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    Urgent help required

    Been to collect the tickets from the travel agents this morning so having had the chance to read all the documents the excitement is starting to really set into both of us today. We're travelling down the night before, catching the 9am train from Woking and aim to be hitting the 'terminal' by 10:30ish ... The letter we have says we can board from 12pm so if we're stuck in traffic it'll not be too bad and if we get there early we can happily wander around and take in the atmosphere ... as you can gather from the thread above I'm used to waiting around where my wife is concerned! :)
  2. LANelson

    Urgent help required

    The only places that we could find were all outside of town so we decided against it. Seeing as how we don’t board till 14:00 we decided that we’d risk driving down to woking and getting the direct train from there. Should be fine – famous last words! It was indeed a fantastic day but you are right, it went so fast. It was only a week ago that I was sat with my best man having a few ‘condemned man’ drinks [his description]. In no time at all the service was there (although she did manage to turn up 35mins late for that one!). Before we knew it the speeches had come and gone, the evening reception flew by and we’re stood alone in an empty room wishing we could carry it on all night. To be honest we’re both feeling a little flat now that it’s all over and done with … I’m hoping that will all vanish when we take our first look at the ship in four days time. I will pass on your compliments as regards the dress. I have to agree, she made a great choice and believe it or not that was the first dress she tried on. It must the only time I’ve known her buy something after only one fitting! The Hotel is something of a ‘Hidden Gem’ so to speak. It’s a relatively little local venue by the name of Burntwood Court (http://www.burntwoodcourthotel.co.uk) and is little known out of the immediate area. I have been going there for 15 years since my sister had her reception there and in all that time haven’t had one bad meal. The food and service are first class and when compared with some of the more expensive venues we have attended receptions at it leaves them standing. No tepid food or waiting half an hour to have your tables cleared. It’s also extremely handy for us as it is only 3 minutes from our house. We’ve had many a three course meal, bottle of wine, and taxi home on a Friday night … except of course tonight when the ‘Mrs’ has already left me home alone for a ‘girls night in’ … Good job I have a cruise to occupy my mind with! Feel free to come over and introduce yourself if you see us … I should warn you however that I’m unlikely to look anywhere near as smart until evening dress!!
  3. LANelson

    Urgent help required

    The wedding was actually last Saturday ... I only classed it as urgent as I didn't want to be stuck without a hotel the night before. Having spent the last few months overlooking the honeymoon for the wedding my transportation plans were a little awry to say the least. Elaine - it went very well thank you. Shame about the all day rain but that didn't bother us one bit. If you don't mind looking at pictures of total strangers we have some here: http://darren-goldthorpe.fotopic.net/ You can keep on eye out for me on board now!
  4. LANelson

    Urgent help required

    As with all the best laid plans ... I'm in a spot of trouble. I am due to sail on the 20th transatlantic cruise for my honeymoon. My original plan was to travel down to Surrey where a very helpful relative was then giving me a lift into Southampton. Unfortunately he's been called out of the Country which leaves me in limbo somewhat. I have a spare key so can still park-up there. First of all ... Trains to the Docks ... Are there any? If so, from where, to where? Is there a central station in Southampton from which I will have to get a taxi or does the docks have its own station? Rather than risk the train on the morning of the cruise I may simply travel by train the previous night, stay over and get a taxi the next morning. I have had a look at some of the hotels recommended elsewhere on the board and all are full. The only one I can see with rooms available is the "Express by Holiday Inn Southampton West" ... to be honest I'm at the stage where I don't even care if its any good or night, all I really need is a bed for the night. Does anyone know where this hotel is in relation to the Docks? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I'm transatlantic on the 20th and booked to stay in NYC for a further week. Is the transfer from ship to hotel included or should I be looking to book a taxi?