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  1. We are booked on this ship and would like to add two family members in a new cabin. Unfortunately the ship is sold out. Carnival said there are usually last minute cancellations and if we know who is canceling, we can get that room before it goes back in the line. If anyone has to cancel, we would appreciate the heads up so family can join. Thanks!
  2. I am four nights away from being Platinum and have an upcoming seven night cruise. Carnival said that I would be Platinum for this cruise (since I'll achieve it halfway through the sailing). I know I'll get priority boarding, but will my luggage be delivered to the room early like Faster To The Fun? The last time I had FTTF, my luggage tags had the logo on it, but since I won't start with Platinum, my luggage tags won't be marked with any indication. I asked the Carnival rep, but she did not know. Does anybody know how this works?
  3. Sorry, I thought the picture would show up without having to click it. Just excited to go!!! :D
  4. We are on the Vista next Saturday- eight days from now. Questions: 1. How is the Skyride (bikes)? 2. What movies are playing? 3. With your FTTF, does that give you priority for anytime dining? 4. I've heard you can go to the Havana pool area after 7pm. How is it there?
  5. Edmund, that is a false statement about Papa Johns. I can't believe people think that is true. Everyone knows the helicopters fly the pizza in from Dominos. #CarnivalAvoidTheNoid.
  6. Sid, nice review. Since you are responding tomorrow, I have some questions. 1. Did you ever go to the Havana area after 7pm and if so, how was it? 2. You sure drink a lot...how's the liver holding up? Lol. 3. If you package up your suitcase before the restroom, how did you handle so many public areas including all those tongs at the buffet? 4. Why did you never show your face (just chin and below)?
  7. For those that say "I don't book a cruise to watch tv".....well of course not. However, with so many things to do, we still need some down time and some decent tv channels would help with that. Not all of us want to watch CNN all the time for news. Would also like to relax and watch ESPN without having to go to the sports bar and "hope" I get a seat.
  8. We will be on the Vista in a few months and need some thoughts on excursions. In Curacao, we are there until 10:30pm and excited about our first nighttime port. I have heard that a sunset cruise is not to be missed, and that it's great to just walk around with all the lights there at night and perhaps a local restaurant. Any suggestions for Curacao? The next day we are in Aruba and have heard that Eagle Beach is the place to be. It's my wife, son (19) and daughter (14) with us, so we are good with anything adventurous and fun. (In La Romana, D.R., we have a dune buggy excursion booked so we are all set there). We look forward to the comments from anyone who has been to either (or both) of these places. Thank you. :D
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