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  1. How? If its passenger to passenger transmission, at some point there is crew contact. What happens to your room steward if you come down with it? Your Waiter? Your bartender? They live up to 4 in a room. I personally don't want 1 infection being let back in. How about they take you off the ship by chopper and you have to pay for your own medical transport back to your town? Steve
  2. Why do we care about the profits of a foreign company? They do not hire USA, pay taxes to USA, or follow any of out labor laws. (NCL Hawaii excluded) So they make money and we get sick. Diamond Princess, Grand Princess I think other countries will open up first. I am not anti cruising, I have lost 6 this year 1 so far and I have 10 booked still. Steve
  3. LOL. Ship is not coming back into Florida with any infected even if its one person. Because there is more than one. 14 days later anchored off shore when the cases are now 20+ will start the Princess saga all over again The reason your not sailing is......what happens if someone becomes infected onboard? Until there is a vaccine I should change the title of my thread here to , "Your not sailing till mid 2021" CCL just backed off August now Steve
  4. Georgia_peaches, I wish I had a crystal ball. I think I would look at things before final payment. I would see where the ports are? If the ship with prior cancellations is even where it is going to be. I would look at the ports/countries on the way to where you are getting on and going. My above statements are based on not A-B, back to A sailings But A-B-C-D ect. Longer ones b2b2bs. If Caribbean based,I would say when the numbers are down. South Florida has 36% of our daily cases today. No one is sailing from S,FL until that drops massively. I would al
  5. Wow! So if this is true it means NCL is outright lying to everyone. I am going to forward this to an Orlando news outlet and a you tuber Steve
  6. I saw that....All PR. Just to get you to feel good and book something so they keep cash flow coming in. We do not get more and more infections while testing less people in Florida. I would not be surprised by AUgust we go back to phase 1. Steve
  7. Its for 2 people minimum Balcony cabin Lost 24 night Spirit cruise in March. Lost Haven cruise Memorial day Lost Bliss for 5/31 Now lost 45 b2b2b NZ cruise. Plus I have lost 2 MSC cruises as well I do have b2b2b2b for 2023 for NCL Asia. Fingers crossed. Steve
  8. So the CDC meeting was yesterday. What came out of it? Red light, yellow light, and green light protocols. Florida, where I live has now had several of the all time new cases in the last week. We are surging in new cases thanks to easing. Miami Dade is the biggest hot spot here. So tens of thousands are not flying in. The travel industry is afraid and they keep up the hype. If they said tomorrow.....all cruises cancelled til 2021, what would happen? Millions of people would cancel now, take the cash and gut the cruise companies. They would lay off many
  9. I always use the double meta upgrades and if needed will cash in for a $1000. But what I found is book a cruise you know will be cancelled, I think Alaska is still good. LOL. Use points and when it is cancelled, you get them credited but a new time clock starts ticking. I have done this twice in the last 21 days. only issue is now I have to wait 90 days to get my refund, but I have years now on 120,000 points Steve
  10. I called today and was transferred to a rep who was just trained in world points and she told me that a big bunch were just trained. She tried to refund my points but had to transfer me to someone else who was really good. I assume a real world points rep. I got my refund of points and applied more points to a couple bookings. Steve
  11. PP here to with 10 cruises currently booked. I did not do the survey. What I want is to be able to use my loyalty across their other lines. Priority boarding is a huge plus for me, as well as priority tendering. I also wish for more laundry. I never eat the crap I get delivered every day, I don't and never have dined with an officer. I do like the dinners. Do I want to pay more? NO DO I want the levels spread out higher? Yes. After PP I am only half way to Ambassador. Its a long road. Steve
  12. I have a 35 day cruise booked (4 b2bs) and I have 22 meals so far with the perks even before my Platinum kicks in, so in the end We will have 30 meals for a 35 day cruise. LOL I expect or will insist upon it as I have it in the email from them when I booked. I have had a past dispute and in writing I was told by them, that what is in the official email is what I am to get regardless of anything else, so I must always review it. Steve
  13. I know why I never win. Because you need to look at the money trail. When I book an inside and use 60000 points for a balcony, for like a 24 day cruise the cost compared to a balcony is $3000. Those that booked the balcony outright already are $3000 ahead of me as far as the bean counters go. Lets say I bid max of $5000, a person who did not use points only needs to bid $2001 to beat me in the end. One day I might get lucky. Steve
