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  1. When we sailed on Divina September 16, We arrived at our assigned time. Did not see anyone get turned away. Seemed they were just checking at the entrance to see if you were listed on the manifest and had the required documents, then went through security check point and then to the check-in desk to have our photo taken, passport checked along with keeping a copy of our health form and looking at our CDC card and proof of the negative COVID-19 test. We got lucky and boarded in about 25 minutes. The computers went down a few minutes after we got on board. Some folks waited over 2 hours to get on the ship.
  2. Update. Looked at the app today and both cruises show the correct ship and date. Now waiting to be able to choose or boarding group.
  3. Great question. We sail on the Regal Nov 24 and get off on the 29th. We then get on the Enchanted Nov 30th. Port Everglades. The antigen test before the Nov 24th departure is no problem. We have the home tests that will be proctored on line, just hope it works while on the Regal on the 28th. With Princess offering free onboard tests to anyone that has an international flight home, why not offer the free test to those passengers getting on another ship in 24 hours at the same port?
  4. We will be on the Regal during Thanksgiving. We cruised to get away from the holiday meal.
  5. We were in the Owners Suite on the Caribbean Princess a few years ago. We did order from the dinning menu and it was wonderful. Thank goodness we had read on these boards to ask for little things like, salt and pepper, butter, ketchup, steak sauce or any condiments you may want, but are not necessarily included without asking. Yep, we were spoiled the entire week. This was an unexpected upgrade offer we did pay for from Cabin E731. Worth every penny.
  6. We have a cruise on the Regal Nov 24. Another cruise on the Enchanted Nov 30. Both cruises show the Regal on the app. Princess can't seem to fix the issue.
  7. We have two cruises booked with Princess, Nov 24th on Regal and Nov 30th on Enchanted. I spent almost 2 hours yesterday on Princess Chat trying to see why both cruises showed up on the app as Nov. 24th and we could not complete check-in. Yes, we uninstalled the app and reinstalled, no help. We have Samsung S9 and Note 8 phones with the latest updates. They said they would "make a ticket". Today, we only see our Nov 24th cruise on the Regal until we try to chose Arrival and Departure Groups, then the app shows "Select Property" and the Regal is on both dates How are you supposed to see multiple cruises correctly?
  8. I feel everyone's frustration. I just booked another cruise for November 24th on the Regal 2 hours ago. We have another cruise booked on November 30th, Enchanted Princess that we booked 8 months ago. Everything on the Princess app for Enchanted was great. When I signed into the app this afternoon, it shows both of our cruises are booked on the Regal. Looks like I will be on the phone tomorrow for a while?
  9. Beat the Heat drink. We heard about this from a TA while in the ocean at the YC, Divina, Sept. 16-19. We had a wonderful time on the beach but did not go to Ocean House for food or drinks. When we got back on board Divina, my 24 year old daughter asked for the Beat the Heat drink in the YC pool bar. The bartenders did not know what it was. They called the Ocean House and were given the recipe. Her drink had actual watermelon juice instead of the mix. It was awesome!
  10. We have sailed in the YC on the Meraviglia, March 2020 and just recently on the Divinia Sept. 16-19. Two very different experiences. The Meraviglia cruise was awesome. YC with all the areas located in the front of the ship was nice. Our butler was ok, nothing special. We were not sure what to ask for. He and his assistant cleaned our cabin, kept our mini fridge stock and would do anything we asked but he never asked us if we needed anything. Food in the YC was very good. Arthur "MSC Legend" was the Maître d of the YC dinning room. He would provide anything you asked for. On the Divinia, Arthur again was the Maître d of the YC dinning room. Perfect service even though the food was not the greatest. Hated that the YC dinning room was all the way in the back of the ship. 15-20 minute walk at best. Butler does escort you to the dinning room which is nice. Our Butler, Donny, was awesome. He just seemed to anticipate our needs. Some how we had a bottle of champagne or Prosecco in our room every night. Macaroons and other chocolates showed up every night. Lobster on the 7 night cruise on the Marviglia was available in the YC one night, I had two. Not on the 3 day cruise on Divinia. We will sail with MSC again, but only in the YC and the Meraviglia or newer ship.
  11. Just off the Divina. Met a few travel agents during the cruise that said the chocolate ships are going to be discontinued. I can't confirm if it's true. There were a few changes in our Yacht Club experience that we were surprised. This will be our first and last Divine cruise.
  12. We were in the Yacht Club on the Divina, September 16-19. They asked all YC pax to be ready to leave the ship by 9 am.
  13. We depart Sept 16. Will update.
  14. Both personal and trip advisor website not working at 8:30 PM EDT.
  15. We have the same issue. Our travel docs do not have the state listed and you can't update on the website, even on my travel agent site, MSCbook.. Just hope it is not an issue at the port.
  16. Sad to hear they no longer are on Meraviglia. We went to a show last March (2020) and it was awesome.
  17. I feel your pain. We sail on the Divina September 16th and our web check in shows the same thing. Need to provide updated data. I am a travel advisor for an agent here in SC. I had booked our cruise on the agent MSC website with no problems as I have done in the past. Three days ago, my boss sent me all the documents, health form, luggage tags and all required documents. My personal sign in on MSC still shows I need to update information. Yeah, they have issues.
  18. I don't think MSC is doing this. It a requirement from the Bahamas.
  19. Buying trip insurance is a tough decision. Personally, we always buy it. I'm in the private air charter business. A flight to take me home from Nassau would be over $15K, not counting any fees if I were transported by helicopter from the ship to the closest land based hospital, plus the fees the local doctors charge. Call it a ripoff, but like car insurance, you really don't need it until you need it.
  20. It is worth the extra cost to us.
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