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  1. I have to believe that they might have a claim and they might win. Theory would be breach of contract. Using my own issues, I had a $10,000 cruise cancelled in March. The deal was get a refund to original form of payment or opt for 125%FCC and use it to book another cruise by 12/31/2022. I booked 7 cruises and all 7 including New Zealand b2b2b2b in February 2021 have been cancelled. So the agreement was to book another, I did 7 times, and they cancelled, so they breached the agreement. What if they don't sail till 2023? Why does all the FCC go back to my account and th
  2. I have a b2b2b2b for January 2023 and saved almost $1900 by this promo. I did lose the $50 shore excursion credit (big deal),600 internet minutes and 12 (24) meals, but we had 24 (48) meals on a 33 day cruise before our Platinum plus meals so no big deal to us either we should gain 8 (16) for the 4 cruises. The savings was well worth it to me. I did check on a winter 2021 36 day b2b and it was $2500 more so 1 for 2. Steve
  3. You can lose your points a few ways. 1.After final payment...... Unless cruise line cancels cruise 2.They expire.....Again, if cruise line cancels you do have an argument but have another cruise ready and transfer them to new reservation. 3. If you get the point redemption pushed......you manage to go outside the terms of the points and then you cancel. For example you meta upgrade to a Balcony and then you do something for a further upgrade to an aft cabin. Keep in mind that is rare as not many know how to even pull that off. I won't tell,so don't ask. Steve
  4. Call back and ask for a world points rep. Not a regular call intake agent. Yes they are refundable. Steve
  5. All great points! You can refund the cruise but what about airfare? I just found out insurance would not cover that scenario. Steve
  6. Only way that would/may work is if the charge is showing the TA agency and not NCL. Steve
  7. Florida is classified as a right to work state and you can be terminated any time for basically any reason. Actually they don't really need to give a reason. So if you decide to go on vacation and get 14 days, then you obviously valued the vacation more than the job. You had to know there was/is a possibility. Steve I too have a 11/21 cruise booked, 2 in 2022 and 4 in 2023
  8. Your 100% correct. I think its a game of follow the leader but in a timed matter to take more bookings and deposits as well as payments and not killing your stock price at the same time. STeve
  9. Wow, that's a stretch. That would never hold up in court. They are not even following the law now. The state of Florida clearly states ( Florida statures Chapter 501.95) in its laws that Gift cards, gift certificates and credit memos "Do not expire" so how can NCL put a date on its Future cruise "Credits". Steve
  10. Orlando, I think it depends on your demographics. I am high risk and I take a variety of meds and I would rather sail with out it and have an antidote if I contracted it and became severe. I personally do not want to be a test subject and would wait to see how it rolls out and then make a decision. Steve
  11. Princess cancels into December so when will NCL do it? Now that the Bahamas are out, Key West don't want people short cruises are now gone. Plus here in the Covid capitol of the world, we are not getting better. Another 10,000 today UGH......I need a cruise. Steve
  12. And what are the long term side effects.....if any from a rushed to market vaccine? I doubt the seniors will rush to take it. What are the effects when taken with other meds? Too many unknowns in the early stages. Steve
  13. Even if that is not true, income coming in would offset the cash going out and be the catalyst for future income. As this draws on and cruises get cancelled again, people are going to opt for a refund but once sailings start then bookings will/should increase and the result will be cash coming in. In the early stages, is it not better to sail and lose 100 million a month versus not sailing and losing 150 million a month? Break even would be even better. Steve
  14. Not at all. When you are derelict in your responsibilities and it causes financial harm then I am going to take you to court. What part of being a TA is that not their responsibility? My 80+ old parents do not have a smart phone and do not even have internet, but use a TA, so it would be on them? The only reason they would use a TA is so they take care of it all. So what are the responsibilities of a TA then? Steve
  15. Whats the purpose of a TA then? They get paid to act on your behalf. Its their job,. OP.....send them an email asking for their errors and omissions carrier. See what happens. If you need to go to small claims, show up and when they call you....ask for second call to waste the attorney they sends time. Oh well your witness did not show up. LOL Then request a jury which will take longer. Steve PS. I have never lost a small claims case.
  16. Once we resume cruising in 2022, yes 2022.... I doubt they will be allowed by CDC to sail at full capacity. Here in Florida we hit 15000+ cases today. People are ignoring everything so the chance of any of our 5 ports opening is not on the table. SO your chance of a deck chair will be good. Steve
  17. Yes Call your TA Call NCL or go to your myncl page, choose the cruise and go to payments and you will see it there and be able to apply it. Steve
  18. I have gotten 4 refunds in the last week or so for a cancelled May, June, and 2 cruises for 2021. steve
  19. I understand the above . I was referring to the article link in the posters post,in Travel and leisure. Steve Its a self serving article.
  20. They are not allowed to do that especially in Florida. They need to give everyone a FREE 10 day look to look over the terms and conditions and they must also provide you an address to send a certified letter to cancel it. I have already filed with the AGs office on the FCC issue and its officially been been forwarded to the Consumer protection agency and deceptive and unfair trade practices. I have always maintained that once I accepted FCC to be used to book a cruise before 12/2022 and I do book a cruise, if you cancel you need to offer me a refund option again. I have
  21. That info would be wrong. There has to be at least 25 cruise lines out there but most only know the main stream ones that sail from the USA. There is a market in Europe and all over the world. Does Fl happen to be the epicenter? Probably but I doubt that FL accounts for even 50%. I have cruised all over the world and FL may not even account for a third. Its a big world out there and many ports. Copenhagen , Rome, Sydney, and many more. Some of the European companies are trying to be present. MSC and Costa come to mind. If we had the answer to whats going to happen
  22. I hope not, in the last 24 hours I have now gotten 3 cash refunds on cruises. They cancelled my Jewel cruises for 2021 two weeks ago and I have my money already back to my credit card. Steve
  23. Yes and even then they are not showing up. I contacted my TA today and she has a different amount on her screen showing more than my mock booking. Its from the recent cancelled Jewel 2021 cruises. There is a 10% bonus now. Steve
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