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  1. I also feel very strongly that as tourists we have some degree of responsibility towards the people who live in the areas we visit. By staying onboard we are not helping them reccover from this pandemic. The excursion we chose may not have been one we would do again but the money we spent on the stops we made went back into the community.
  2. It was actually comparable in size to a queen. I was surprised since the room is listed as accomodating three people.
  3. Hi BabyJacks. As a party of three this was the main reason we booked the room. Our teen daughter had the living room area and our steward very nicely put the living room back in order daily and converted it to a bed again every night. The split bathroom allowed additional privacy as needed as did the small walk in closet in the bedroom area.
  4. I and now I'm quoting myself and elaborating 🙂 I was just saying to Rob that I wouldn't necessarily book this ship again but then I started second guessing myself. I really like the indoor venues. The bars were awesome and the overall decor/theming was nice. I didn't like the placement of the atrium or the traffic flow around it or elsewhere in the ship in many spots but I liked it's ability to accomodate performances.
  5. That is my recommendation. It was a nice one-time thing to do but the overall service for the price point was lacking. I'll let Rob elaborate when he gets to that part of the review. But it's not something I would do again. Unfortunately, the Havana area is lacking on this ship as well which is disappointing.
  6. You'll rarely see a price back on the Havana cabins due to their popularity. They have no problem selling those out for most sailings. I saw great deals for Interiors, Ocean Views and Balconies for several dates.
  7. Saw that, was wishing we could get away but with school just starting and our kiddo being a Freshman in high school we just couldn't swing it.
  8. I'll pipe in with a few observations here. Bolt was meh from a Roller Coaster perspective and overpriced. We rode it so we could say we rode it but it's not something I will ever do again nor would I recommend it to anyone else other than the for the novelty factor that goes along with riding a rollercoaster onboard a cruise ship Summer Landing - I mentioned this on another thread and I'll mention it here again only because I was amused by the interaction. The Aft Suites with the wrap around balconies are visible from Summer Landing and something I found several people pointing up a t when down on the Landing. While Mom and I were hanging out a small group of people sat nearby. Within a few minutes they were eyeing the balcony above us and making the universal hand gesture for "spendy". I overhead them and mentioned that that was our room ;). tee hee. They asked a few questions about the room and then went on their way a few minutes later. Piano Bar - some folks swear by Patrick. I found him and his schtick to be "meh". I found little sponteaneity in the performance that can usually be associated with piano bars. Since the Piano Bar is usually one of my favorite hangouts it was a bit disappointing. Fortunately the Mardi Gras has several venues all with live music. I really enjoyed listening to Owen at the Fortune Teller and Jazz Trio at Brass Magnolia put an interesting and unexpected twist on some pop and rock hits. Same with the strings trio that we heard at the Afternoon Tea and again at Fortune Teller. Rob mentioned the Java Bar Milkshake incident. It wassn't the only time we found Java Blue to be inconsistently stocked with what would be considered standard ingredients. We tried again the next day midday and they had limited ingredients on hand. To be honest, late night options are seriously lacking especially in the sweets department.
  9. We didn't see the soda machines anywhere other than Lido. They were dispersed in several spots throughout the marketplace. I didn't see any other juice dispensers though.
  10. This is actually why we booked it as well. Usually when we travel we travel with my mother in tow and she rooms with our DD. Originally just me, DH and DD were travelling and we wanted a bit more space. We lucked into the Excel Aft Suite about 6 weeks out the 7/31 sailing. Oddly enough my mother wound up deciding to travel with us about two weeks prior. We ended up getting her a balcony room just a few doors down from us but kept the kiddo with us.
  11. For the record, we are unlikely to splurge on a suite like that again. At least not on Carnival. We found the service just didn't align with the price point. We are booked in a Havana Aft Balcony on the Panorama in March and then in Balcony Rooms on NCL for Greece and Italy the summer after. We book base on itinerary and timing more than room type although Balcony is pretty much a requirement these days.
  12. LOL...Suite Sleepers! I'm sure we enjoyed our cruise as did the folks in the various other rooms available on board from Havana to Family Harbor to Spa and Suites, Balconies, Ocean Views and Interiors. That's the great thing about cruising, something for everyone. We can all make our vacation exactly what we want it to be.
  13. After posting I realized I was doing exactly what I was saying people should be careful of. For all I know, the people that made the comment about my suite are on the forum. We did end up having a pleasant conversation about the overall amenities etc.
  14. Funny...We had one of the Aft Excel Suites on the 7/31 cruise but Mom and I wandered down to Summer Landing one afternoon cuz...bar staff 😉 and happened to be sitting right under our actual balcony when a couple of folks sat down near us and started to point at the balcony above us and making the universal "spendy" hand gesture and rolling their eyes a bit. I may have had a little too much fun pointing out that that was our room 😉 People need to remember that they never know who may be sitting nearby when making comments.
  15. I'm with you on this one. I'm there for the ship, the destinations and to spend time with my family. The CD has never been of concern to us.
  16. She's 14, cute isn't always the first adjective that comes to mind but we love her. She'd kill me if she knew I'd shared but here is a link to her singing Karaoke onboard. Hopefully this works.
  17. Not necessarily answering your question but we just got back and did the Chocolate Experience in Amber Cove. It was definitely a different experience and we really enjoyed it. If you're looking for something to do that's not beach or water related we highly recommend the excursion.
  18. The website has been doing this intermittently for the past several weeks. It's extremely frustrating when you are trying to print out documents etc. Fortunately, the information is generally restored within a few hours when this happens
  19. This is what we did. We are in a suite but my mother is in a balcony. We checked in and then revised our check in time when we checked her in.
  20. Agreed, not surprising at all considering it happened on prior cruises with other ports. Changing your dates was probably a wise thing to do. With what we all pay to cruise I wouldn't want to be subject to a limited experience at full cost. Our DD is 14 and vaccinated. Had she not been, we would have likely looked at other options for travel this summer as disappointing as that would have been.
  21. This came up on one of the Facebook groups for the 7/31 sailing. One of the passengers travelling with an unvaccinated minor received an email from Carnival letting them know they would not be allowed off the ship in San Juan. https://www.cruisehive.com/unvaccinated-carnival-mardi-gras-guests-must-remain-on-board-in-san-juan/53824
  22. when are you traveling and from where. Closed loop cruises do not require a passport as long as you have your driver's license and birth certificate.
  23. There are three "non exclusive pools on the Mardi Gras: Deck 8 - Patio Pool (AFT) Deck 16 - Tides (Aft) and Beach (Mid) but you're right, most folks will flock to Beach because that's where the action is. Our balcony is overlooking Tides so if I want a dip I'll likely run down and then back up or hang up in Loft 19 (if the kid is with us) or Serenity (if she's not)
  24. for pre-booking the only option I was getting was by the week but there is something weird going on on the website and my booking is missing...ACK so I can't check at the moment. There were only four coming up so I don't know if that was all they had left or all they were offering and were holding some back for day use. Regarding chairs, there seem to be a lot more pools on the Mardi Gras. There is a pool on 8 Aft as well as the Lido. Havana has a pool, Serenity has one, Loft 19 has its own. Hopefully spreading out the pools will spread out the crowds.
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