  14. Actually yes sort of. You can redeem your points for a statement credit, and then use the monies to pay for a higher category then have them rework your whole booking. Keep in mind that there needs available cabins. In theory, you are canceling and rebooking and you also pay the difference at current rates, not when you booked. Do it right the first time and save the aggravation. As far as mini suites and such, you "may" have an opportunity to bid on them if available. But I have never gotten a winning bid despite bidding max. Steve
  15. Its just for cruising or a statement credit. Steve
  16. You got the benefit of the value of the points, but NCL refunded you their monies. BOA is responsible for the points.Did you contact them? I would assume that despite a full refund, you still used the upgrade or OBC that you used the points for? But in my opinion.....I would want the points back as well and would not have let it go OP....I just called and asked for World points, they said 3 more weeks before they are expected to be in office. I have a B2b2b2b, a B2b2b, and a B2b that i need to get the same cabin for. Steve
  17. Thanks for posting that. I am glad they cleared that up. Steve
  18. You are forgetting one thing, POA is not the only NCL ship sailing Hawaii. The Jewel is doing several Hawaii cruises later this year and into next year. Doing 5 islands then off to Papeete,Fiji, and 2 more ports, then the itinerary in reverse. There is also a few New Zealand cruises and French Polynesia cruises that the Jewel does as well. So if Hawaii is closed, it might affect dozens of cruises Steve
  19. I already have had a cruise for May 24th cancelled, and have not gotten anything back.Paid with just FCC. I am wondering what I will get back as well. I used the 20% extra off by booking by a certain date. I am expecting an additional 25% on top as I purchased travel insurance which is a now an out of pocket expense I want to be reimbursed for. I am also expecting that the FCC can be used past 12/2022 being that I still have 9 cruises booked. I also wonder how legal it all is now? I take FCC towards another cruise. I book another cruise and you cancel aga
  20. Your correct, The amount of Balconies does matter. You are also correct on they reps fixing it if needed, but keep in mind that if one needs to be a couple categories higher to meta, you pay the difference at today's rate not when you booked it. That's why I say book higher inside especially on the older smaller ships. I also want to throw it out there that the cruise type makes a difference as well. Weekly Caribbean cruises versus a 3 ocean repo cruise there would be an easier time and affordable option getting a meta on the Caribbean cruise. Steve
  21. No concern, As far as the extra points you need......Book it now, have them put down a minimum of $501.00 Not $500 Being an NCL product you will get triple points and it will post with end of credit card cycle, so you will have 60,001 points. World points is closed still. I am waiting to use points for 2023 cruises now. Steve
  22. MSC would want them at a fire sale. They would be more interested in the Home ports so they can have a larger US presence. FCC is not worthless if you have a cruise booked with it and an insurance policy that covers financial default and has been in force 14 days prior to a filing. Steve
  23. I pay $550 a year in fee's but the perks are worth thousands. Amex Reserve. Free companion flight, my last use of it was for a $890 flight, free lounge access for myself and 2 guest's, that's worth $117 every time. Use the lounge a dozen times a year and the free companion ticket is worth $2000+. Steve
  24. Yes, it works the same for ocean view to balcony. Your best bang for your points is to go to a balcony. The cost of inside to OV is much cheaper than ocean view to balcony. If you have 30,000 points and have not booked, you can call and find out what the cheapest balcony category they have available and then book the corresponding OV and do the meta upgrade all in the same call. Keep in mind right now due to corona, world points is not in office yet. Steve
  25. To answer your question......Yes ! with 35,000 points, you only need 30,000 for a "Meta" upgrade. Now what I have done or do is I will book a cruise, pay for it in full so on my next statement I get the points and since its an NCL product, you get triple.Then call back and do the upgrade. You could have no points, book $10,000 cruise, pay for it, wait till next statement and have 30,000 points. Let me caution you.........Never book the lowest inside category,as an upgrade is lateral or down. Id to od ic to oc or od ib to oc,od,ob ia to oc,od,ob,oa The
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