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  1. When we booked last September she was pregnant and didn't plan to be. I figure we probably will be out the $500 since pregnancy is not a sickness I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this. Lyn
  2. Thanks for the info. I was asking about the parents to be deposit my husband and I will still be going. I did buy travel insurance the same day I made the deposit for their cabin so I will call the Travel Insurance Co. today and see what they say. I never thought about the fact that Carnival wouldn't allow her to cruise. I will also call our PVP to see what she says. Thanks again. By the way we are super excited as this is our 1st grandchild.:D Lyn
  3. I have a question about our Travel Insurance. We booked two cabins on an Early Saver rate and now my son and his girl friend will not be able to go with us as they just found out that they will be having a baby less than two weeks after our scheduled return. The doctor of course advises that she cannot travel. My question is will my travel insurance cover the non-refundable deposit? Thanks for your help. Lyn
  4. Thank you for posting your pictures they are great. I am also sailing on Saturday these pictures made me very excited. I am not worried about the weather it seems like we will have choppy water at first and then everything will be fine. We don't really care if we are re-routed as long as we still head south.:D Lyn
  5. I had heard that and I will miss it. So what I was wondering is if they would mix fruit juices together for me with the soda card? Lyn
  6. Does anyone know if I can get fruit punch with this card in addition to soda? Lyn
  7. I have been on both and like both of them. I do feel the Legend is darker. Miracle is my favorite but I am trying the Pride this time around. Lyn
  8. Yes you can buy onboard credits from the Carnival website. I know alot of people think it is a waste to give them money ahead of time but I love not having a bill at the end of the cruise. Just choose gift certificates on the website and put you booking number in the address line and in address line 2 I put (onboard credit). Lyn
  9. Susan: When I went on the Miracle out of NY last year there wasn't any VIP area and it wasn't needed we walked right on the ship. They were very organized there. Lyn
  10. I always book a suite and my family have been in regular cabins next to us. Since I paid for the cabins and their on board account is on my credit card all the keys where together in VIP. Lyn
  11. My friends had the price drop after they had paid. They didn't get a refund but the PVP gave them a number to call a supervisor and they were able to get a big upgrade from a 7A cabin to a 8H. So they were thrilled.
  12. Does anyone know if this cabin holds 3 people? Lyn
  13. Thank you so much for the replies. I had cabin 4228 on the Miracle and it was great. I put my son and his girlfriend in 4226 and really wanted the divider open. I guess I will check when I get on the ship and see what they say. Last year we had 4228 & 4230 and they wouldn't open those. The year before we had 6260, 6262 and 6264 and they opened all the dividers.:) Hopefully this year we will have some luck because we don't have the connecting door we had last year. Lyn
  14. Does anyone know if we can open the divider between these two cabins. I wasn't sure because one is a wrap cabin. Lyn
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