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  1. We are travelling as well. Just not to Asia but that wasnt' really on our horizon for this year anyway. We are going to be in Disney World next month for our daughter's 13th Birthday, in June we had Boston/Cape Cod planned for a week and just this morning added a cruise from Boston to Montreal for DH and I and then in December we will be cruising the Mexican Riviera for my 50th birthday. I'll admit, Disney World has me a bit worried but that place is a petri dish on a good day anyway. We go with the "touch nothing and wash your hands constantly" mentality.
  2. Thanks everyone! We are looking forward to trying out another line. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds their website to be completely worthless. My teen keeps telling me it must be me because apparently I'm just "old" and dont' know how to use the internet! 1. 49 is not OLD and 2. my generation invented the internet. But I digress. That sounds lovely! Wish I could do the return trip but we would have already spe nt a week in the Boston area before boarding and I'm not sure I could convince my boss to let me have a 3rd week of PTO.
  3. I'm originally from the Boston area, we'll be there visiting family for a week in June. Our daughter will be staying for longer so we'll be taking advantage of the opportunity to travel sans kiddo.
  4. That's a pleasant suprise. Thanks for confirming for me.
  5. Good morning, My husband and I are considering take the 7 day cruise out of Boston in June. We'll be on that side of the country for other reasons and thought it would be a nice option since we'll be there. We have never cruised Holland America before. We've been on Carnival, Disney, Norwegian and I was on RC eons ago. I usually just book online myself directly through the cruiseline website but I am having the hardest time with their website. Every time I try to choose a specific room the site blanks out. I've tried to book through Costco and Expedia to see if the same issue persists and it does not. Is this a common problem with the website or is it just me (I have tried different browsers, clearing cookies, all the standard trouble shooting efforts). That aside, anything you would like to share about the line would be appreck iated. It'll just be me (49) and DH (47) for the week. We're looking at a suite in order to get a balcony/veranda. Probably won't do a drink package this time around as neither of us are big drinkers and this seems like a pretty laid back itinerary but may opt for wine.
  6. Does anyone which one is included in their "free wifi" offer? I'm assuming it would be the lowest end option.
  7. Thanks everyone! At this point we are playing musical staterooms. We now have four rooms booked for this cruise across multiple friends and family members. Three of the rooms are in the Havana area and one is on Deck 8. We want to move from our extended aft to the wrap aft. We want to move "deck 8" to a Havana Room. At this point, I'm thinking to just move the deck 8 to the Aft Wrap cabin and then switch rooms around on board so that they end up taking my current cabin and we take the aft wrap cabin that is if my PVP can't just do it ahead of time without charging me multiple times for upgrading rooms.
  8. Not everyone in our group will be staying in Havana Cabins so that may not be an option during certain times of the day.
  9. Thank you! I was actually just looking at your pictures from your birthday trip recap. The only real difference, that I can see, is the larger balcony. Square footage on the room is identical just laid out a bit differently. Where was the sofa situated in your cabin? From the floor plan it looks like it's almost in an entry hallway and not really useful.
  10. Title pretty much says it all. We are currently booked in a Havana Aft View Extended Balcony. I was browsing and noticed a Havana Premium Vista Balcony cabin is available two doors over from our current cabin. Is worth upgrading to? We are sailing for my 50th birthday with several other people and I'm thinking the larger balcony would be a nice option for gatherings during the week or for just hanging out as there are three sea days on our itinerary.
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