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  1. We were on the Mariner this weekend and had the ribbons. My hubby and daughter tightened theirs and I had to keep reminding them not to let it drag in their food! I didn’t tighten mine at all, instead wrapping the excess around a bangle that I always wear. I was able to remove it at night and before showering. I’d recommend doing that and tucking the excess around a bracelet or watch band.
  2. Thanks-I am an early rise and would likely be IN the fitness center, so I’m not too worried, particularly with the reduced capacity.
  3. Has anyone cruised in this room? We just won it in a RoyalUP bid. I was wanting one of the deck 11 junior suites, as they seem very private and the balconies are large. Anyone have any pros or cons for this suite?
  4. How many cases of that have been on cruise ships? I guess I (maybe naively) think better of people than that. Also, having been someone who held out and didn’t get vaccinated for a long time, I might have a different opinion on those who have chosen not to vax. Not necessarily directed at you or anyone on this thread, but I’ve read many opinions who automatically assume someone who isn’t vaxed is a bad person. It all comes down to the fact that I would rather not wear a bracelet that I can’t take off. Ugh!
  5. Morals and ethics. The unvaxed are children and/or those with a good medical reason. I don’t see them trying to skirt the rules.
  6. Unfortunately he won’t be able to travel without a negative test.
  7. They’d save a lot of time and some money if they’d give the bracelet to the few unvaxed instead of the thousand vaxed.
  8. Well considering that in the case of the Mariner, all those over 12 have to be vaccinated, there is really no benefit in “sharing”.
  9. Completely agree! We all have our own comfort levels and can still enjoy the beauty and culture of the island in a variety of different ways.
  10. I’ve been to Jamaica multiple times. While it is a beautiful island with much to see, I don’t feel comfortable walking around on my own. There have been warnings put out by our government regarding safety in Jamaica and I do not like to be constantly harassed to buy goods and services. That’s great that you have had no issues, but I prefer to explore the areas within the confines of a group excursion.
  11. Inside the port area is nice. I would not recommend exploring outside the gates on your own.
  12. Anyone know where Hanno Meyer is? Also Gian or Rodwin? Gian was our concierge on the Sun and Rodwin was our butler. Curious if any of them have re-joined the fleet.
  13. We sail on the 15th and I just lost the ability to modify my bid. Still in pending status. 🤞🏼
  14. Yeah, I have to take my test next week using these and I’m freaking out a little. We have 2 for each in our family, but I’m worried now that some might be defective. Tests at CVS and Walgreens are hard to get in my area, so if these are duds we’ll be scrambling.
  15. There looks to be testing available at the pier today.
  16. I don’t have a price. I will only sail in the Haven on NCL and what I’m willing to pay is based on how badly I want to sail and my budget/how long I have to pay it off. We bid on an upgrade for our first Haven and got a really good deal, I think less than $2k pp. But, that was on the Epic and was the year of Irma/Maria, so the cruise lines and islands were hurting. We’re paying approx $3500 pp for our Prima cruise, if I’m remembering correctly. But, it’s a new ship and we have a year before final payment is due.
  17. But they should definitely ask. On our Breakaway cruise it wasn’t offered outright, but I asked and they escorted us and another family who heard me make the request right over to (then) Margaritaville! It was not something I would’ve paid for, but a nice option to try. I’ll miss those watermelon margaritas!
  18. I like a nicer room, particularly with a bigger balcony.
  19. Go to the pool bar, have a few drinks, flirt with a cute guy and maybe the room situation will solve itself! 😂😉
  20. I have a teenager, so it’s in my best interests to care, unless I want to have a cranky and complaining teenager. It’s a small price to pay for her (and all of us) to enjoy our vacation. We usually get one package and share it between the family. I do like to check personal emails and post pictures to social media. One thing I refuse to use it for is work. When I’m on vacation, I’m unplugged from work. My work partner can handle things for me (and vice versa when he is on vacay). I know some don’t have that luxury, but I don’t pay thousands of dollars to sit on a ship and be annoyed by something someone did at work!
  21. I think it depends on where you live. I was able to book 2 weeks out for our June vacation, but now I’m only able to book for the next day. We ended up ordering the home tests. Don’t want to chance it.
  22. I’m from Florida, so a big pool and all the water park stuff holds little appeal to me. I can do that stuff at home. Give me crystal clear water and waiters to bring me drinks while I relax and I’m in Heaven! We’ll be at CocoCay next month, but plan on being at the Beach Club, out of the hustle and bustle.
  23. Love GSC, just wish they’d build a dock. We always get a villa at Silver Cove. Dry relaxing and well worth the cost!
  24. Is there a kids menu at Coco Beach Club? My picky eater won’t eat anything on the adult menu except for the fries.
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