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  1. We're booked on Carnival Mardi Gras November 27th out of Port Canaveral, And a carnival Pride cruise next March for their Sailabration 50th birthday cruise out of Baltimore.
  2. Hi folks! Any other family on board? This will be our 4th attempt to cruise since Sept of 19!!! Had 3 cancel so far. If we're not sailing by November we're all in trouble lol! Hoping there's others on here with us. 2 guys together 26+ years from NJ.
  3. It probably won't do it for you, can't hurt to reach out to your TA. It shouldn't be an issue.
  4. There is not. The Loft on mardi Gras looks nice, but it's still not the Haven.
  5. Your agent has no right "telling" you that. None of us know for sure. I would say July may work. But it's all speculation. Carnival or any other line can't cancel that far put, they just don't have the systems in place to handle so much. I'm scheduled to sail end of May - I'm certain it won't happen. I hope I'm wrong but it won't happen. They won't go out of business. They may port Ships for a while if they have to, to save some money. Lots of things can happen.
  6. I'd be fine with this if they can fine warm weather - I know they are trying to work around the Jones act to get Alaska sailings back asap.
  7. This wasn't an official announcement. Yes it was by Carnival - it was to stop the spreading of speculation.
  8. Yes. Insurance is almost always non refundable. I'm hoping they will allow folks to change the dates, if they re- book - no one has confirmed that.
  9. They have. You can now cancel up to 30 days.
  10. I'm sorry you had to cancel. Insurance companies are beyond swamped. There may have been a time frame in the small print when they will get back to you. I will assure you that all time frames are not realistic anymore. And in a case like this they have to make sure your Dr's note / reason etc are in line with their policy. I'm NOT saying it's not - but all hands are on deck dealing with the high volume of calls. I would sit tight for a bit. I've been on the phone with insurance companies for the last two weeks.
  11. Check your Carnival.com profile and available offers. If you received this email today - the Casino dept should be able to find you something if your serious about going away on such short notice. Call back and explain you just received the email and you can't find anything available.
  12. It's not just Carnival, like Britthunt said, it was the same on Celebrity. On the Sunrise last September, they were held in the Alchemy Bar as well. We only went once, met one couple but that was it. We always have a great time and meet lots of people - but I've also seen where "family" is very selective with who they want to socialize with. We will be back on The Sunrise in May - I'm sure it will be the same.
  13. If only FTTF was available! I'm on a Journey's and a premier cruise. No FTTF 😞
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