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  1. I got around CCL by buying CUK, then sell CUK and buy CCL. Repeat. lol I sold all at opening bell this morning. Steve
  2. Don't forget CUK either. But today they may give some back. Steve
  3. There were some incredible bargains for 2021. I had them booked prior to this mess and after my canceled cruise and FCC showed up I had my existing reservations discounted and repriced. Plus add in FCC bonus received Now Italy has closed its ports and everything for all of 2020. Steve
  4. I drink way too much to not get the booze perk. what is it $89 a day pp? That could cost more than the cruise. I actually had that happen with an MSC cruise. Plus I want a Balcony. Steve
  5. I fully agree with you on both accounts. I guess if things keep getting delayed, they may need to extend the 12/2022 date. I have 6 paid in full using FCC for next year. With the recent cancellations, I have 1 with FCC canceled now and another paid with cash. I am waiting to see what they are going to do with the FCC canceled one. I wonder if they are going to bonus the 25% on it? The 1st answer would be no, but look at it from a legal standpoint.... When my prior cruise was cancelled, I agreed to take 125% FCC instead of a refund and the terms were they must be us
  6. I think for those paying cash maybe on an inside room for point A to A cruises. Lets not forget that extra 20% right now and the bidding sites that offer cruises. I know if I was in charge of pricing, I would never sell them at give away prices because people may have thousands of dollars worth of FCC. I would put them out to the auction sites and let them go there as no FCC would be able to be used. We also have the bidding that NCL has for its own upgrades. They take your Credit card if accepted, not your FCC. Lastly, I assume that last minute pricing does not include per
  7. They will probably just redeposit or give them back to you and your stuck using them by the end of the year. I just had a cruise cancelled that was paid for with all FCC. I also just got the email about 125%. Lets see if they give an additional 25% even though I used all FCC. Steve
  8. That is why you take the FCC and book a cruise right away and then buy the correct travel insurance that covers the financial default or bankruptcy. I purposely booked cruises just to get the 25% extra. If they sail great if not, 25% on my money. Steve
  9. So I have until May 15 to use my extra 20% off on cruises thru 2022 when only Hawaii is showing in 2020. Steve
  10. I agree with you, it isn't a zero for everyone is my point. The OP in his statements are not correct, and as you stated, booking options depend on many factors. As a gambling man he is basing his statements on conditional probability outcomes. He is correct like I keep stating when it comes to point A to Point A cruises, as it can be seen how the rates behave on prior cruises and the outcomes are usually similar. Not knowing how a once off Point A to point B to Point C cruises are going to price or fill is an unknown as it does not keep happening. Steve
  11. I use the booze perk and that's about it,we don't look to drink, we just do, its not too much different at home either.. Even internet is no big deal as my phone package works all over the world. Group cruises can be a good deal. What would be a great perk for me......Laundry service! We are usually B2B+ We like MSC, we sail them often. We did one 2 months ago and have 2 more booked with them. STeve
  12. I would have to also say there is Zero chance that I can get my cruise cheaper than I already have it even after final payment, even 30 prior thanks to the 20%. Like I have said before. Point A to point A, I would agree. Point A to B to C is another thing. Zero chance is missing too many parameters overall. Sure I may get a $1500 cruise with 48 hours notice for $500 leaving Copenhagen, but paying $3000 for airfare I could have gotten 2 months earlier for $900 makes the early booking the better deal. B2B or longer, you risk not getting the same cabin. Hotel accommodations c
  13. Because we drink too much. We are not the customer you want to have a drink package. We are better of paying the "service charge" rather than tipping $1 a drink. Steve
  14. That was a very interesting move, but at the level they got in $8. Not bad and that was an attractive price. I also jumped on that ship around $8.50 and jumped off when CDC added 100 days at $11.85. Now waiting for NCL to drop when they actually realize the sailings they are advertising in May are not going to happen so I can rebuy them as well. Steve
  15. Not really. Many perks are not worth much unless you are going to use them. There have been many. 2 hours free phone calls $50 off overpriced excursions Booze package, but charge you a service charge 60 minutes of internet, but charge you an activation fee dining package, but charge you a service charge. We all know that those service charges are not going to the servers or bartenders. Its the perception, "Get all 5 Free"....except you must pay service charges for your free stuff. Compare MSC with NCL drinks. MSC $6.00 NCL $15+ I
  16. I actually can identify with both those statements. I have 9 booked now I think. We don't spend anything on board. We do get the Booze package and always a Balcony. I have done 59 cruises so far. The days of shopping,photos,spa, arcade,or even excursions we no longer do with the cruise line. We always book privately. The restaurants...We usually get a dining package thrown in, we are Platinum plus so that 4 more meals per cruise. My last cruise this past February, all we bought was 2 Gelato's. Our total bill was under $10 I think (DSC excluded) Steve
  17. Well I have been sitting on the side lines and I think your analysis is OK based on the standard products. A cruise that sails from point A to Point A on a weekly basis would fit what you are saying, but specialty cruises are the exact opposite. I as a rule go on longer repo cruises ( not trans) usually B2b2B. These tend to fill up quick and the prices also seem to go up not down so I always try and grab them the 1st hour they appear. I am waiting for 2022 to be released. On my last 3 long cruises they all went up in price. Right now with the extra 20% off I have managed
  18. Even a major travel site with a "ticker" has no longer any listings for cruises in May or June including NCL. Steve
  19. Better to be diluted and afloat is it not? But we are kidding ourselves if we don't think this would be a good purchase by someone. Small cruise line, financial troubles/issues, perfect opportunity as I see it. I wonder why MSC is not all over this yet? Private company who would love to get more access to US ports. Steve
  20. I too am booked for that one, as well as the 24th, the 31st, and a 4 day on the 8th of June. Plus I have an MSC cruise booked the same day as an NCL one on the 31st. LOL My other MSC is already dead. I am gladly taking the 25% bonus. I always pay off cruises as soon as I book them. This time, I used the bonus 20% off on end of 2021 cruises, put down the minimum deposits down. Book all of these that are not going to happen and get a 25% bonus. The 4 day, I am trying all FCC to see if I can double dip. They can play games,so can I. Once they release 2022 itineraries, I will boo
  21. Our parks never closed. We actually play a few rounds of Disc golf every week at our parks courses. We played today. We play 5 different courses in an 80 mile radius. Steve
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