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  1. you said you have a suite, you don't need to pay for FTTF, it is already included in your perks. Save your money.
  2. I did not see the health forms any more. Do they not have them? I leave Saturday and I thought I was missing something.
  3. Are you really able to use the hub without paying WIFi fees? Does it really work well?
  4. We have no idea if the person is getting extra for their elderly parents or special needs kids. Really, just wait and it will be fine. food will still be available for you.
  5. Endless Bubbles doesn't include juice, specialty coffee or milkshakes
  6. Thank you so much, that is what I was looking for. Direct information.
  7. those heated loungers are FAB!!!
  8. I know it is a year away(2019) but, tell me how risky is it to leave Galveston on June 1st for a 5 day? We usually cruise in early April or early December. We will purchase insurance.
  9. are all carnival ships metal doors?
  10. Last year, we went on the Freedom. My son is a good and mature boy(at 16). We let him have freedom. He also had homework to do since he was missing school. He had to meet a crew person from another country and write a 300 word essay about their life on a ship, he had to take pictures of 6 things he encountered while outside the ship and other assignments. He did get it all done. He doesn't make friends in his age group easily. I was so proud when older people would walk us to me and tell me they enjoyed his company. No joke. At night, when we went to bed before 10, he would talk with older veterans for hours. Sometimes, he sat at the bar with them and had a coke. Still to this day, people tell me how luck I am to have such a good boy. You just have to let them know what is expected. He acted no difference than he did at home. Rules are rules no matter where you are.
  11. Okay guys, I think there are several things at play here. The graduation cruise, TA said we needed 8 to have a party. As far as a meet & Greet, we did not discuss that at all. I'm just trying to figure out what is available for the person setting up a cruise group especially for the Alaskan Thank you in advance.
  12. Any one know what the benefits are for setting up a group cruise? I have 2 groups I'm working on. I have 7 room paid and accounted for a Graduation Cruise in June Alaskan with 4 rooms already booked with deposits through a TA. Can the TA determine what is given or Carnival? I was also told that at least 25 people have to be coming before we can get a party. I tried to ask Carnival and they would not give me an answer without booking with them. I just don't want to get screwed by anyone. Thank you for any advice or assistance. Lisa
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