the Carnival rep, but she did not know. Does anybody know how this works?
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