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  1. How long is the Viaggio show on the Meraviglia? Trying to decide if a 10pm show would be too late for our family!
  2. If you take a taxi, is it common to ask to pay on the return trip?
  3. Thank you! I was going to purchase a day pass through shoreexcursioneer.com, but was worried that we would have to stay the entire time. We may end up staying the entire time, but who knows how we will feel. There are children involved! But, maybe, you have to book directly with the resort to leave on your own time?
  4. We will be stopping in Roatan soon. Our ship will dock in Coxen Hole. There will be at least 5 of us, but possibly up to 9. We just want to go to West Bay for the beach/snorkeling. We don't want to do any other side trips. We probably wouldn't even need much in terms of resort amenities, maybe just restrooms. Should we book a private tour (or beach shuttle) with Rony's? We may not want to stay for the full time with the beach shuttle. Would a private tour make sense if we only want to go to the beach? Would a taxi or arranging a day pass with a resort make more sense? When you do a d
  5. Thank you! That video confirms my suspicion.
  6. Anyone have a good photo of the front of the ship? It looks to me, from the photos I've seen, that there might be porthole windows on deck 9 for 9003. I was trying to count decks from the bridge down to deck 9. It looks like there might be an inaccessible balcony there.
  7. We are booked for an upcoming cruise on the Meraviglia. We booked a family balcony and weren't assigned a cabin immediately. I recently noticed that we were assigned 9003/9005. When I look at the deck plan, it looks to me like 9003 is an oceanview stateroom. On my reservation, it is listed as an oceanview stateroom. Other web sites show 9003 as an ocean view stateroom. However, MSC is claiming that 9003 is a balcony stateroom. So, my question is, has anyone ever sailed in 9003 on the Meraviglia? Is it oceanview or balcony?
  8. Thank you! We are traveling in February 2020 with a mixed group (some Fantastica, Bella, and Aurea).
  9. Thank you for the menu photos! Which MDR were you assigned to? I think you are Aurea, so maybe dining times don’t apply. Do you know how many seatings they have for dinner in the MDR’s and the times?
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