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  1. Maybe that is going to change. The AGs office has gotten back to me. They have been taking money and using Covid as an excuse to keep the money for an unreasonable time and my theory of breach of contract if we rebook and they cancel is valid. This thing the cruise lines are doing apparently is being considered price gouging related to the Covid 19 state of emergency. This has been turned over to the Consumer protection Division for review. Steve
  2. Why not? If poster booked a Haven for $12,000 they could have rebooked the same for $12,000 and still have the $3000 FCC value. When my Spirit cruise was cancelled , I was able to rebook the same cruise for a year later for much less thanks to a 25% discount offer and the FCC. I had the same cruise,plus about $2300 left over FCC at the time. Steve
  3. It may work that way for you as a single cruiser. It is not until you do a mock booking and input the other guests info does the whole picture come into play. When I log into "my" ncl.com it only shows "mine" Plus we have left over FCC from some we used and that remainder shows up on a mock booking. I am talking $18, $138, and small stuff like that. Steve
  4. You were offered a refund or FCC to use on a future cruise. That is the transaction! Once you use the FCC on a future cruise both parties have completed their obligation. One the merchant is unable to provide what the terms of the original agreement defined, that constitutes a breach. Merchant does not have the right to modify your original agreement without your consent. The letter that went out was very vague and NCL as the maker of the letter has the burden to hold up their end as specified. Steve
  5. Not fake list???????????? NCL owns several cruise lines and those are the other lines ships.🙄 Oceana Regent seven seas Steve
  6. Its incomplete. Mine shows 4 items, but if I do a mock Haven booking it shows 9 items. Steve
  7. When we agreed to FCC, the deal was to book a future cruise with it. OP did, I did, actually 10 cruises and have had 5 cancelled all the way into 2021 now. I met my end of the contract. They broke theirs 5 times now. Actually I have had 3 cancelled on same FCC. Steve
  8. Hi Steve, The change fee was from another policy. My question in this thread was basically what do I do with $3400 in Airfare that I no longer can use? Thanks Steve
  9. How do you visit for a day and get a covid test done? Unless its instant results???? Steve
  10. It was the most expensive option but looking at it Product: Standard Plan Plan #: N300S Trip mate under written by Allied property casualty Let me elaborate more on my trip. I am flying Mia to Doha.....taking a 7 night MSC cruise which is not cancelled, then supposed to fly to NZ for now cancelled NCL 45 night cruise. Steve
  11. I don't know if its going to happen with the new requirements Steve French Polynesia will open its borders to international travelers and will allow tourists to its territory from July 15th 2020. French Polynesia has however made a few rules mandatory for visitors. The tourists are required to get the Covid19 test before visiting French Polynesia and they would be tested again on arrival in French Polynesia. Tourists are also required to buy international travel insurance which would cover emergency medical expenses while in French Polynesia.
  12. HI Steve, Purchased a Worlds Nomads policy and I got the better policy back in 2018 for an Africa cruise in March 2020. Had airfare on Qatar from Miami to Doha to Cape town for $1400 purchased early 2019 I at the time had a New Zealand cruise booked for February 2021. We all know March cruises got cancelled and I contacted the insurance company and was advised to pay a change fee to Qatar airlines and submit it thru my insurance policy. So I paid $520 for a change fee and submitted it,but had to pay an additional $1900 for flights from Miami to Doha to Au
  13. I doubt its a threat, I think its reality. This is just like us a few months back. If your from China, you don't get to come in because of all the infections. If you been to Chine a few months earlier you dont get to come in. Now we are the leaders of the Covid, I wouldn't want people from the US. Just like people wishing to cruise soon, you really want to come to the biggest hot spot in the USA....Miami-Dade and then fly home after? Steve
  14. NCLs MO is to wait until after final payment to cancel it, but with the current events they may cancel sooner. I already had 2 cancelled for February 2021. I have decided to give up, actually I am worried about my November 2021 cruise. Steve
  15. They are blowing smoke up your arse. Ive had 5 cruise cancelled so far and I have 5 left. I ran this far up the flag pole and I got the answer to the airfare question as I had almost $3000 in Airfare from them cancelling twice now. Spirit from March Africa airfare, changed to Jewel 2021 New Zealand at a $500+ change fee cost now totally dead. The answer..........submit a claim to your travel insurance as the contract gives them the right to cancel cruises and they do not have to compensate you. Steve
  16. And if they file for bankruptcy? Steve
  17. That's a definite no! Already tried as I have 4 booked Steve
  18. Easy way to keep track is to do a mock booking and choose a haven. When you get to the payment screen, all FCC amounts and dates appear. Steve
  19. I have contacted the AG. The main reason is I believe they are no longer operating in good faith. When we accepted FCC and the bonus, we were required to book by a certain date in order to use it, and to sail by a certain date. In my case, I have booked 5 and have had 5 cancelled all the way into February of 2021. I met my end of the contract. When they cancelled on me they did not return the booking incentive back either. Steve
  20. send me an email. its on the spreadsheets in one of the b2b2b2 cruises in my signature
  21. I am now afraid of swimming in this pool. Now that Pullmantar has filed for bankruptcy (49% owned by RCCL) I have concerns. I don't know if I will jump back in. Maybe when the 1st cruise actually starts or CDC says OK, for a quick ride up then I will jump before the 1st infection pops up onboard. Steve
  22. What terms?? All I got was an emailed letter giving me options of FCC or refund. No link to terms and conditions. Actually in March when I got that email I looked at T&C and found almost none. I grabbed a screen shot, now it has plenty more added to it. Steve
  23. Your screwed. I am in same boat but worse and I tried to now get a refund. I had a March cruise cancelled and used FCC for a May and June cruise. Both cancelled, I used FCC for 3 February 2021 cruises and they were just cancelled. I don't know how legal it all is. I have email my AGs office. When we took FCC we agreed to book another cruise with. We did, 5 in my case and now they cancelled. I think we met our obligation. What are they going to do, keep stringing us along. We book they cancel, screw us? I think when they cancel a FCC cruise we should be given a refund
  24. 2023 is already out for some ships. I am already booked on 4 for 2023 that I would like to use FCC on. I have way too much thanks to all these cancellations including 3 in 2021 already. Steve
  25. Actually verified it with my TA with the cancellation of the Spirit cruise letter. The TA has nothing else which is why I asked for clarification from AGs office. I did get an auto reply so we will know more probably in months. Why is my logic skewed? I agreed to FCC for a future cruise. ( I already had it booked for 2021,so when TA got it, it was instantly applied) NCL now cancels cruise. I held up my end of the agreement ( actually for 5 cruises which all 5 were cancelled by NCL) How many more times must I book and be cancelled on till I can change to a refund instead?
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